Zhao Liying Doesn’t Interact with Yang Mi

On December 20, the hottest mainland Chinese celebrities took to the stage at the annual Tencent Video All Star Night 2020 awards ceremony with their glamorous looks and dazzling talents. While it is an impressive time for fans to see all the A-listers in attendance during a global pandemic, it is also a brewing spot for gossip. As such, the lack of interaction between claimed rivals Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) and Yang Mi (杨幂) became a hot topic.

The media has always pitted Liying and Yang Mi against each other, as they are both popular actresses born after 1985. Hence, fans took advantage of their appearance at the event to engage in another battle for their idol.

Among the several videos circulating after the event, one of them caught the eye of fans. In the video, Liying, Yang Mi, Kris Wu (吴亦凡), and Li Xian (李现) were seen sitting together in their assigned seats, and Yang Mi and Kris were playing a crocodile dentist toy together. Although Li Xian did not directly participate, he watched as Yang Mi and Kris played and even laughed when the actress’s finger got caught. The interaction between the three was very cute.

While the video only showed Li Xian, Yang Mi, and Kris playing, other photos revealed that Liying was also in the same seating area. However, she did not participate in their game and appeared lonely as she sat on the far left. In other videos showing different camera angles, Liying looked isolated, as she barely interacted with anyone.

During the entire time, Yang Mi had her back facing Liying while Kris appeared to be the only one who actually greeted her. Yang Mi had turned to glance at Liying during their greeting, but it seemed that she did not greet Liying otherwise. Based on the video, a fan had concluded Yang Mi looks down on Liying.

In defense, Liying’s fans explained that the actress does not attend such events normally. Moreover, she is generally low-key and quiet, so she understandably rarely chats with people.

Source: Sohu

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I’m not surprised if it was Yang Mi. She is known for her diva attitude. I actually like Zhao Liying and her new drama YOU FEI and her way of rather being quiet. If you watch the video, Xiao Zhan’s fans abviously dominated the crowd that night. I hope things go well for him in the upcoming year after all the stupid controversies.

    1. @nori
      Yang Mi Diva? Then why does Yang Mi have friends but Zhao Liying doesn’t? Zhao Liying never does. During the event last time with Zhao Liying, Yang Mi, Dilreba, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, everyone greeted each other but not with her because she wouldn’t greet back. That’s her attitude. Who’s diva?

      Yang Mi turns her back to see Zhao Liying when realizing she is behind her back. Only the person at the back can see the person in the front. Yang Mi doesn’t have eyes in the back. She turned around because she wants to greet, but being a senior it has to be Zhao Liying who greets her. If Yang Mi greets first it will make Zhao Liying look bad. Worst, if she greets but Zhao Liying wouldn’t greet back, Zhao Liying’s reputation will be tarnished badly. Perhaps Yang Mi greeted with eyes already. Yang Mi is very considerate of Zhao Liying. Maybe because of her friendship with Feng Shao Feng. Every time there is an event of them together, Yang Mi puts her hair up to not clash with Zhao Liying’s style. Last time Zhao Liying was so afraid she will look identical to Yang Mi she covered her face with hair.

      About You Fei, that is a huge embarrassment. If not for her water army at work, it’s only a piece of crap everyone laughs at. Wang Yibo must be so sad he doesn’t even look happy like he used to, he outperformed her but because he is the “less experience” actor so he carries all the harsh criticisms.

      1. @yoyo lol, chill. as a yang mi fan yourself, your making her fanbase very agressive-looking. if you want to defend her, do it in a more polite manner. it’s such a disrespect to claim someone else’s work as “crap everyone laughs at”. and how would you know how wang yibo feels?

        im a fan of neither, but i do enjoy their dramas. tbh, yang mi does seem like a diva sometimes, so i agree with nori on this.

        i don’t know liying in person, but i do believe that her having no friends is false. fyi, she’s besties with xie na. yes, she may be very quiet and reserved, but i think it’s just part of her personality as an introvert. this is why she doesn’t appear on a lot of reality shows —she knows that she can appear awkward…evidently, some netizens weren’t very fond of her on chinese restuarant 3. some people are just not gifted in socialising well.

