Li Yifeng Detained By Chinese Authorities for Soliciting Prostitution

Shortly after Li Yifeng issued a statement denying rumors of the actor soliciting prostitution, the scandal has taken a dramatic turn as Li Yifeng is now arrested by Chinese officials.

On September 11, Chinese news media reported Li Yifeng’s illegal activities and wrote, “In the course of investigation, the Beijing police has apprehended an actor with surname Li  and he has confessed to soliciting prostitution on multiple occasions. He is now placed under administrative detention in accordance with the law.” Through various communication channels, the actor was confirmed to be Li Yifeng.

A second state-run media outlet spoke on the matter and criticized Li Yifeng and his agency for their immoral behaviors and their ridiculous attempt at feigning innocence, “As a public figure, Li Yifeng should know the basic life principles. However, after committing his illegal acts, Li Yifeng did not seriously reflect on his mistakes and tried to brush his mistakes aside. Not only did he not repent, he hoped to delete traces of him breaking the law. This is more unforgivable than simply making a mistake. 

Article Exposing Li Yifeng’s Behavior

After Li Yifeng’s arrest, articles detailing the actor’s illegal activities went viral. An article claims that every time Li Yifeng returns to his hometown in Chengdu, he would always visit a local clubhouse. The ladies who provide services claim to be pitiful so that the customers, including Li Yifeng, would believe that they are rescuing the ladies while having fun. 

The article alleged that in every visit,  Li Yifeng spent up to 200,000 yuan and requested two different sessions. Of the two ladies, Li Yifeng has a preference for “Sister U”. Li Yifeng allegedly did not care that Sister U is a single mother and was heard saying, “Most of the women I like have children anyways.” It was reported that Li Yifeng was arrested after the woman was intercepted on her way home.

Other Netizens Exposed Li Yifeng

Among the various viral rumors, a netizen claimed that Li Yifeng insisted on wearing sunglasses when he is with a prostitute to protect his identity, “When he sleeps at night, he would wear his sunglasses. He would not take off his sunglasses when he is undressing or engaging in sexual activities.”

Another netizen shared that Li Yifeng spent 6,000 Chinese yuan for a night with a 14-year-old girl. 

Furthermore, a female netizen claimed that she accompanied Li Yifeng to Haikou last year and revealed that not only did Li Yifeng solicit prostitutes, the actor enjoyed watching adult movies. To substantiate her claims, the netizen attached a photo of Li Yifeng watching movies on his tablet. 

While various rumors are emerging, none of the netizens’ claims are yet to be proven true.

Source: HK On CC

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Rumors Link Li Yifeng With Prostitution Scandal

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  1. He is a goner…Frankly, he is single…if he rather turns to adult prostitute, that is really his choice. But if he did bed a 14yr old girl…that is bad!! I have no respect for any adult that take advantage of the underage.
    Since it is illegal to solicit in China, and someone reported him, the police have to take action. He will be leaving the industry forever..

    1. @Hohliu copying my comment in another thread here to thank you again for the update there.
      Just when I thought there wouldn’t be another highly popular idol being cancelled though his popularity has dipped in recent years, here we go again.
      My opinion on this still remains – if he’s single and she’s willing and not underage and that he didn’t run away without paying or abuse during the act, I don’t see it as a problem. However he should know much better since it is a crime in the country, especially there was already another having the same fate just months ago. Never been his fan or anti but that goes another idol being cancelled.
      As for other netizens’ exposure as stated in this article, I’m reserving my thoughts because they only came to light after the police confirmation of his solicitation.
      Netizens were already speculating a big entertainment scandal with Wang Feng’s upcoming concert….wonder if this is the one or are we expecting another bigger one within the next few days.

      1. @BearBear there is a lot more to cone I wrote some comments Gere in December and got lambasted and crucified for saying what I said. I did not name names as these scandals have not been exposed yet. I know so much that I can sell it to the tabloids and TV stations, but I don’t need the money, nor do I want to be responsible for the demise of the delulus.
        @Hohliu I do agree with both of you a hundred percent that if the parties are consensual, are both adults and no abuse or other shady business took place, then it is is their bedroom business. However, such soliciting is illegal in China and Li Yifeng should have learned from Mr LY. That particular situation should be a wake up call to the other celebs, especially in China.
        @Hohliu I second your thoughts that he is a goner. His career is flushed down the toilet. Even if he is somehow innocent, when mass media around Asia, and the world get a load of this, and police are involved, there is no going back for him, which makes it utterly sad.

