Latest Developments in Chen Xiao’s Marriage

(Right) Michelle was spotted wearing her wedding ring during a recent event.

Despite rumors that their eight-year-marriage is falling apart, celebrity couple Michelle Chen (陳妍希) and Chen Xiao (陳曉) have kept mum and avoided addressing them publicly. Chen Xiao was said to have sought for divorce, and was even willing to give up all assets.

No Birthday Greetings from Wifey for Chen Xiao  

As June 5 was Chen Xiao’s 37th birthday, attention was naturally on Michelle’s every move, but she ultimately did not publicly send birthday greetings to her husband like she did in previous years. This led netizens to speculate that the marriage was really in trouble, as the duo did not take the occasion to dismiss ongoing rumors. “Seems like they really did separate, some netizens commented.

Entertainment observer and paparazzo Liu Da Chui (劉大錘), who held one off his livestreams recently, discussed the couple and added that Michelle and Chen Xiao had indeed lived in different cities for an extended period of time in recent years. “If the two had indeed signed their divorce papers, I feel that the studio would surely make a statement, or the two of them should say something publicly, as the uproar (over their relationship status) has been going on, for nearly a month,”

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  1. Part of me: “People are making a big deal about a wife and husband who do not interact on social media just 1 time?”
    Paparazzi: “Celebrities use social media as a gauge for the status of their relationship”
    Celebrities: “Yes, we do,”
    BUTTT guess what? It is still NONE of our business