Crystal Liu and Li Xian Slow Down for Love in “Windy Place”

After her hit drama Dream of Splendor <夢華錄>, Crystal Liu Yifei (劉亦菲) will be returning with upcoming healing romance Windy Place <去有風的地方> with actor Li Xian (李現). While the latest teaser illustrated a peaceful rural lifestyle, netizens were not entirely impressed as they voiced their disappointment at the poor dubbing.

Windy Place tells a slice-of-life romance following hotel manager Xu Hongdou (Crystal Liu) choosing to get a breather and move to the countryside in Yun Miao Village, Dali, after the sudden death of her best friend. She encounters Xie Zhiyao (Li Xian) who had returned to his hometown after quitting his high-paying job, and is invited to join his project to help promote Yun Miao Village and attract greater tourism to the area. He believes Hongdou’s knowledge and experience in the hotel industry would prove useful in guiding locals on how to improve their services. While working together, Zhiyao and Hongdou find themselves deeply rooted in each other’s heart and mind.

Netizens Disappointed at Dubbing

Despite the anticipation, netizens felt underwhelmed after hearing the dubbing. They criticized, “The show made a good first impression, but I feel almost withered after hearing the dub”; “The dubbing feels like a spoof”; and “The dubbing is so unpleasant to hear.”

However, another commentator pointed out that the drama uses original sound, and the voice in the teaser is of a supporting character and does not belong to Crystal.

Highly praised for her beautiful visuals in ancient dramas, Crystal is drawing anticipation again for her appearance in Windy Place. The sneak peeks in the teaser were quick enough to show fans her new look, and many have expressed their excitement in seeing Crystal charmingly ride a white horse throughout the green grasslands.

Working together for the first time, Crystal and Li Xian are expected to bring forward refreshing chemistry. While some are not very keen on the pairing because of their four-year age gap, there are still hopes that the ship would sail.

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