Gulinazha Experienced Extreme Hair Loss Due to Cyberbullying

Although Chinese actress Gulinazha (古力娜扎) of Uyghur ethnicity is known for her beauty, the 28-year-old has received a lot of criticism and hate throughout her time in the industry. The non-stop bashing online has inevitably brought her unnecessary pressure and impacted her mental health negatively.

In the Chinese variety show, Hi! Relax <亲爱的请放松>, Gulinazha shared her experiences of being cyberbullied. She disclosed that she used to reflect on every hurtful message that she received. She said, “I had no confidence during that time. I despised that stage in my life. Every little thing I said had to be thought out carefully. I had to consider if what I said at that moment would be questioned or wrong. It felt like everyone hated me.”

She recalls it was the darkest time in her career and she felt so lost. There is even an old clip of Gulinazha bursting into tears on a variety show, and she refuses to relive that moment again by watching it. “I thought everything was going smoothly, but then for some reason, I became really weak when my father passed away. I remember a netizen commented that I cursed my father to his death and that I will be seeing my mother in the mortuary next soon. I thought it was so cruel. You can yell at me for being ugly or a bad actress or anything else.”

As a result of cyberbullying, Gulinazha’s stress has caused her to experience hair loss. Her mother shared, “Her hair started falling everywhere. Our floors would be covered in hair.”


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  1. What the eff man. You can cuss an artist, but don’t drag their families into it! Lowball scums of the earth.

    1. @coralie People can be cruel. Even if she is a bad actress (which I am not a judge of) or let’s just say she was part of a cheating scandal (let’s go extreme and say she was a 3rd party), no human being should tell another human being the following:
      1) “Go die.”
      2) “I hope your family member dies.”
      This was the logic I was trying to convey earlier in different posts. She might be celebrity, but cruel comments about her personally or her personal life can really lead someone to self-destruction. And, poor thing, she absolutely was innocent in this case!

      1. @jesspepperwang It’s true that hateful words like, “go die” or cussing at family is going too far.

        But as an artist, it’s impossible to have everyone’s love. As a celebrity, there is good and bad. The good is that you get so much love, money, fame from everything you do. You matter. And as such, with such great power, comes great responsibilities. People will make you a target just because you exist in the limelight. Criticism is the supplement to their growth. If they can’t handle when people poke holes in their acting/behavior, or even the slightest offense (even if it’s true), they shouldn’t be in this field at all.

        And sometimes having people point out blatant characteristics that an artist portrays gives them room to reflect on their behavior and improve their perspective. I’ve seen so many on this site who loves to side with one way or another, but the slightest rebuke causes them to be so offended. Sometimes criticism is constructive and it gives people another perspective. But of course, people with fragile egos wouldn’t be able to handle it.

      2. @coralie I think the audience can say “I like X in this movie or I don’t like Y’s acting”, but I think the actual acting ability can be left to a director or producer or academy/board to rank/grade/judge. Obviously, there are biases depending on the company, i.e. TVB.

        As far as attacking someone personally or their family because of an artists acting or looks, is just NO. It’s illogical because it’s an ad hominem attack and it comes down to the basics: respect.

      3. @jesspepperwang Again, if you’re in this industry, this kind of behavior from the audience is expected. Morally and ethically, sure, what you’re defending is certainly what we ideally hope for. But when you’re a public figure whose very career depends on people liking you (or your acting), they have to anticipate harsh criticism even for the most irrelevant things. This goes for anyone who is a public figure. How many personal insults has our presidents endured? Or sports figures? Is it right? No. But is it expected? Yes. So if you’re in this field and naively hope that people won’t say bad things about you, that’s silly and unrealistic.

        Everyone has their own judgment metric. I think experts in their fields deserves respect, but I don’t always agree with their ruling.

        The only exception to the insult rule to me, is that family shouldn’t be dragged into it. They are not the ones who signed up to be in the limelight.

      4. @coralie Celebrities are humans too & deserve respect. Personally i wouldnt go out of my way to say anything mean or make someone feel bad. For ex, Sisley was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a result of all the hate she got.

      5. @luye Sure, I didn’t say they don’t deserve respect. What I am saying is that being in this field you should anticipate vitriol. If you can’t handle that heat, get out of the kitchen.

      6. @coralie I would still say alot of negative comments are uncalled for regardless of whether you are a celeb, but I think most would know it comes with the territory and the smart ones would just not read any online comments at all or have their manager filter them out.

        A lot of normal people who enter reality TV shows also are not prepared for the amount of hate that they get. A girl from the Japanese show Terrace House has just taken her life recently as well. Her housemate was also constantly bullied and wanted to leave the show because of it.

      7. @megamiaow Yea a lot of people’s comments are uncalled for. But still, it won’t stop the masses from making these useless comments. Rather than say, “people shouldn’t make them,” it’s much easier and better to ignore them altogether. You cannot control or police people’s malice. As a public figure, if you don’t know how to take this in stride, then you are going to suffer. And first rule of celebrityhood is how to accept certain criticism and ignore the haters.

      8. @luye
        I agree and I heard that Kpop Star Sulli committed suicide due to psychological problems and cypher bullying put her over the edge. Celebrities must endure many things as public figures but that does not mean people can blast them and say anything they want to. That is just very wrong!!!Sadly haters just got to hate and karma will bite them back when the time is right.

  2. such a beautiful girl, she doesn’t deserved to be bullied like that, it’s not like she murdered the family of person who insulted her that way. being a celeb these days is almost like you need to be immune or turn a blind eye to nasty comments like that otherwise you’d have mental or psychological issues.

    1. @m0m0
      I agree but regardless of whether they are beautiful or not, they do not deserve to be bullied like that. It is hard to ignore online comments as cyber bullying is real. I was cyber bullied on here recently and I blasted back at that poster straight out. But sadly not everyone is the same. Some can ignore and turn a blind eye to things while others cannot and it affects them. The Kpop idol Sulli took her own life due to cyber bullying and it is so sad. Sadly some think cyber bullying is ok and not a crime but it is.

      I feel so bad for her and losing a loved one especially your parents is very sad as I have been there. But for a random stranger to say that we did it is very bad and evil. How can anyone say that to anyone? I remember Jackson Wang getting beyond angry when a hater cursed his parents to die. How can anyone be so evil? I feel very mad and sad that there can be such evil and despicable “people” in the world.

  3. This girl has no competition and probably too innocent minded.

    Any Chinese Actress today can have the best acting skills ever in the world, but as long as there is a water army attacking her online then…she will never be recognized for her talent! Lots of bad actresses today just buy themselves water army to praise them online. If you as why, it’s because they are competitive! They want to be number 1. They think outside the box to become famous and stay liked. None of them have a clean history. They can have tons of exes, be a third party make other people break up, acting skills is only so-so, looks is also only so-so, etc. and they can be liked online as long as their water army is strong enough.

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