Xu Kaicheng in Danger of Being Blacklisted

As the Chinese entertainment industry has been unforgiving towards artistes with questionable moral values, Xu Kaicheng‘s (徐開騁) career may be over post his cheating scandal.

Last week, actress Zhang Tianai (張天愛) revealed a damning audio recording of Xu Kaicheng where he admitted to cheating in their relationship. She warned that this was not his first time and cautioned other women to be careful. Since Xu Kaicheng was also witnessed visiting Guli Nazha’s (娜扎) home multiple times, many suspected that she was the third party although the latter vehemently denied her involvement.

Rising to fame in 2019 after starring in Well Intended Love <奈何BOSS要娶我>, the actor is currently signed under Ming Dao‘s (明道) artiste management company. Xu Kaicheng’s contract stipulated that he is not allowed to date and will be responsible for any damages due to his immoral actions. With this scandal and the negative impact on his image, Xu Kaicheng is at risk of being blacklisted and fined 50 million Chinese yuan for advertising and drama contract violation fees!

Four of Xu Kaicheng’s outstanding dramas may not air either. These dramas include Dust in the Wind <戀戀紅塵> and A Date With the Future <照亮你>, which also features William Chan (陳偉霆). If the dramas are implicated due to Xu Kaicheng’s scandal, the contract clause stipulates that he “will be required to pay a proportionate fee for violating the contract.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. WOW!! Such a cruel contract, not allowed to date??? He is not a blushing teenager nor an idol, such contract is just cruel….

    1. Even if he was a so called idol, idols have needs, desires, want to love, and be loved at the end of the day. They don’t live their lives in a music or drama studio. These production and management companies are beyond, cruel, controlling and inhumane. They sound like KC and the Nightmare gang, lol. Last time I checked, the man was past thirty, (30) years old for God’s sake!!!. This is rubbish. I will make an indepth comment later.

  2. I thought the no dating clause was a lie…? If it’s real, then poor guy. The only thing he did wrong was revealing his “infidelity” during their break

    1. i actually like Zhang Tian Ai as an actress quite a bit. And there articles mentioning how great of a person she is. So I’m really disappointed with her actions here. I can understand she did it to warn others, and I commend her courage, but in this scenario, the lines are so gray that I can’t really in good faith say she did the right thing. It’s just unfortunate for all parties. Now she’ll be living with the guilt of destroying his career (which she will feel eventually) and he has lost his career.

  3. They were having an on-off relationship. When he slept with another girl, they already broke up. How is that cheating? People just assumed he was talking with other girls between the time they were dating, but there’s no proof. And if the contract thing is real, then he didn’t lie to her. Everyone was saying how she’s nice, having patience, loving him so much, etc. just for her to drop the bomb on him. I’d never understand how anyone could expose their ex to destroy his/her career after a break up. There are 2 possible reasons that I thought of: exposed as a revenge or to warn other girls.

  4. From my own personal opinion, I actually feel this situation is unfortunate for him…

    Regardless how sad Zhang Tianai about their relationship, both are not married. Both are dating and getting to know each other…Some relationships just dont work out. Just walk away from this guy if he disappoint you, there is no need to kill his career path in revenge.

    Xu Kaicheng is clearly not ready for any long term relationships…he should be honest to himself and not hurt others… he clearly learn this lesson the hard way.

  5. Sidetrack here, did anyone read about the new speculated regulations from C Entertainment? Ranging from artists not to use foreign sounding names, costumes to stay true to history in period dramas, avoid using artists with plastic surgery especially in military or police themed drama, pop idols cannot be leading cast, stop selling CP, etc. Nothing is confirmed but one actress has already announced reverting to her original name.

      1. @BearBear yes me too! I like Lost Track of Time. Totally skipped the 2nd & 3rd episode, but binged the rest. It’s good! The female lead, the avenging plot, and finally the extremely cunning opportunist villain keeps me watching. Since this isn’t based on any specific novel (but the ideas are totally ripped off of a mishmash of them), I hope the villain remains intelligent and not dumbed down

      2. I really enjoy many of Xing Fei’s projects…not the best actress but her acting touch me… and her chemistry with her co-stars are good.

      3. @Coralie Same here, I skipped ep 2 and 3 too, haha. The plot pacing is quite fast so it makes the watching experience even better. Good to see a FL trying to outsmart the villains instead of being a fool who thinks she is intelligent but having to end up depending on the ML to save her. The key villain doesn’t seem to be easily defeated, I just hope the story plot will remain consistent throughout (unlike the last few episodes of Love between Fairy and Devil).

    1. I heard about the name changing…. I still remember the years Indonesian insisted every citizen need to have a Indonesian name…and Japan is similar.
      But the rest you have mentioned is news to me…if it is true… the industry is definitely getting very cleaned up…

      1. @Hohliu It’s my first time really watching a drama with Xing Fei in it since she has been mostly (I think) in modern romantic dramas. Her acting so far is watchable, no major complain there. I must say I quite like the ML in this new drama, Zhai Zi Lu, though he seems to be having similar roles in his recent 2 dramas and Jin Chao is a good fit in it.
        Talking about Xing Fei, she’s also in another Jinyong’s adaption, Side Story of Flying Fox Volant, with Qin Junjie who has 2 dramas this month.
        Wonder if all those speculations are true about the clean-up. While I do agree with one or two of them (e.g. CP issue) and some aren’t new (e.g. lesser fantasy, xianxia), the list seems to be a bit too…extensive?

