William Chan Rumored to Replace Deng Lun

Starring in the successful romantic fantasy Ashes of Love <香蜜沉沉燼如霜> in 2018, Chinese actor Deng Lun (鄧倫) and co-star Andy Yang‘s (楊紫) pairing was well-received, pulling off strong viewership of over 15 billion and sending the popularity of its leads soaring.

However, Deng Lun’s embroilment into a tax evasion scandal in mid-March has severely tarnished his image, and rumors of censorship by mainland authorities have thwarted plans for the same casting in the drama’s anticipated sequel.

Fans Resistant to Proposed CP
With the production team forced to seek a new male actor to replace Deng Lun, swirling rumors online point to William Chan (陳偉霆) as a possible candidate for the upcoming Ashes of Love 2. In addition to the actor’s high popularity and wholesome image, he has delivered consistent performances in The Mystic Nine <老九門>, Only Side by Side with You <南方有喬木> and most recently Novoland: Pearl Eclipse <斛珠夫人>.

Fans of the drama have responded by voicing their objections to the casting rumors, as they felt that Ashes of Love 2 without Deng Lun as main lead Xu Feng would be equivalent to the sequel losing its soul. Netizens also pointed out that the reason for the popularity of Deng Lun and Yang Zi’s pairing was also partly due to their good chemistry as friends, and that Yang Zi had in fact been the one to recommend Deng Lun for the role. Yet others felt that William Chan and Yang Zi lacked onscreen compatibility and resisted the proposed pairing in the return of the drama.

Source: On.CC

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  1. Oh please no William cannot act for the love of his life it will be unwatchable

  2. God, no William Chan pls. He doesn’t have Deng Lun’s charms nor does he have the acting chops needed for an emotionally heavy role

  3. A season 2 without a suitable cast is better off without… this drama does not need a season 2.. it had a good enough ending already. Just leave it..

  4. Off topic, but I never heard that there planning to make a sequel with YZ again. I only heard there’s a sequel called “Love When the Stars Fall” with Chen Xingxu. Plus I thought YZ is trying to change her image into those “serious” actors. Oh well, never liked WC, his acting is so fake…

  5. Please no. You can’t replace the actor for the main character for such a popular drama. You might as well not waste money in making a sequel. Case in point, Ever Night 2 was absolute garbage. All the new actors basically interpreted their roles so differently that it felt like I was watching a new show but I was so attached to the previous characters and story. Also, William Chan is such a terrible actor. He couldn’t even act or be remotely charismatic in that short “It’s All About Seconds” Chanel commercial.

  6. Not sure why is WC so famous, imo he is over-rated. But maybe is only my opinion

  7. Seems to have missing vocabulary in the article….William had delivered “consistent performances….” Consistent good or consistently bad?
    WC is another guy whom I don’t understand his popularity. Talent, acting skills, looks, non impressive.
    That aside, why is this a need for part 2, with or without the original casting? The story has a proper ending? The only possible development is LYX’s character but I would think that role is left more memorable as the tragic second lead.

  8. YZ and DL aren’t going to be main leads in the sequel. This continuation is gonna be about their kid. Still, if the sequel intends to follow the same emotional investment as its predecessor, then WC shouldn’t be casted.

  9. Oh gosh. Not this guy. He can’t act and he doesn’t have the looks. He also doesnt have any charm…

  10. Wouldn’t be the same if Deng lun isn’t in it so I hope they dont make the 2nd one….

  11. Fake news, William Chan will not choose a ‘replacement’ role given his popularity in mainland now.

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