        as with yang mi, yes, she has lots of friends. but if you observe closely, she doesn’t have ONE friend who she can call a bestie (in the showbiz circle, i mean). best way to phrase it is: she has good connections (no doubt cause she founded jaywalk studio) and has a wide network, but —from what i’ve seen on variety shows —she appears to be one of those people who many might find hard to get along with long-term because of how uptight she can be. one of the most known cases was her friendship with tang yan. no one knows why and how their friendship fell apart, but with yang mi’s strong (and sometimes dull) personality, i think it played a part. of course, yang mi does have her good sides too —if not, she wouldnt have such a big fanbase. i do find her quite pleasing to look on the screen sometimes 🙂

        tbh, yang mi’s personality used to be very charming but after 2013+, her personality just…idk…maybe all the fame was hard to handle, so her personality became stronger and so she became less attractive as a person (to me). kind of similar to liying too: she was cute (but outrageously blunt) on the show up idol. but after becoming one of the nation’s most beloved actresses, i think the fame made her feel anxious and so she began to distance herself from people (which is very common for people who are introverts).

      2. @chrysan

        Did I hear you right? You’re saying, I said the drama is crappy because I’m a Yang Mi fan and that puts her in a bad light? Hoho. Look at your words there. The drama is crappy because the drama has no substance itself.

        Yang Mi is a diva right? Then let me ask you, why does she give Zhao Liying the chance to act with her husband after Zhao Liying disrespected her? At the time when Zhao Liying wasn’t famous. People mistook her as Yang Mi. She took it to social media, mocking Yang Mi’s fans that why their eyes are so big they can’t tell how their idol look like. They answered her she already surpassed Yang Mi and she replied she did not do plastic surgery like Yang Mi. Those of you forcing Wang Yibo to pay respect to Zhao Liying because she is his senior, where is Zhao Liying’s respect to the seniors? After this scandal, Zhao Liying withdrawn from social media and refused to speak anymore. She is not a quiet person. She decided to no longer speak after making this mistake. The account that replied to the fan, was a fan account but it turned out she handled her own fan account. It was very embarrassing for her. Her fans hate Yang Mi because they think it’s her fault Zhao Liying turned into a quiet person.
        After this scandal, Yang Mi still respect Zhao Liying very much. She is newly wed to Hawick Lau and they were still in love. She could tell Hawick to not give a chance to that new girl who disrespected her. But she still allow Hawick to star Zhao Liying with him, and they were intimidating in it. So can you answer why Yang Mi does that? Is that diva?

        After Zhao Liying married Feng Shao Feng, he participated in a show with Yang Mi. Since they are the same show, it shouldn’t be a problem if they speak together. However, instead of being talkative like how she is to everyone, she didn’t do any eye contact with Feng Shao Feng out of respect for Zhao Liying. Where is Yang Mi’s divaness? Answer all of those questions before calling someone a diva. Also, Zhao Liying and Xie Na’s friendship is not even real, she knows nothing about Zhao Liying dating and being pregnant. Xie Na quietly withdrawn from being close to Zhao Liying after her marriage. At the You Fei Happy Camp, Xie Na looked pretty annoyed at Zhao Liying for faking an inability to follow direction. Zhao Liying published all these news about her close friendship with Xie Na, to make it look like Xie Na is her best friend. But Xie Na’s besties don’t include Zhao Liying in it.

      3. @yoyo well, it’s fine if you disagree but the way you talk like you know what they do, why they do and how they feel toward each other as if you actually are Yang Mi, Zhao Liying and Xie Na.
        Fine, so be it. No more comment.

      4. @nori i’m with you on this, nori. why waste time on someone without common sense :/

        @yoyo which is also why i won’t bother in answering your questions 🙂

      5. @yoyo Are you Wang Yibo? how do you know if he’s not happy? Did he personally tell you that he’s not happy? Like I said, you talk as if you actually are involved in it and know exactly how everyone feels.

      6. @nori
        Cannot answer my question but ask me a question. Double standard!

        Yes it turns out he didn’t feel well during the event. So him looking upset, was a correct observation! Hoho!

      7. @nori He seems very happy in all the bts of Youfei. Anyway Ive read that night he wasn’t feeling well. Hence his ultra sulkiness.

