Li Xian and Chen Linong in “Soul Snatcher”

The long-awaited historical fantasy film Soul Snatcher <赤狐書生> has finally confirmed its premiere date for December 4. The movie stars mainland Chinese actor Li Xian (李現) and Taiwanese rookie actor Chen Linong (陳立農), and both are expected to bring fans refreshing chemistry with their on-screen bromance. While their visuals are greatly highlighted in the film stills, sources revealed that the two actors worked hard to portray their characters by studying the script in a detailed manner and also vocal and physical training.

Soul Snatcher tells the story of a fox spirit Bai Shi San (played by Li Xian) sent on a trial mission to steal the soul of a curious young scholar Wang Zi Jin (played by Linong). Under the disguise of an ordinary young man, Shi San enters the mortal world to complete his mission and also tries to find a divine pill that can help him to achieve immortality quickly. However, he unexpectedly finds himself befriending his target instead and even later discovers that Zi Jin is his key to immortality. To ensure nothing goes wrong, he continues to bond with the scholar while protecting him as they experience a series of life-threatening events involving evil spirits and creatures.

Although Li Xian has played various characters in the past, this is his first time portraying a male fox spirit. Since females usually portray fox spirits, his role gave him a new and challenging experience. Li Xian had to think of unique ways to execute the character and leave a deep impression on viewers. And based on the released stills, it appears the actor has got a grasp of how to achieve that with his unruly hair and ragged looks.

As for Linong, Soul Snatcher will be his first debut film. The singer-turned-actor has been very dedicated, often practicing calligraphy and displaying an eagerness to learn on set. He also got along well with Li Xian, as they are often seen analyzing the script together.

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