Cheryl Yang Is Omitted from “Light the Night” Movie

Successfully making the switch from acting to producing, Ruby Lin’s (林心如) repertoire of variety shows and dramas have garnered enthusiastic reception, with a film version for 2023 hit thriller series Light the Night <華燈初上> already in the pipelines!

Light the Night was a hit with pan-Asian viewers, with copyright fees for the series reaching some 80 million. With the strong popularity of its cast members, it even yielded two spinoffs, variety show Light the Wild <光露營就很忙了> and reality show Starlight BnB <光開門就很忙了> which performed moderately well.

Shortlisted as a “Narrative Feature”, Light the Night’s film version, tentatively titled <華燈初上之旭日東昇>, has secured NT$20 million in official funding from Taiwan’s cultural authorities. While Ruby’s name is listed under the film’s producer and actor along with original cast members including Esther Liu (劉品言), Cherry Hsieh (謝瓊煖), Nikki Hsin-ying Hsieh (謝欣穎) and Puff Kuo (郭雪芙), the glaring omission of actress Cheryl Yang (楊謹華) left netizens heartbroken! Although Cherlyl’s nightclub hostess character has died in the original series, fans of the series were hoping she could still be arranged to appear on the big screen, and hopes Ruby could considering making amendments to include Cheryl in the script.

While the production team revealed that movie is currently in pre-production and the script is still being worked on, it is known that the movie will center on Rose Mama (Ruby), who takes a less obstinate view of life after experiencing the death of her good sister Sue Mama (Cheryl Yang) and loved ones. To protect Esther Liu’s character who has committed a murder offence, she arranges for the former to escape and hide at a host club in Japan. Unfortunately, Esther is engulfed in a secret society dispute between the Taiwanese and Japanese cliques and mysteriously disappears, forcing Ruby to send more sisters as spies into the club to investigate the matter and identify the mole.

Ruby Gives Red Packets to Everyone

Meeting up with the production and cast members of Light the Night to revel in the Lunar New Year celebrations, Ruby surprised everyone with auspicious red packets! Despite being dropped from the big-screen version of the drama, Cheryl was not left out and shared the lucky red packet given to her by Ruby, who wrote auspicious blessings and addressed Cherly by her onscreen name, showcasing their friendly ties in real life!

Interviewed on Chinese talkshow Our Wonderful Life <我們的美好生活> lately, Ruby shared that her daughter is already in primary school, and that the couple intends to spend more time with her through her growing up years. “Thanking” her husband Wallace Huo (霍建華) for his contributions to the family in recent years, and seeing him making his own drama “comeback”, Ruby is keen to write Wallace into a new script, and added, “So long as there’s a suitable script, role and team, everything will fall into place”.

Source: HK.On.CC

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