After Pregnancy, Ruby Lin Damaged Nerves in Legs

Balancing a busy career with motherhood, actress-turned-producer Ruby Lin (林心如) shared the difficulties of motherhood on reality  show Light of the Wild <光露營就很忙了>.

Talking about giving birth to her daughter in 2017, Ruby revealed that due to severing some nerves while getting a Caesarean section, she was unable to lift her legs. “For half a year, I couldn’t lift my legs. I felt like those legs didn’t even belong to me. I was finally able to recover after six months – being a mother is difficult!” she recalled.

In the same episode, Ruby also openly shared her experience with breastfeeding. Not shying away from the details, Ruby said during her month-long postpartum confinement, several lactation specialists helped her breastfeed her daughter. She exclaimed, “I honestly thought it was probably the most undignified I’ve ever felt as a female celebrity” when she required relief from clogged milk ducts. After a few sessions, she lost her awkwardness and “just watched TV while the lactation specialists did their work.”

Both Ruby and her husband Wallace Huo (霍建華) have decreased their work significantly since becoming parents. Visibly slimming down recently, Wallace will be returning to China to film new drama Story of Rose <玫瑰故事> alongside Crystal Liu Yifei (劉亦菲) soon.

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  1. Unless absolutely recommended….. Natural birth is really the best. May hurt for a while but with so many pain relive options, it is not all bad.

    1. I think she knows, and like my friend, who has the best doctors, however, doctor do play the percentage game. And I’m sure just like my friend, she has thoughts about it over and over again. As a new mother and it is your first child, you want to do everything right. So I would say while natural birth is the best, do what is best for you and your mental health. The same with Ruby was so concerning about breastfeeding, if you can’t, you can’t, it’s not a measure to say whether you are a mother or not. While breastfeeding is also the best, it’s not for everyone, in the end of the day, the mom’s mental health and well being trump everything (in my book). The people who judge you (whether they really judge you or not, doctors, nurses, midwives, some netizens, friends, etc) they are not in your life for that long 🙂

      1. I agree with your comment. And reading back to my comment, I can see how it can seem like I am judging her option. But that is really not so, just a thought that come to mind. I have no intention to put her down nor judge Ruby.
        I did go thru these decision making process when I was giving birth too. It was not a easy decision. My natural birth was full of problems ( baby head too big) but recovery was much faster then my friends who did otherwise. Thus I made the comment. No insult to Ruby as I respect her alot and understand why she did what she didd. She is a older mother and she has more. fears which makes sense.

      2. @Hohliu after so many years on this website, I know what some people are, and I know you don’t mean to sound judgmental. My replying to you is not to “correcting you”. Rather offering another opinions, hope you understand. It’s replying so other mom-to-be (potentially years down the track even) have that kind of thoughts in mind. I used to be worried a lot too. And I also having ppl on FB keeping going on about naturally this and naturally that. And while they don’t mean anything bad, at the same time, they are creating pressure to those who couldn’t. So I just want to point out it’s ok even if you could do the natural thing but chose not to. In the end of the day, pick the best decision for your mental health and well being 🙂 your child’s continually love every day by you will be more significant than whether you can breastfeed for the first 2 years lol (if you are cranky at your child for the first 2 years because of breastfeeding then you will see my point lol)

      3. Btw, I gave birth naturally 3 times, all with epidural. And my comment was made because I had a few friends, due to medical reasons and uncertainty, they opted for c-section. And quite a few of them having troubles with breastfeeding, including me (with the first baby, kinda with the 3rd but I’ve been there, so I was prepared)

      4. @LittleFish I am so glad we understand where each of us are coming from. I dislike forum wars which is just overboard…
        You are right to say especially in some Countries, there is lots of promotion on natural birth and breastfeed… it does add pressure on parents. Thus a good state of mind is very important.
        I use epidural too…it was heaven. I feel like I cheated in my child birth process…as the pain I felt from start to finish of 18hrs of labour…was just 30mins pain in total.

      5. Lol, no, thank you. If given a choice, I’m sure all the mothers before us would have epidural lol. Let’s not forget the pain any mother experience during childbirth isn’t any more than say the pain any mother have to deal with the child in the first 5 years of his/her life lawl (and many years after that). Point is being a mother is painful in every step (of course there is sweetness in every step, too), but having help doesn’t mean we are cheated lol! That means anyone who use babysitters, help from the grandparents and relatives are cheating, too xD also 18 hours is long! Unless you can’t, trying doing that without painkillers just exhausted you and may make you not able to deliver lol. I know there are people have done it and can do it, but again, chances and choices! So do not feel like you cheated! The baby is healthy, you are healthy, the birth process looking back isn’t so bad, that’s all it matters! Life is short lol, no one will care 2-3 years down the track after your child is reaching 2/3 yo. Around that time, they will look at how he acts n judge you, and not how you give birth lawl xD

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