Li Yifeng is Rumored to Have Married to a Powerful Family

After being embroiled in a prostitution scandal, Chinese actor Li Yifeng’s (李易峰) career has hit rock bottom and he is on the hook to repay compensation fees. In the aftermath of the scandal, a netizen revealed that the fallen actor was actually married to a prominent family who had significant influence and helped Li Yifeng cover up his past wrong-doings.

A netizen reportedly found and leaked a marriage certificate that showed Li Yifeng being married to a woman with the surname “Ren.” According to the netizen, Ms. Ren came from a powerful family and the couple signed a prenuptial agreement. Due to Ms. Ren’s family political influence, Li Yifeng often relied on Ms. Ren to skirt the law. The couple eventually filed for a divorce and the couple remained in contact. However, when Li Yifeng’s prostitution scandal came to light, Ms.Ren firmly cut Li Yifeng from her life.


While the leaked marriage may act as a proof of Li Yifeng’s marriage, some netizens argue that the marriage certificate may belong to someone else with the same name. Li Yifeng is only a stage name and a real marriage certificate would list his birth name, Li He (李贺). However, netizens pointed out that Yifeng’s ex-girlfriend Guo Ziyu (郭子瑜) previously confirmed the speculation in a response to netizen, “We broke up. Must I be linked with only one person my whole life? He is already married.”

In addition, netizens dug up an old interview where Li Yifeng responded to a question on when he was getting married: “I’m going to get married before I’m 35 years old. Maybe next month.” While the actor’s comment was treated as a joke, netizens now believe that Li Yifeng was either subtly revealing his marriage to the public or he was testing the waters before making a public announcement.

Li Yifeng’s Whereabouts

After being exposed for soliciting prostitution, a netizen shared that Li Yifeng is making his way back to hometown in Sichuan. No longer an A listed star, Li Yifeng looked dispirited and was not accompanied by his staff.

According to a source close to Li Yifeng, the actor was looking to sell his mansion in Beijing. The mansion is expected to fetch $40 million Chinese yuan and Li Yifeng would return to his hometown to plan his next step.

Source: Up Media

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  1. I remember saying that a lot of idols are married and I was crucified, which is fine with me. The truth is the truth. I do not name names because these scandals have not been confirmed. Yes, Li Yefeng was married. Haha, wonder why his wife divorced him, eh?!, lol. Deep pockets, power and high social station can cover up many things. I hope a certain married young man, who is married, and having a torrid affair with his mother old manager is watching. Someone might expose him too, lol.

    1. You definitely share lots of news but since you cannot name those involved… many will not remember… But reading your sharing is fun enough for me.
      I wonder how many more artistes are married and protected.

      1. @Hohliu I was not allowed to name names at two sites because I spoke some things and the delusional fans could not handle it. I don’t nane names anymore. I was cursed out so badly when I said that Wu Chun, Andy Lau and Charlene Choi had spouses, just to name a few. I was ripped apart when I said Aaron Yan was gay because the delusional, toxic shippers were shipping him hard with hus female costar who knew he was gay. They were telling the world that Aaron and Puff Gao were living together, LMAO. I was told I was making it up. Lol, I guess I made up the truth, lol. I have a front row seat to the Asian entertainment industry, abd many are married secretly, divorced but still pretending to be married, are gay but has a beard, or some gays have no beards. Some are involved in all kinds of horrible things but are protected by the evil and powerful organizations they belong to, and a fake , well created public image. Others are horrible and are shielded by the fake goody two shoes images they feed the public. I hope you are not making fun of me because you find my posts amusing. It is all true.

      2. Definitely not mocking you at all. I just read for fun.. and it will be great to have names but it is understand why other sites stopped you. I noticed your news a primary Taiwan base…and some China, I may be mistaken.

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