Li Yifeng Looks to Thailand for Career Restart?

Chinese actor Evan Li Yifeng (李易峰) hit the bottom of the barrel after being exposed for soliciting prostitution on multiple occasions. Losing fame, fans, and projects overnight, the fallen star is currently rumored to be selling his Beijing mansion to compensate  mounting debts.

The 35-year-old was immediately dropped from 13 global brands after his scandal broke out. He is now expected to pay millions in fees from advertising contract violations.

According to sources, Yifeng had apparently attempted to escape public scrutiny by returning to his hometown in Sichuan earlier. Now reaping the consequences, he is planning to sell his Beijing home with a market value of more than 37 million Chinese yuan.

Despite the scandal destroying his career in China, Yifeng still has huge fan bases in Thailand and Indonesia showing their loyalty and support. Yifeng’s manager was rumored to have attempted to revive Yifeng’s career by contacting foreign management agencies. Some had apparently expressed their interest, as they even promised to invest great resources to help Yifeng with his comeback.

However, it is too early to say whether Yifeng will be able to reinvent his career, as he is currently being sued by Shanghai Culture Communication Company for service contract disputes which include the historical drama Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities <鏡‧雙城>. The trial is expected to start on November 29 in Shanghai courts.


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Big Data Put Police on Li Yifeng’s Trail

Li Yifeng Detained By Chinese Authorities for Soliciting Prostitution


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  1. I do wonder if he is even allowed to leave China…Forget restarting a career anywhere… Just solve your legal issues with the Gov first..

  2. If this true then I’m not surprise he picked Thailand. There are a lot prostitutes there. Thailand is a great country to visit for beautiful sceneries, beaches, food…

    1. Haha! I thought the same but just didn’t write it cus when I googled which countries had the most prostitutes, it was China, US and India. Um…color me surprised?

      1. You were right and think it based on the for total counts.
        I found a link (i don’t think i can share it because last time time I shared a link my comment – Jayne Stars didn’t post it) according to this information I think it based on the ratios and a few countries in this list surprised me:

        Top 10 Countries With The Highest Number Of Prostitutes In The World
        1. Thailand
        2. Cambodia
        3. Netherlands
        4. Columbia
        5. Dominican Republic
        6. Philippines
        7. Kenya
        8. Indonesia
        9. Spain
        10. Brazil

  3. He wouldn’t be the first East Asian celebrity trying to restart his career in Southeast Asia after a major scandal in his own country.

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