Crystal Liu and Wallace Huo Film “The Tale of Rose”

Due to its impressive leading cast consisting of Crystal Liu Yifei (劉亦菲), Wallace Huo (霍建華), and Lin Gengxin (林更新), The Tale of Rose (玫瑰故事) headlines are going viral. Although the drama has already commenced filming for more than two months, the cast and crew have done a thorough job in keeping all the details under wraps. In addition to keeping a low profile on where filming is taking place, details pertaining to the drama have also been covert.

Recently,  details about the drama have finally been exposed. A netizen shared that the crew was spotted filming at Renmin University of China. However, responses to this news tidbit have been polarizing, with some admonishing the crew for interrupting teachers and students on campus by blocking off paths for filming. One netizen wrote, “This type of filming crew that is disrespectful and lacking in manner should be kicked off the campus.” Others defended the filming crew, arguing that the crew must have negotiated terms with the university before commencing filming and is doing all they can to minimize campus disruption.

Adapted from a novel, the story follows the life of Huang Yimei (Crystal Liu), who is born into a scholarly family and exhibits talent in creative arts. After experiencing her first heart break and difficulties in both life and work, Huang Yimei decides to go back to school to pursue her newfound path. After graduating, she marries her college classmate, Fang Xiewen (Lin Gengxin). The marriage meets an unhappy end as the couple is driven apart by their careers. Through pursuing her career and dreams, Huang Yimmei meets Pu Jiaming (Wallace Huo). Although she believes him to be her soulmate, Pu Jiaming is unfortunately diagnosed with a terminal illness and has only mere months to live. Despite the grief and pain she endures, Huang Yimei chooses to see things in a positive light and live for a better tomorrow.

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