  6. I’m sure she felt betrayed even if he cheated while they were on a break. Her weibo post claims that she did it to warn others, but something like this has such a huge cascading impact. At a minimum, I hope the crew members and smaller cast members were already fully paid for everything. I don’t feel bad for the investment companies losing money, but a lot of individuals worked hard to produce dramas and they shouldn’t suffer for it.

    1. The couple issues situation, is that about couples acting, or being forced to act as a couple outside of shooting the movies or dramas??! If it is, I am all for that being cleaned up. This nonsense has got to stop. The actors are not comfortable with the skinship outside of shooting tge movies or dramas. It is hard enough for them getting through filming kissing and lovemaking scenes. They have their own lives and do not live their lives in the studios. I do not support China on so many levels, but if this is what the CP Cleanup is, then I am all for it. So called fans, production companies, and those who represent the artists need to stop this BS too. Let it be the CP
      cleanup I wanted for the past ten years.

      1. @Renren From what I understand, it has stated not to intentionally sell on CP but all these are only speculated or “leaked” regulations that have not been proven so until they are cast in stone, we don’t know if these speculations turn out to be only fictional. Personally I don’t like how production companies or the TV/ streaming platforms keep promoting on CPs. I like my CPs in the drama and if the couple start dating or married later in real life, congrats but I don’t need to see them flirting or pretending to have romantic feelings for each other outside the drama and surely not CP fans getting irrational. Sometimes it’s these CP shippers that caused the artists to avoid each other after that which is more frustrating because they could have wonderful chemistry onscreen but we never get to see them in the same programme again.

  7. @BearBear thank you for the information. I don’t agree with the name cleanup. For many decades, Chinese entertainers have had an english name, which made them more accessible to their English and worldwide fan base. It would be like disconnecting the artists from themselves, and from their universal fans. I believe a person should be able to call themself whatever they please, as long as it is not offensive. Having said that, I am all for the cleanup of the overbearing and forced skinship
    between couples to promote their movies and dramas. Personally, if it is in the works in China, I vouch for all Asian countries to adopt such a cleanup. It sickened me how a certain actor, singer model, entrepreneur etc preyed on gullible young costars, one ib particular to elevate himself to get to where he is today. He is ruthless, cruel and discards of people after he uses them and gets what he wants from them. Even his face and false smile are most disgusting. He and his people brainwashed a certain costar to go along with the fake true life relationship, fake marriage, even had fans believing one was pregnant, and get this, we are talking about a BL couple, lol. Yes, you heard me right. He has made billions, in his currency from being the most perverted actor. His ideas has made him famous around the world and he has millions of brainwashed, toxic fans who believe he and his costar are really married and are a pregnant couple,lol. Him and his people make a lot of money recruiting young, gullible men to do whatever they request of them . His last BL costar had to tell the world he broke up with his girlfriend to fit tge narrative that him and Mr. M were a couple. M even has the crazy fan believing he is gay or bi, but he is neither and has a long suffering woman who is forced to put up with his indifference and narcissistic, controlling ways. His costar had to put up with a couple years of cringiness which one cab clearly see he was not enjoying the over extreme kissing, touching and soft porn. The delusional millions of fans around the world are still waiting for the baby’s birth, and for the loved up husbands to do another soft porn BL project together. It is reasons such as I mentioned here, and many other reasons, as to why Operation Couple Cleanup needs to go into effect.

  8. @BearBear, I am at a lost for words about the censorship in Mainland China’s entertainment industry. Many Chinese celebrities connect with their worldwide fans through the use of an englsh name, as english is a universal language. These restrictions are getting more ridiculous by the day. The one cleanup I would love to see implemented is the promoting of a fictional relationship outside of the filming studio. The men, and women are not happy playing a couple and touching and kissing when they are doing interviews, sponsorship gigs, gameshows and fan meets etc. The fans, management teams, production companies and sponsors are demanding too much from these actors. The physicality and false relationship should definitely be purged. UT makes ne sick to my stomach seeing it, and those actors absolutely hate it.

    1. @Renren Have the same thoughts on the name. I am not a fan of AB or her name but it’s still her personal choice how she wants to be called. Just like BL drama, I don’t watch them but don’t see the need to ban them although some fans of this genre are too crazy to even make any sense. I see the need to curb unhealthy trends and behaviors and glad to see if they ever get to be implemented but not the whole list, if they are true.
      And correct me if I am wrong on the one about not having romance in military themed drama (or did I confuse with another on the list), while I understand how there are so many romantic drama of people in different professions where they hardly do any credit to the actual profession in some poorly written scripts, why forbid the romance if it’s a side story? Don’t soldiers fall in love?
      No surprise that some netizens even jokingly compare with watching documentaries.
      And they also need to look into their censorship and broadcasting license, after all, some of the problematic dramas are only made known during it’s broadcast.

      1. @BearBear Very insightful thoughts. I can’t stand poorly written dramas that the screen writer didn’t make an effort to shed some light or insight into the profession. And yes, the dramas that are military themed are not to have couples, especially the BL ones. Well some powers that be need to wake up and see that there are couples, and gay couples in the military. I guess in their quest to present a perfect country with perfect people, the powers that be have sunk even deeper in a delusional lie. Th name I mean is not Angelababy though, lol. If this keeps up, Mainland will not have any artists left to entertain us

      2. @Renren Maybe one day there will only be “serious”, professional actors and educational, no-nonsense variety shows. There are more serious issue in the industry that should be looked into than some of the regulations in the list. Can only wait to see if the list is really true and if they are able to implement it properly.
        I don’t see how the list is going to help with the declining production quality, poorly written scripts with bad logic, poor research and repeated, formula plots. Not when people are there for only quick and good money with little pride on what they do (that includes leads who can’t act and still lack professionalism).

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