Li Yifeng Likes to Wear Sunglasses During Hookups

Condemned for illegally soliciting sex services, Evan Li Yifeng’s (李易峰) career is likely over.  Scrutinizing his behavior, netizens dug up more “evidence” of the actor utilizing sex services. Some escorts and sex workers even revealed the actor’s strange kink of wearing sunglasses during hookups.

“We were singing karaoke, and there was a man sitting in the corner wearing sunglasses. Afterward, he took one of the girls to bed. He removed all his clothes except his sunglasses. My friend encouraged him to just take the sunglasses off, since she already knew who he was anyway. He finally took off his sunglasses after hearing that she did not work in the entertainment circle,” the sex worker spilled.

Another escort revealed online that she had accompanied Yifeng during his filming in Haikou, Hainan in June last year. She shared side profile photos of the actor looking at his iPad. Zooming in on his screen, netizens saw that Lifeng was actually surfing videos of explicit anime at the time.

According to the Beijing police department, Yifeng had admitted to soliciting sex services multiple times. Many fans expressed their shock, “How could Li Yifeng who has such a good image, do such a thing?!” As more evidence circulated and brands starting to cut ties with the actor, fans realized Yifeng’s “good man” image was unfortunately a public facade.

Source: HK01

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