Li Yifeng Axed from Mid-Autumn Festival Program

Chinese actor Li Yifeng (李易峰) was rumored to have been caught soliciting prostitution and is being banned by the Chinese media. Although the actor tried to clear his name, the bad press shows no signs of dying as netizens noticed that Li Yifeng  was removed from the annual Mid-Autumn Festival program, the Golden Eagle Award and the Huading Awards

Last week, Li Yifeng failed to appear in a Hangzhou event last week and sparked the rumor that he was involved in a prostitution scandal. The rumor prompted Li Yifeng to appear in a livestream. The actor explained that  his absence was due to the pandemic and had nothing to do with illegal activities.

While the scandal is being resolved, CCTV is taking a cautious approach and removed Li Yifeng from the Mid-Autumn Festival program. In addition, the actor’s name was removed from the Golden Eagle Award and the Huading Awards. The swift action highlights the Chinese media’s strict control over its platform.

As Li Yifeng continues to be affected by the rumor, the star posted a 1000-word essay on this social platform on September 10th. In his statement, the star acknowledged that as a public figure, he has little privacy. While Li Yifeng had lost count of the  numerous groundless rumors he had been involved in , Li Yifeng reveals he didn’t fight them in court due to the long and time-consuming process. Although Li Yifeng got used to having rumors, he revealed that this time he and his agency are hurt by the lies.

Despite the statement, many netizens argued that Li Yifeng did not offer an explanation on why he was removed from the programs. Adding to the complication, Li Yifeng’s statement disappeared after it was posted and it left netizens wondering that there was more to the story.

Source: Yahoo.

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  1. Wow…looks like there is more to just pandemic…regardless if rumours are true or not. These cancellation of his appearance are hurting his brand.
    If he cannot prove his innocence…he will have to lose so much….

  2. Indeed, it doesn’t appear to be pandemic like what he claims but if it’s related to soliciting services, such news are usually swift. Interesting situation, if he’s cancelled, he will not be able to do online posting.

    1. @BearBear News is released from Beijing Police that Li Yifeng is arrested and have confirmed to soliciting. This is the last we will see of him…. He lasted long in the industry as a idol…

      1. @Hohliu thanks for the update!
        Omg, another highly popular idol being cancelled though his popularity has dipped in recent years.
        My opinion on this still remains – if he’s single and she’s willing and not underage and that he didn’t run away without paying or abuse during the act, I don’t see it as a problem. However he should know much better since it is a crime in the country, especially there was already another having the same fate just months ago. Never been his fan or anti but that goes another idol being cancelled.
        Netizens were already speculating a big entertainment scandal with Wang Feng’s upcoming concert….wonder if this is the one or are we expecting another bigger one within the next few days.

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