      2. @Renren would think a spouse or partner who cheats on his/her other half without knowledge is worse.
        An older actor (cannot remember who) also had his career ruined after being caught for similar offense few years back but till this day, there is still speculation that he has offended the wrong people and is innocent. Regardless, that actor’s career has never been revived and he’s not even an idol actor, let alone LFY whom their authority expects role models from these celebrities.
        I also recall one of the regular member in this site mentioning how the livelihood of the production crew will be affected when the drama or similar is halted or pulled out from the broadcasting because of scandals or crimes committed by artists. Not sure if LFY is currently filming anything or has drama yet to be broadcasted. Hopefully not.
        You should strike off from your list each time one of them has fallen…….

      3. alot of the actors solicit these so-called services. Their work is so stifling, they can’t go out in the public freely and they can’t date w/o being caught. What other things to do other than soliciting these services when they have the money and the attention but no one to share it w/? it’s a known secret.

    1. @BearBear I do remember that artist who was a non idol whose career was ruined through a similar accusation. Let me tell you this much, if someone who has power and clout is out to get you, they will do it, and pay of even police, and judges to achieve what they want. It is so sad when an innocent man or woman suffers because they are hated in the industry, or they speak up for their rights, or refuse the advances of the Harvey Wienstiens of the industry, of which there are many, male and female. The powers that be in Chiba are really getting strict with the actions of these celebrities. I personally don’t think that some of them deserve the harsh punishment for what they did. It is like these Chinese artists have to live the perfect, chaste life, and none of us are perfect. If this was happening in Taiwan or Hong Kong, there would be no idols, or celebrities left. I am so fed up seeing a married woman whose husband works for her boss, and she abuses both her boss/client and her husband, poor husband has no say as she controls the money and everything is in her name. She also keeps 70% of the idols money and keeps him away from someone he likes. Get this, she is old enough to be his mother. She is staffing the government with the purse too. In China, she and the young actor/musician would be goners, as @Hohliu likes to phrase it. If anything ever cones out in public, I will give you all a few essays on those two. They can’t sue me cause I can back it up. I am a bit sad to see Li Yifeng fall from grace, as I like him, but nothing these guys do surprise me. Like you and Hohliu, I am one of the sensible ones

    2. @m0m0 I beg to differ with what you said. He wanted fun in bed without any attachment, and he turned to prostitutes, which is a no no in China. Couldn’t he have a girlfriend in private who can meet his needs, most certainly. How many actors in Taiwan, Mainland and Hong Kong who are in relationships and they haven’t gotten caught, plenty. So many are married and no one knows. Fine example Mike He and his wife. For years she lived with him, even at his parents, and he was hailed as single, or in a relationship with Joe Cheng. Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng. Most people didn’t know they were dating, let alone married. People can have a relationship without getting caught. He did what the rest of the entertainers do….get involved in risky business, believing his celebrity status makes him untouchable.

  2. I actually liked him, but I guess his career is over now. It was already starting to get fishy after his statement was taken down. I wonder how the police investigate these types of cases though. I know Li Yundi was caught on the spot, but I don’t think he was caught on the spot. Do the police just ask all the prostitutes in the town? lol
    If the article is true and he was caught in the past before, doing the same crime again would be really dumb.

  3. I really like him. that’s really sad. He s single so what wrong with sleeping with prostitutes?
    But if he did sleep with a 14 year old then that’s gross.. goodbye…

    1. Because prostitution is illegal in China. Similarly, you can smoke pot safely in Alaska but not in Wyoming. The good thing is China punishes the prostitutes, the johns and the pimps. Unlike some laws who punish the girls but the johns can go scot-free.

    2. Well, prostitution is a crime even in some western countries…. Being cancelled by the government is just in China but honestly, if news like this leaks anywhere, the opinion of the public court would be enough to cancel any popular actor.

      1. Look up European director Roman Polanski on wikipedia pertaining to the case of his raping a 13 year old when he was 49. Hundreds of Hollywood luminaries signed a petitition pleading for his exoneration so he could return to work in Hollywood.

