Deng Lun Has No Plans to Return to Acting?

Once a rising star, Deng Lun (鄧倫) has largely disappeared from the limelight after being embroiled in a tax evasion scandal. While fans are concerned for the star’s well-being since his hiatus, Deng Lun appears to have been adjusting well outside of the entertainment circle and is rumored to be planning to marry his girlfriend.

In March of this year, Deng Lun made his first public appearance after his scandal. Dressed in casual attire while wearing a black hat, Deng Lu looked dispirited and kept his hands in his pockets the entire time. Fans noted that the former star was sloppily groomed and they were saddened by the change in his image.

Thankfully, Deng Lun’s mood appeared to have improved. Deng Lun recently attended a friend’s wedding and netizens noticed that Deng Lun had more enthusiasm. Den Lun was dressed casually but netizens noticed that his eyes brightened up while he happily chatted with his friends.

Marriage on the Horizon?

Some netizens speculate that Deng Lun is in good spirits because he could be planning to make a comeback. However, another rumor is making its round that Deng Lung has no plans to return to the entertainment industry and he is content to be spending time with his longtime girlfriend and heiress Gu Jia Yu (顧家雨).

Above: Deng Lun and girlfriend Gu Jia Yu.

The couple has reportedly been dating before Deng Lun’s scandal and their relationship continues to be strong. Du Jia Yu’s family owns a well-known Chinese furniture conglomerate and she has been helping her father manage the company. As the only daughter, Du Jia Yu is likely to inherit the family business.

Many speculate that if Deng Lun and Gu Jia Yu tie the knot, Deng Lun will not return to acting so that he can help his wife with the family business. Netizens joke that if Deng Lun marries an heiress, he will become another “adopted son-in-law” in the entertainment industry just like Shawn Dou (竇驍) did when he married Hong Kong casino heiress Laurinda Ho (何超蓮)

Source: Up Media

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  1. Well if she still stuck by him after everything that has happened, then surely she is marriage material. It definitely doesn’t hurt that she’s also wealthy. This isn’t a drama – most actors/actresses in this industry have no intentions of marrying someone poor, unless they’ve really made it. Maybe out of thousands, there are like 5% who are exceptions. I am glad he’s doing well, and I’m sad he’s not coming back but it sounds like his prospects looks good even when he’s retired, so we all can feel better

    1. I do miss Deng Lun…I really enjoy almost all his dramas…. But I am glad he has a supporting partner and he is happy.

      1. I also really like him. He is one of my favorite actors. So sad if he actually doesn’t plan to make a comeback 🙁 I’m going to miss him

      2. @Aktf I wouldn’t take seriously articles like this. It is certain that he took hiatus and his team will be monitoring public sentiment. Things change and it only takes seriously good offer and data on positive audience sentiment and I am sure he’ll try his luck. He was always well managed, so one thing is certain he will not rush into it. Even if he comes back we might expect different, more mature image. Unfortunately latest trend in C-ent is not favourable for anyone above 27. I genuinely hope this will change as ageism is getting ridiculous killing talents at the moment when they start gaining trading skills. Short shelf life is only depriving audience of high quality acting. It takes time and real life maturity to be able to deliver some complex roles.

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