William Chan’s New Drama May Be Shelved

Based in mainland China, actor William Chan (陳偉霆) has been on a roll in both career and romance, with his popularity at a high from well-received dramas, while his relationship with supermodel He Sui (何穗) looks set to advance further as both parties are rumored to have met the parents.

However, his upcoming romantic drama A Date with the Future <照亮你> might well be withdrawn from the broadcast lineup, being surrounded by a spate of cast controversies.

Xu Kaicheng (left) and Renhao (right).

Supporting Cast Mired in Controversies
Engulfed in an infidelity scandal is actor Xu Kaicheng (徐開騁) who faces cheating allegations after girlfriend Crystal Zhang (張天愛) dropped the bombshell that he is two-timing on her with co-star Gilinazha (娜扎).

To add fuel to fire, another cast actor, R1SE’s Renhao (任豪) is suspected of cheating on his girlfriend and abusing his celebrity to skip queues during a routine PCR testing, while a third actor Dong Wang’s (王東) wife has exposed him for domestic abuse, adding that he had continued to hit her even while she was pregnant.

The drama stars William and actress Zhang Ruonan (章若楠) in the leading roles as firefighter Jin Shi Chuan and journalist and dog trainer Xu Lai, who make a ten-year promise after he saves her in a rescue operation.

With regulators clamping down on “misbehaving celebrities”, and actor Xu Kaicheng likely to blacklisted, netizens speculate that the firefighting-themed drama might not get to air, with real prospects of financial losses for the production’s investors.

Meanwhile, actress Gilinazha has been rumored to be dropped for a role she was cast in for upcoming drama Derailment <脫軌>, a novel-to-screen adaptation by Chinese writer Priest.








Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. Wonder if there is clause in the project contract that if a certain actor/actress causes the drama/movie not to be broadcast, financial penalty will be imposed. It is similar to the endorsement contracts.

    1. Actually there are some protection clauses and insurance as well, but reasons for not airing and being blacklisted is changing on daily basis in China these days. Not easy to manage all these never-ending all time growing lists, they are quite unpredictable. Also it is not that easy to get airing approval in China, there are many good dramas stuck in a limbo without any scandal. It is always a risk and so called ‘limbo list’ is much much longer than ‘scandal/blacklisted list’. Having said that I would like to see a company winning compensation over ‘scandal’, super difficult and it will take years and if there is a scandal usually not much money is left to win (unless super rich and famius talent acre*ed up). It is same like NDA, everyone has it and everyone hopes not to end in the court.

      1. @Dee It’s going to be tough luck each time they do casting because they will never know who is next to be cancelled or condemned. However if a certain artist is infamous among the entertainment industry and they still choose to cast him or her, then they cannot blame anyone but themselves.

    2. absolutely! Agencies have specialized companies checking the background of the talents and they try to vouch for credibility of artists (unlike independent artists), that’s why not only one actor loses after the scandal but the whole agency comes across as unprofessional and someone who cannot chose and manage its talents well. Other artists from that agency risk drop in fees or increase in penalties. Production companies sues agencies as well. However not all agencies check background of their artists properly.

    3. @BearBear a lot of times, these agencies and personal managers know about the skeletons buried in these artists’ closets, cause they are there when it happens, or the artists tell them. However they figure if the public does not know, and we pay off a paparazzi troll or two who are present, then all is smooth sailing. Is that why tge manager takes 70% cut and gives tge actors 30%. It sure is making sense to me now. I bet it is put away in the Hush Money Bribe Fund to ptorect the agencies/agents and artists. When these agencies have a cash cow, they will do anything in their power to cover up the discrepancies of said cash cow. Due to the “Operation Clean Up Project” in Chinese entertainment right now, haha, new artists will be vetted with a fine tooth comb. These artists and their agencies can be sued by production companies and sponsors who invested heavily in them, cause they can lose millions, sometimes billions because of scandals involving these entertainers.

  2. I feel like the spotlight has been more on Xu Kaicheng’s scandal, but isn’t what Wang Dong did way more despicable? Is it just because he’s less famous that it’s not getting the same kind of press? His “apology” wasn’t even an apology.

    1. Cannot agree more with you! XKC might be super lousy boyfriend and not worth being worshipped by young girls as he is, but Wang Dong is horrible person, both video clip and half **s apology were horrible. That man is beyond repair. I cannot believe what some poor women live through. He could have been easily a part of the gang that were beating those poor women in that horrible clip just few months ago. And somehow he is not getting heat comparing to what he has done.

      1. I don’t even think WD,’s posting is anyway near an apology. Even if his wife is an equally horrible spouse, hitting her is all kinds of wrong.
        That being said, there are speculations of XKC being cancelled but don’t recall seeing anything on WD. Is he going to be sentenced to prison and cancelled?

      1. I too saw the video and like you, can’t believe someone can treat another human being so cruelly, especially a partner who you claim to love. This us so wrong on so many levels. I hope he goes to jail for a long, long time.
        I think if Taiwan and Hong Kong introduce similar entertainment clean up methods for its celebrities, there will be none left to entertain us.

  3. Xu Kaicheng is only playing a cameo role in this drama, they can easily edit out his part if necessary.

    Wang Dong plays the female lead’s boss. I guess they may need to reshoot his portions with another actor?

    The numerous issues with Ren Hao were actually known before even the filming started, but the team was adamant in casting him. I just hope he don’t create further controversies.