      2. @msxie0714 I remember reading about the petition…I was so angry… Harvey Weinstein set up the petition… the beasts flocks together. Both beasts should be locked up for life!!

  4. I hope other male celebrities will take him and Kris Wu as lesson learn example. Sooner or later, you will be exposed regardless how popular, influence and famous you are. China is a strict and conservative country. Morality is a key role.

  5. I honestly thought no idiot would come out with such a strong statement if there’s any truth to the rumors, considering what has happened to other celebrities in recent years. Well, I stand corrected, there are such brazen idiots. And I don’t know if those subsequent rumors are true, but if so, why would you think sunglasses will protect your identity? Who do you think you are? Clark Kent?

  6. The only problem I see is the one with the 14 yrs old if it was proven to be true. The rests were mutual between them. He didn’t rape or abuse them. And the part about him enjoy watching adult videos, is that statement use to further prove that he’s not a decent man? Because he’s a famous figure, he’s expected to stay holy or what? Most men watch AVs and even a lot of women nowadays do as well. It’s illegal for what he did but the punishment to blacklist/ban him is too severe. Personally, abuses, rapes and murders are more serious.

    1. I don’t think 14 years old is true to be honest same as sunglasses and army of ‘influencers’ increasing their rating like that. He is not my type of people but I don’t think these things are true.

    2. @Sabrina I agree with you. So many men in the ebiz industry watch porn. The Taiwanese singer/producer Zhou Chuan Xiong and and actor Jake Hsu have admitted to watching porn, and Jake has a special liking for gay porn. Yet these two are well liked in Taiwan and the rest of Asia. What someone watches, as long as it is not about minors does not make them a bad person.

    3. @Sabrina many celebs watch adult movies, and many have admitted it. Tauwsns’s Zhou Chuan Zions and Jake Hsu have admitted a love for watching naughty movies, and Jake
      loves the gay ones. It does not make them bad people. China’s powers that be expect perfection and pure, driven snow angelic behavior and innocence from the citizens, when the powers that be are involved in the same behavior they are trying to curb. Hypocrites much? I don’t know what China is trying to prove except total control of the people. I could not live my life like that. No one should have to.

    4. I agree with you the stuff you listed are way more serious. The problem is he committed a crime in a country where he was born, lived, and has a career in. Prostitution is illegal in China, and adult videos are banned. If he grew up elsewhere and did this in a country where it’s legal, I personally don’t find a problem with it either (minus the 14 year old like you said). I think what makes the general public more angry is he had the audacity to deny it and doubled down by saying he’s never done such things, and is going to take legal action. Plus China has already declared last year they’re doing a sweeping clean up of the entertainment industry. They clearly stated the rules of the game, which includes not breaking the law or having an “immoral” character. He knew the rules and continued to break it. It takes a certain type of ego to think you’re above the law. I don’t feel bad for him one bit.

  7. What shocks me the most is lack of skills of his agency to tackle this issue with posts and deleted posts. The cancellation of top stars in China is now reality for some time, not anymore new thing and agency should have clear action plan in case of need, but they don’t. I mean he was one of the top stars in China and so many people work for him and this was not really a secret. They should have known better how to handle this. Plus his is hardly solitary case, c-ent talents are more human like than you can imagine, most of them are poorly educated, separated from families too early and fame gets hold of them same as their western counterparts and their real personas and public image are not really aligned. Of course there are exceptions but they are only exceptions. There is no star in entertainment that does not have something on them one or the other way (not illegal always of course but smth yes, sometimes silly thing such as falling for wrong person), specially young stars, veterans had more stable growth and built better support systems. It was different for older generation that still
    films in a good way. Prostitution and escort services are so widely used and many internet stars work aside as escorts both women and men.

    On his works I think he has no dramas in pipeline i can check. He was casted for Noble Aspirations but filming did not start yet and his last drama was released just before the summer. It is mostly his companies, and fashion campaigns who will be out of work now.

    1. He only has a movie filmed in 2021 not released yet, nothing else in the pipeline. So what had he been doing this whole year?

