Deng Lun Testing Reactions for Comeback?

Although Chinese actor Deng Lun was blacklisted following his tax evasion scandal, many of his fans remain loyal and continue to follow Deng Lun’s activities.

On June 30, Deng Lun and his assistant were spotted at Hanzhou’s airport and caused a big commotion. The actor dressed casually for the trip and wore a white tee-shirt, shorts and a black cap, but he still attracted a large crowd of fans. Deng Lun moved quickly through the crowds without saying a word and stopping only to accept fans’ letters.

While Deng Lun has halted all his projects, the actor has reportedly remained in contact with his super fans and is rumored to be planning a fan meeting at Hengdian this month. It appears that the actor is testing the waters for his comeback but some netizens are disputing the rumors. Instead, the netizens are claiming that Deng Lun is only transitioning Hangzhou before setting off for Shijiazhuang.

Source: HK On CC

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  1. As much as I’d like a DL comeback, will the gov’t even give him a break? FBB has been pretty much banned from all sales activity.

  2. Seems like he’s testing waters or there wouldn’t be pics of him over and over again.

  3. He can test the waters…but I doubt any investors would take a risk on him as yet… As long as no investor dare to touch him currently, his comeback will be very tough..

  4. The decision is in the hands of the government, not corporation or fans. So, testing water like this is of little use. Has the government officially banned him like they banned Zheng Shuang?

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