        Liying is not the friendlist person and yes, she does have personality issues as in too straightforward but she is red hot right now. And she’s not arrogant, just the way she is.

      8. @yoyo okay yang mi’S fan. You have too much time lol yangmi is known to be a diva lol. Yang mi’s acting is also crap and her dramas arent even good.

    2. @nori When Zhao Liying wasn’t that popular yet, they used to call her the mini Yangmi. As in Yangmi lookalike. And Yiling’s husband used to openly confessed his love for Yangmi before she started dating Hawick Lau.

  2. Omg who has enough time in their day to write such long essays to defend/assult on thrir idol’s behalf. It’s quite entertaining, how fanatic one can be. All common sense and logic goes right out the window. Yoyo as a Christmas gift to yourself send more time away from tv/electronics.

    1. @seriously

      Zhao Liying fans double standards. Or triple. First, accuse the rival actress a diva. Are you guys Yang Mi? So you guys know she is a diva because you guys are her?

      After I prove my points, embarrassed and unable to answer, accuse me of knowing too well how others think. Well I used facts to explain why I think the way I think. What did you guys use? Fan brains, that’s right! You wrote your essay here as if I don’t have my rights to write my essay here. Treasure your gift to yourself. What double standard you have there. Do you have no shame?

      1. @yoyo Gurl you are A LOT of crazy, lol while extremely funny, but you are tripping HARD. You’re why restraining orders were invited, lol.

  3. lololol dang.

    iunno how long these events are but i feel it’s normal to be cold, hungry, and tired. thus, not wanting to interact. celebrities are human too and some of them are just introverted. i feel this news is just dramatizing events. besides, even if they have some beef between them, what can really be proven by few interactions that others’ witnessed from long distance.

  4. Zhao Liying has these type of shameless, double standard fans. No wonder why her dramas always look D+ but they get rated A+.

      1. @aktf
        Comes another double standard fan. If you want to butt in, answer the 2 questions first. The questions that NONE of ZLY fans could answer. There are so many of you guys here and NONE of you could answer, who should be embarrassed again? You use the word embarrass when you don’t know what it means. Here’s another word to boost up your vocabs, it’s the word shameless. The more you guys speak to me without being able to answer anything, the stupider you guys look.

        Yang Mi even clapped for Zhao Liying when she went on stage and watched her speech attentively. What a hater and diva she is right?

        So Yang Mi’s acting is so bad and she is so ugly, but her face was copied by… ahem, you know who. And her acting also copied by that same person you know who. What is there that Zhao Liying got, Yang Mi doesn’t have? A huge water army like you guys, it is. LOL!

        What does Yang Mi got Zhao Liying doesn’t have? Well her hubby dated her because she resembled somebody, Yang Mi. If there is a discord, it is obvious who is the angry one and why she hates others.

  5. It is more like they are not friends. Not even on same social circles. So obviously there is no interaction. Are all actresses supposed to be bffs?

    Yang Mi doesn’t look down on Liying or otherwise. It is more like they are not friends. As long as they are not shoving each other, what’s the issue?

    As for some posts here about Legend of Fei, I’ve read fans of the novel are happy, fandom of each stars are happy. The director made the awful Princess Agent, so if it ended awful, blame the director.

  6. Damn, chill people! It’s already awkward enough for those two actresses. Let it go and set yourself free from other’s issue that’s not yours to defend when they themselves don’t even care to make it an issue (lol).

  7. Well, I always love Yang Mi personality. If you really watch her BTS, awards, reality show, her interacting backstage or during her casual times (not officials) you can see that she’s actually very outgoing, kind, humble, smart and confident.
    And maybe because of these strong personality she gives people a hype that she’s a “diva”. I really didn’t see her as diva. Don’t know why ppl thought her so. If you follow her works, you will know she is very hardworking and humble. Always respect her !!!
    For zhao liying, from what I watch from her works, reality shows, interviews she’s more to introvert personality. This is their personality. Artist do have their own life and choices.
    And I don’t think Yang Mi and Zhao Liying are rivals or what, it’s just that they are not friends or only as “entertainment field collaegue”. Just support their works !
    Respect ✊

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