Deng Lun Fined 106 Million Yuan for Tax Evasion

Chinese actor Deng Lun (鄧倫) lands in hot water after being found guilty of tax evasion and is ordered to pay a fine of 106 million yuan.  As the sponsors quickly pull out, the actor issues a statement admitting his mistakes and vows to take responsibility for his actions.

According to Shanghai’ Tax Bureau, Deng Lun made false declarations to hide his true income from 2019 and 2000. As a result, the actor evaded paying 47 million yuan of personal income tax and underpaid 14 million yuan in other personal income tax. The authorities added that the actor was cooperative during the investigation and already repaid back 45 million yuan.

The scandal sends Deng Lun’s sponsors scrambling as they move to nullify existing contracts. Netizens notice that Chinese electronic brand Viomi originally announced Deng Lun as the brand’s spokesperson but quickly retracted the announcement two hours later. Many netizens quipped that Viomi was unlucky to have chosen Deng Lun to be their “two-hours spokesperson.”

Adding to the punishment, 2018’s fantasy drama Ashes of Love <香蜜沉沉烬如霜> which starred Deng Lun and Yang Zhi (杨紫) is in danger of being blacklisted. Although Deng Lun is also slated to appear in upcoming series Night Wanderer <夜旅人> and Graduation Season <毕业季>, it remains to be seen if the projects will be cancelled or if Deng Lun will be replaced by another actor.

Currently, Deng Lun’s personal Weibo page is deleted but netzine continues to share their thoughts on the tax scandal. While some fans accept Deng Lun’s apology and believe the actor has learned from his mistake, many netizens call for cancelling the actor.

Source: World Journal 1, 2

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  1. So he evaded 47+14-45=16 million in tax that resulted in 106 million fines?
    Though I feel that the crime is
    less unforgivable than some other crimes but thought he should be wiser than allowing this to happen since there have been other celebrities who have gone through the tax evasion issue to know that this is not to be taken lightly and there are consequences. FBB has not been able to restart her career, ZS too (though ZS did more than just tax evasion). His fans think otherwise, he himself seem to suggest similar sentiments. The rest of us just wait to see if he is going to be the lucky exception.

    1. FBB just finished shooting a cameo role in a K-drama and was in a recently released Hollywood film The 355. She was recently in attendance at a fashion event in China. But it’s doubtful she’ll ever make a comeback in c-ent.

      1. true! I lao think his career is over, the only question is if already filmed dramas will be allowed to air or not. His Social medias are down, most platforms removed his previous works, bit they have not removed all the clips and hot searches. What is missing is that his problem popped up as part of the bug data analysis and that he did audit himself and reported few things that Shanghai tax office missed. Nevertheless, he was fined and publicly disgraced. His career is over whoever did this as I am sure it was not him who was dealing with taxes.

      2. @msxie0714 @Dee True, doubt he would be able to make a comeback. I was hoping to watch his new drama with Ni Ni. Not a fan of his but I do not mind him as an actor though will try to skip his variety programs in general.
        Given his wealth, he should have at least a certified accountant and management agency handling his taxes however, for them to file his personal income as corporate income to avoid paying higher taxes in fictitious businesses without his knowing is dubious as well.

  2. Is China a high taxed Country? In mine, it is around 45%… I pay my tax dutifully and painfully. I would be very upset to hear others who gets away with “106 million yuan” worth of tax…

    Deng Lun did try to correct his mistake… Will that still save his career?

    1. I am no expert in that area but it should be 45% for personal tax in China. In his situation, it wasn’t Ying Yang contract like what ZS and FBB did but he filed his personal income as corporate income through fictitious businesses. Anyone who has a better understanding of his tax evasion can correct me since I didn’t follow the news closely.
      If the above is true, then it does not seem like an innocent blame-the-accountant/ management agency situation, like what some netizens tried to excuse for him, suggesting that he was the innocent lamb in this.

      1. @BearBear Definitely no innocent lamb…How can anyone not be unaware they cheated the State of so many millions yuan? He is not a 10yr old…Lol. These fans looks at thing in a rose tainted glasses…

  3. I just glanced at his upcoming potential projects and there’s one with Zhao Lusi. Wut!! So much potential wasted. I hope they don’t take down Ashes of Love – one of my fav xianxia to come out in these past couple of years (I’m a glutton for angst.)

    Well, on the bright side of things, Deng Lun is still young. He can try to make a comeback a few years down the line. Problem is if there’s any company willing to invest in his projects. He can do more public PR in the coming years to redeem himself.

    1. Is someone afraid of YZ’s popularity and aiming at all her ML? First Xiao Zhan, then Kris Wu, and now Deng Lun. It’s no secret ALL CELEBRITIES have dirty secrets, I don’t feel bad for any of them. I’m just pondering about the who to knock down first and why them? All the actors associated with YZ keep going down one by one. Soon actors will decline working with YZ because she is cursed, I think there’s something behind this.

      For Xiao Zhan it wasn’t as if he did something dirty that got dug up, there are loopholes in how fans systems work and there are possible conspiracies behind that, whether fans are real or not that’s not something verifiable. I claim to be a fan of anyone and cause trouble but somebody else paid me to spread hate, because they are competitors or someone too rich and hating someone else more beautiful than them.

      1. Pfft. There’s also a director who works with basically all of those black listed actors. They are famous and in high demands, and since it took so long to expose them, everyone will be working with anyone at one stage! Stop making it sound like YZ is very important. Fact is her latest 2 dramas (including the currently airing one) is doing pretty mediocre >_>

      2. Conspiracy theories…… But I highly doubt that is so… YZ just happened to be paired with a number of very popular actors that was rooted out for bad behaviours. There are also many they are fine, she did pair with Wallace Huo, Allen Ren, Li Xian, Jing Boran, Cheng Yi… all are fine. And many more actors are very keen to work with her
        I doubt Deng Lun’s situation has anything to do with association with her. These are how rumours starts and gets blown out off proportion. Don’t think Yang Zi deserves such treatment.

  4. I liked DL from his variety shows, but I feel like he puts in more time and effort in variety shows rather than dramas. Anyways, I don’t get why celebrities are brave/dumb enough to continue with tax evasion considering that they have FBB as examples. If FBB can’t get away with it, what makes you think you can?

    1. I think he’s good looking , like in the kpop star way , and he has really nice skin and is tall . Im located overseas but it think a lot of ppl would he’s good looking …

  5. It is a pity but if he did it, then he deserves the penalty. Every normal person has to pay taxes, and they don’t then they have to suffer consequences. I don’t feel that celebrities should get the easy way out just because they are famous when they earn so much in the first place. Even if he was taxed 50% , he would still have lots left. I don’t agree with his fans who say that he should be forgiven because he is otherwise a nice person. Everyone should be responsible for their own actions.

    1. Normal people pay the tax penalty and that’s the punishment . I think he should pay the penalty but not lose his career forever and be blacklisted, that’s a bit harsh

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