Chen Xiao’s Wife Michelle Chen Often Visits Filming Set

Above: All three artistes had acted in different versions of the classic “Legend of the Condor Heroes”.

Evoking discussions aplenty with its high production values, in addition to being ‘Fairy Sister’ actress Crystal Li Yifei’s (劉亦菲) return to the small screen after 16 years, A Dream of Splendor <梦华录> has caught the attention of C-drama fans and netizens alike.

Hot on the heels of several eyebrow-raising intimate scenes between its leads Chen Xiao (陳曉) and Liu Yifei, rumors emerged on Weibo that Chen Xiao’s wife, actress Michelle Chen Yanxi (陳妍希) had visited the filming set almost daily to keep an eye on things!

Netizens: Is It a Marketing Ploy by Liu Yifei?

The Weibo rumor circulating online supposedly regurgitated a conversation between Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao that went, “Why does your wife come every day?” / Because you are gorgeous,”

While the exchange seemed like cheeky banter, some netizens felt that the conversation had been fabricated with intention to create buzz, and even raised speculation that it might be a single-sided marketing gimmick by Liu Yifei. They asked rhetorically, “What is being conveyed by that singular phrase, whom did it laud and who did it belittle?”  

Climactic kissing scenes in the drama had been widely publicized.

Eyebrow-raising Kissing Scenes
The actor had complimented his co-star, mentioning during interviews that “Her looks give off angelic vibes, but she is actually someone who is rather down-to-earth when interacting with her onscreen competitors and production crew,” 

As the number of intimate scenes featured in the drama is the most numerous to date for Chen Xiao and featured a number of breathless kissing scenes between the leads Qian Fan and Zhao Pan’er, netizens found it understandable that Chen Yanxi had felt the need to visit the set personally. It was also understood that the two leads had good chemistry while discussing the shooting of shared scenes between them.

Source: ChinaPress

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  1. As long as she is allowed to visit the set and the couple is happy to see each other, why not? This couple went thru lots of unwarranted rumours since they started dating and getting married… All because, many of the fans feel he should be with Zhao Liying.
    But he clearly loves Michelle very much..And both of them are very happy together…

    1. Well said, and I totally agree with you. I wish these fans would wake up out of their narcissistic, delusional stupor and realize it is not what they want for these actors.It also isn’t about how good the chemistry is between the actors. Some people click onscreen, and get along well offscreen too, that does not give any fan the right to demand the TV or big screen couple be together in real life. I remember all the unnecessary fuss the so called fans kicked up when Chen Xiao married Michelle. There aren’t enough therapusts in the world to help these lost souls. If it is alright with the production crew, Michelle has every right to visit her husband on the set, good on them to spend every moment together, life is too short.

  2. Maybe she visited filming on set just because she missed her husband? Why is that automatically assumed to be out of jealousy? Somehow this one little interaction is interpreted as either LYF’s marketing ploy or Michelle trying to keep an eye on her husband. Why is all the negativity constantly just targeted at the women? [insert eyeroll]

  3. Funny how my comment wouldn’t get published because I dare ask why these writers are favoring ZLY but not everyone else. I want to ask, why is LYF being questioned about playing marketing ploy here? As if she hired Chen Xiao to reply to her that way? He chose to reply like that and it’s her fault, wow! How come when ZLY’s marital status was still married to FSF, we don’t see anything saying she’s playing marketing ploy with WYB when she copied his signature necklace? That was a special necklace nobody can buy it anywhere unless they tailor one to look exactly the same. He wore it to every performance, then she copied it, and the writers still said he copied her. Where was her marketing ploy at? And how come when YM was married she only had a playful attitude with men OPENLY on variety show and that was called inappropriate? ZLY secretly possess love tokens from other men not her spouse and she get encouragement hoping the relationship is true. LOL! Also, we see all these fake news saying FSF was cheating on ZLY because he really likes LYF and he secretly dated some of LYF’s body doubles. Next thing, we see his mom being targeted. And the only evidence about him cheating are only some sham text messages. I’m not doubting ZLY at all if she’s trying hard to become an international star like LYF so much that she’s hiring international writers to say cruel stuff about everyone else other than herself.

    1. Maybe the moderator @jayne really dont want the spread of your Toxic Zhao Liying hatred in this site…This article is not about her…dont spread your hatred here, it is not welcome. @jayne like to promote a more positive forum here… as she had said often. Please keep with the topic…dont drag ZLY into content inappropriately.
      I am not her fan but all this online bully is just too much.

      1. I am a lurker on some other sites and whoo… On one hand, it keeps my procrastinating self entertained, on the other, I feel like I have stepped into some crazed alternative world.

        I just want to gush and be snarky about dramas.

        Anyways about this one. ADOS is pretty. I like Chen Xiao. He and his cute family seem happy. It’s nice to see a young actor be able to have healthy relationships. The conversation in the article is just rumored and even if occurred, could be taken out of context. Eh, seems like manufactured gossip which doesn’t benefit anyone.

      2. @PotatoChip I’m a lurker on other sites too. I have to admit, sometimes it’s funny to see how fast the comment sections start referring to a specific actress that isn’t even mentioned in the article. But I’ve learnt based on observation that it’s better not to engage and fuel the fire. It’s really off the rails…

  4. “I hired writers to say bad stuff about others, what does their bad news articles got to do with me?” Yeah sounds like something Trashta would say and do.

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