Li Yifeng Seen at Airport

Chinese actor Li Yifeng (李易峰) was detained in 2022 for repeatedly soliciting prostitution. Previously one of the top actors in China with many representative works, Li Yifeng has fallen from his pedestal due to his arrest.  He has been blacklisted by the Chinese entertainment industry and has not been in the public eye for two years.

However, this does not seem to have affected Li Yifeng’s mood. The actor was recently seen at the Beijing airport returning from a low-key trip to Japan. Many fans caught wind of his return and appeared at the airport to welcome him.

Li Yifeng wore a low-key black sweatshirt, cap, and mask. Although he did not show his face, he seemed to be in a great mood and responded to all requests. When fans asked him to say hello to the camera, he joked, “Your account might get blocked in a while.”

However, Li Yifeng’s easygoing attitude struck a discord with other netizens, who questioned and criticized his lack of repentance.

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