“Go Go Squid” Melts Hearts With the Sweetest Couple Scenes

Go Go Squid <親愛的,熱愛的> was this summer’s hottest Chinese romantic drama and topped search engines almost every day. Andy Yang (楊紫) and Li Xian’s (李現) saccharine couple scenes caused viewers’ hearts to melt. Though it has ended its broadcast, many fans are re-watching their favorite scenes from the drama.

Based on popular novel Stewed Squid with Honey <蜜汁燉魷魚> by Mo Bao Fei Bao, fans already know the work has lots of romantic clichés. But the wonderful chemistry between Andy and Li Xian took the story to new heights with their natural acting.

The proposal scene was especially memorable, in which Tong Nian (Andy Yang) asked Han Shang Yan (Li Xian) to marry her. Shang Yan had successfully led his K&K team into the Asian finals. However, one of the members Grunt unexpectedly suffered stomach pain and was replaced. This unforeseen situation changed their chances of winning and had everyone watch in nervous anticipation. Seeing them work harder, Tong Nian was moved to tears and thought to propose to him at his proudest moment. She said, “Han Shang Yan, let’s get married. Whether we win or lose, I’ll still stay beside you. Let’s marry.”

After winning the final competition, Shang Yan immediately changed into a suit and the two rushed to ask Tong Nian’s parents for permission to get married. He promised, “I want to make you the center of my world”. They shared a long kiss.

The successful broadcast of Go Go Squid boosted the popularity of the leading cast. Although Andy was already popular after Ashes of Love <香蜜沉沉烬如霜> , she is now loved even more. After working in the industry for eight years, Li Xian has finally broken out in popularity and his name appears on the hot search list every day. His Weibo followers have increased dramatically to 18 million people.

Li Xian Answers His Most Searched Questions

Andy Yang Answers Her Most Searched Questions

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It is quite unrealistic but hey what do you expect from a romance novel? haha LOL..It did have alot of in your face LYAO moments and an interesting plotline filled with passionate dreams, friendship, family & bromance. This was the first time I actually completed watching such a long long chinese drama of 41 episodes even Age of Legends there were many episodes where you could skip but this was a lighthearted drama where you could rest & chill w/o skipping. I had a inkling of who the male lead was from his supporting roles as he’s always cuter than the main leads but here he really did shine as a lead that you will finally see him as wow. Girl thou I heard is a child star so there was no doubt she did her role well even thou she must be the worst dressed female lead that you will ever get to see onscreen. Not sure what was up w/the stylist w/that. I have never ever seem such horrendous styling on a tv show ever. I mean I understand she played a genius masters deg at age 19 or they were trying to make her a geek probably w/o any fashion sense which was fine but still not sure what kind of geek style she was wearing on the show?? lol ahhaha….. I think the weakest part of the leads were the kissing scenes. Almost all of them were just so unnaturally done. Girl does do depressing scenes really well but honestly both just need improvement on kissing scenes. I think we have seem 18 yo that kissed better than they did in. haha…Other than that, I would say it was quite an entertaining series. I don’t need S2 as I never like sequels but I can understand why ppl would love to see more since they were a sweet on screen pair that actually had quite a bit of chemistry.

    1. @wm2017

      “she must be the worst dressed female lead that you will ever get to see onscreen.”

      I agree with you with that remark. Who styled someone like that? Ridiculous!

      1. @dramas4me LOL…I watched it on utube and all the comments really 9 of 10 were like seriously WTF is she wearing? ahhaha LOL… Like I have seem my share of geeks in H.S. but even then they are just normal geek clothes but whatever this lead is wearing in that drama is really shocking to the core. haha….If it wasn’t for the catchy storyline and comedic moments & sweetness of the story itself I doubt so many ppl are watching it and some episodes even made it to million views? That’s shockingly high. ahha I can assure you it wasn’t because of her fashion that people were tuning in. I wish they can explain WhyTH n WhatTH would they dressed her like that I mean the main lead might be in his all black ensemble but he’s pretty stylish. Everyone including the female lead’s classmates dressed like a college student would just not sure what they were thinking dressing up the lead like that. SMH….omg

      2. @wm2017

        She is getting very popular and if I was her I would say something about how they styled me. I think she doesn’t have a lot of luck with the stylists in her dramas. I didn’t like how they dressed her in Ode to Joy dramas either. Either they are terrible stylists or they don’t like her or she is hard to dress. I think she looks best in “Ashes of Love” drama in my opinion.

      3. @dramas4me You know what I mean… WTH would I put that s**t on even if they are styling my character to be this way? lol…Honestly, I have never watched anything her excluding the fact that she was a child star and she’s only 26. I really how she acted w/her crying scenes thou I mean her eyes were so raw & red even w/o the tears that’s the first time I thought wow talking about nailing a heartbreaking scene but the way she’s dressed is just unreal. The comments are just right on par w/we don’t even need her to be dressing well but please dress NORMAL. ahhha Lol..the comments are funny itself. I mean I understand that they are making her a geek w/o any fashion sense which is fine but I am pretty sure no geek dresses like that either. hahaa. As for the guy I caught glimpses here and there in that Dr. medical drama where he is supporting I thought he was really good looking and did well. Also, I know he’s equally cool in that drama w/William Chan but I just can’t watch it when both the female leads look like they look they are their aunts/mothers. I just can’t so this series is the only one I’ve watched w/both of them. ahhaaha LOL…

      4. @wm2017

        They dressed him appropriately and made him look so good. You should watch her in “Ode to Joy” (I & II) then you know what I mean how they dressed her there also. It’s not as bad as “Go Go Squid”. 🙂

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