Li Yifeng and Deng Lun Ready to Make Comebacks

Chinese actors Li Yifeng (李易峰) and Deng Lun (鄧倫) and Taiwanese actor Kai Ko (柯震東) have been blacklisted by the Chinese government due to soliciting prostitution, evading taxes, and substance abuse respectively. After significant setbacks in their careers, the trio are said to be attempting comebacks.

In 2022, Li Yifeng was at the top of his career before he was detained by the police for soliciting prostitution on multiple occasions. His image was ruined and all of his works were removed on streaming platforms. Outlandish rumors followed, with one story claiming the actor went to Thailand, married a young daughter of a rich businessman and started a family.

After 344 days of silence, Li Yifeng finally made a high profile appearance at the Beijing airport in casual clothing, hat, and mask. When spotting a large group of his fans, Li Yifeng waved and got out of his car. Blowing kisses, Li Yifeng was touched to see he still has so many supporters and clasped his hands together in a praying gesture to express his gratitude while bowing over ten times. He kept his head down when he entered the departure hall and did not verbally communicate with  fans, only nodding his head in response to well wishes. He was seen folding his airplane ticket and seemed very nervous.

In the fan pictures, Li Yifeng had dark eye bags and sallow skin. It seemed that his eyes were brimming with tears, which he secretly wiped them away at one point. He had lost a lot of weight as his shorts revealed very thin legs.

Deng Lun’s downward spiral due to tax evasion was another shocking scandal in the Chinese entertainment industry. It has been 17 months and rumors of a comeback strengthened. Since the scandal, Deng Lun appeared on variety show Treasures in the Forbidden City <上新了!故宮> and filmed promotional photos.

Netizens seem to be open to Li Yifeng and Deng Lun’s comebacks. Both actors donated 1.5 million and 1 million Chinese yuan respectively to help recovery efforts in northern China after severe floods.

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko may be less fortunate, as he has been unable to make a comeback in China after being arrested for substance use in Beijing eight years ago. Recently, Kai Ko was seen meeting up with good friend Darren Wang (王大陸) in Shanghai. However, the media only referred to him as “Mr. Ko” in the news and pixelated his face in the group photo, barring the actor any chance of media exposure.

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Li Yifeng Detained By Chinese Authorities for Soliciting Prostitution

Deng Lun Fined 106 Million Yuan for Tax Evasion

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  1. They are still very young. Actually I like both of them before what happened – especially Deng Lun. If they do have a chance to come back – hopefully they will never, never make a stupid mistake again. Also hopefully they will become much better people.

  2. I didn’t realize showing up at an airport was considered a high profile appearance… Was Li Yifeng at the top of his career? Mirror A Tale of Twin Cities was not very good… I find him to be quite the bland actor.

    1. I don’t think he was on the peak of his career when the prostitute scandal blew up, I can even say his career was descending at that time.

  3. Not sure if It is going to a smooth return for Deng Lun. Song Zhu’er is the latest speculated tax invasion artist, the other similar artists may need to continue lie low.

    1. Dont you think it is strange, so many high profile artiste have been blacklisted for tax invasions. Why would any artiste still risk such action knowingly… I wonder if Song Zhu’er may be implicated by her management company? Why would a young actress like her risk tax invasions in strict China?

      1. @Hohliu her former agency was quick to point out that her family had been in-charge of her finances in recent years, even when she was still in their management. The last I heard, neither her team or she had released any statement since the news broke and seems like her name is not searchable in some TV stations websites.

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