Unfiltered Photos of 10 Popular Chinese Actors

Filtering and editing photos before posting them online have become the norm, and celebrities are no exception when it comes to such photo-sharing habits. After all, it’s easy to fool viewers into believing that the stars are always sharp and glamorous. However, the unedited photos usually find their way to netizens, as such is the case for these 10 popular mainland Chinese actors.

1. Song Weilong (宋威龍)

After attending the China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, the Go Ahead <以家人之名> actor immediately became the hottest search on Weibo. However, it was not because of his attractive looks or attire, but his acne. Even the power of makeup could not save him from high definition cameras, as an unfiltered photo showed that he had multiple pimples on his chin. This is not the first time that netizens took notice of his poor skin condition; he was photographed at the airport during the broadcast of Go Ahead with blemishes. Following his attendance at the festival, Weilong posted a response on his social media explaining that his skin became problematic after several late nights of filming, but he later deleted the post. According to reports, he is currently filming The Society of Four Leaves <張公案>.

2. Li Xian (李現)

Earlier, Li Xian’s unfiltered photo of him at a Cartier event drew netizens’ attention online. Unlike Weilong, the actor received praise for having very nice and smooth skin. Before the event, the paparazzi photographed the actor visiting a beauty clinic possibly to rejuvenate his skin after getting tanned while filming outdoor scenes for A Love Never Lost <人生若如初見>.

3. Luo Yunxi (羅雲熙)

While The Love is Sweet <半是蜜糖半是伤> star also has relatively smooth skin, netizens commented that he has a very dull skin tone. It is a huge contrast compared to his fair and bright complexion in the edited photos.

4. Wang Yibo (王一博)

Being young is certainly an advantage, as it appears the idol has fairly tender and supple skin. Netizens found it interesting that in one of his unfiltered photos, he grew a pimple at the corner of his left eye, almost like a pretty mole.

5. Ren Jialun (任嘉倫)

The 31-year-old is here to prove that age does not necessarily determine one’s skin condition with his smooth and glowing skin. With such flawless skin and a babyface, Jialun can still pass off as someone in his 20s.

6. Cheng Yi (成毅)

The Love and Redemption <琉璃> star appeared at a Lanvin event recently, and unfiltered photos of him trended soon after online. Although his skin is in good condition, his eye bags and dark eye circles were prominent. Netizens believed it was most likely due to fatigue from filming.

7. Deng Lun (鄧倫)

If this were a competition, Deng Lun would probably come out on top. His skin condition is deemed the best out of all the actors mentioned here. Although you can’t tell from the yellow lighting in these pictures, it is said that his complexion is fairer than that of actresses.

8. Zhu Yilong (朱一龍)

Earlier, Yilong faced negative comments after his fansite administrator exposed a series of his unfiltered photos. She criticized how it took her forever to edit his images because his face was pitted and scarred and that he was also bald. Her behavior triggered many fans to defend him by releasing several unedited pictures that showed him to be in very good condition.

9. Yang Yang (楊洋)

The actor’s unfiltered photos amazed several fans who praised that his skin looked very nice and firm. Some girls even felt envious as he did not have heavy makeup on but still managed to appear flawless.

10. Xu Kai (許凱)

Last but not least, Xu Kai also passed the skin condition test as he did not have any problems aside from having a slightly rounder face that would be highly obvious if he were to gain any more weight.

Source: Beauty321

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Poor Song Weilong – that picture looks very bad. Wang Yibo looks older there for a 23 year-old guy (left picture). These filters do wonder for them normally. The others don’t look so bad. Thank you for making me feel normal now.

  2. DL is blessed with naturally great skin…..Since his debut until now his skin remains unchanged. I watched him in many reality shows and dramas, his skin conditions/tones is always consistent even during not so friendly condition. During his participation in “Dad, Where Are We Going?” he got some sunburned and was extremely tired but still looked great. I am envious…..hahahaha

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