Gulinazha and Xu Weizhou’s “Weaving A Tale Of Love” Failed to Meet Expectations?

The latest mainland Chinese historical romance series Weaving A Tale of Love <风起霓裳> premiered last week, and while there is still a long way to go with its 40 episodes, it has already been a hot topic. Although the drama claimed an advantageous airing schedule during winter vacation and on-screen couple Gulinazha (古力娜扎) and Xu Weizhou (许魏洲) is capable of drawing in ratings, it’s unknown if there are enough selling points to keep viewers interested.

Weaving A Tale of Love tells a story revolving around a gifted dressmaker, Liu Li (played by Gulinazha), searching for the truth behind her mother’s death. It begins with a young Liu Li secretly enjoying the art of embroidery despite her talented seamstress mother’s opposition. Her mother understood that exceptional abilities would inevitably trigger jealousy from others, so she seeks to live a peaceful life outside the palace. However, their lives are suddenly turned upside down when evil chaos forces her to sacrifice herself for her daughter’s survival. Years later, the grown Liu Li hides her identity while confronting jealous enemies. During this time, she meets Pei Xingjian (played by Weizhou), and they slowly grow romantic feelings for one another as he helps her escape dangers.

Based on a novel, Weaving A Tale of Love already has a great fanbase. But like many adaptations, it is not easy to transfer the same popularity from novel to drama. As viewers often nitpick casting choices and scripts, the series must excel in every aspect. For Weaving A Tale of Love, viewers agree with the casting of Gulinazha but deplored that her acting skills are average at most.

On top of that, the audience complained about the weak plot after the first five episodes aired, with nothing particularly outstanding so far. The production and costume quality are of a high standard, but with the general storytelling, it is hard to say if the series can continue to maintain viewers’ interest.

With the series heavily relying on the stars’ popularities to hold up the ratings, it is certainly not a long-term solution compared to other well-rounded historical costume dramas.

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  1. Gulinazha is a very beautiful woman but I really dont enjoy watching her projects…she lacks many factors to be a good actress…

    1. @hohliu
      Totally agree, I watched her works since her first drama XuanYuan Sword with HuGe and I don’t see any improvement acting wise. She’s totally gorg and with her looks and lacked of acting talent she should sticks to modelling instead.

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