      1. as far as I know, i do not work for him so I might be mistaken. He worked on a lot of endorsements this year and promotions. Last year was big for him. Not sure what he was working on apart from publicly visible things. May be he was focusing on his invetsments.

      2. Plus may be he was taking it slow until he finds a way to monetize his works in dramas and movies. He was super expensive as most of these young stars. The new rules restricted monetization for them so everyone is focused on endorsements and media campaigns. The company I work with for example is trying to avoid working on anything involving high risk talents like anyone close to former Wang Sicong/Kris Wu circle just for example but there is whole list of such high risk projects, and he was part of this inner circle.

    2. my apologies just saw the lapsus on my side not Noble aspirations rumor is that he accepted Red Fox (smth) working title as they negotiated during the summer. I cannot change it in comment.

    3. @Dee “What shocks me the most is lack of skills of his agency to tackle this issue with posts and deleted posts.” Li Yifeng’s agency likely felt they were able to sweep the scandal under the rug until the final moments leading to his arrest. He had already denied implication in his livestream when the allegations initially surfaced.

      “There is no star in entertainment that does not have something on them one or the other way.” Agree, thus the recent “cleansing” of artistes with unethical or illegal behavior can be used as a power play tool to topple stars. Competing talent agencies could easily do this to make way for younger artistes to climb to the top faster.

      1. @jaynestars Jayne, you are righ. It is in the best interest of these agencies to keep the cash cows flowing. If they get new talent that can line their pockets more than their existing talent, they will not fail to throw the existing artists under the bus. That is how ruthless and cutthroat the entertainment business is. Of course if an artist is a cash cow, the managers, production houses and sponsors will bury their indiscretions under the rug. After all, the moolah is coming in, and that’s all that matters.
        A lot of these managers should be in jail, or lose their ability to be functional in the entertainment industry, cause they sweep a lot of nefarious deeds of these idols under the rug, while innocent people are hurt. Kris Wu is a perfect example. The money makes them throw their consciences out the door.
        You are right. All of these celebrities have dirty skeletons in their closets, some more than others.
        I will keep saying it, on the one hand, I would like a certain powerhouse to be exposed, on the other hand, NO, cause I can see mass suicide and depression amongst his worshippers. The things this man is into are evil and unconscionable. He has the backing of dangerous and evil organizations, people in Uber high positions even from the government, so it will be hard. Plus, someone threatened to expose him and a few family members lost jobs and one or two were roughed up and their lives threatened. This wonderful angel has that much to hide, not that his worshippers would believe anything anyone says about him unless it is sweet.
        Thank you Jayne for being a voice of reason in saying those few powerful words. Maybe the fans will finally start to get the picture that these celebrities are not perfect.

  8. With his earnings over the long years of work, even with all the compensations he has to give…I bet he can still live comfortable after he is released from jail…

    1. oh no doubt in that plus try doing something in the US in couple of years. He always wanted to cross the Ocean, he already tried.

      1. There is a law in US that denies anyone with criminal record from entering their Country…is that so? But is Li Yifeng’s case in the same category?

    2. his offense is administrative (even his detention is administrative detention, in the end he’ll pay fine and have probably ethical and moral behavior class and that’s it), not criminal so he would not be denied entry, unless his case grows into smth else like organizing prostitution ring or even worse.

  9. I’m conflicted. I have strong aversions to anyone who utilizes escort services for multiple reasons. But on the other hand, it’s all consensual and a celebrity has needs, too. Needs that he can’t easily reveal to anyone in case it backfires on him. So I pity him there.

    It’s also a catch-22. Don’t portray a good man to the media and you won’t be crucified for being human. But without good men characteristics, you also won’t get many fans.

    1. That’s the issue… how can you say with absolute certainty that the prostitutes were willingly selling their services? How do you know they weren’t trafficked? You don’t.

      1. @Gpripear well he’s not looking for dalliances with street h00kers, that’s for sure. these high end ones usually come with girls who are in it for the money and has the wherewithal to find agent backing. His current case is a girl who found a private way to head back (a bike). If she wanted to report her situation, she def could. I don’t doubt there’s a lot of trafficking in escort business, but there’s also a lot of women who resort to prostitution because of the easy money. Hey, I don’t want to work at my 9-5 job either, but I do it for the money, so you can call it consensual.

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