Xu Kaicheng Accused of Being a “Serial Cheater” By Actress Crystal Zhang

Chinese actor Xu Kaicheng (徐開騁) is in hot water after ex-girlfriend and actress Crystal Zhang (張天愛) exposed the actor for his promiscuous behaviors. Crystal’s public outcry was posted a day after the media reported that Xu Kaicheng cheated on Crystal with actress Gulinazha (古力娜扎).

The scandal revealed that Xu Kaicheng and Crystal had been dating since the two collaborated together in 2021’s drama Young and Beautiful <我的漂亮朋友>. Subsequently, the rumor is now implicating Gulinazha and the actress is labelled as the third party. Gulinazha and Xu Kaicheng will be appearing in upcoming drama Got a Crush on You <戀戀紅塵>

Crystal took to Weibo and posted a voice recording of her conversation with Xu Kaicheng. In the recording, Xu Kaicheng was heard begging for forgiveness and confessed that had a fling after drinking too much at a friend’s party.

Disappointed by Xu Kaicheng’s actions, Crystal probed Xu Kaicheng on why he never went public with their relationship and exposed Xu Kaicheng lied that his company forbade them from announcing their relationship. Xu Kaicheng confessed that he lied because of his cheating and explained, “I am too weak. I didn’t have any way to protect you. I really hate myself.”

Xu Kaicheng and Crystal had an unstable on-and-off relationship that was worsened by their busy schedule. When Crystal was busy filming variety program Sisters Who Make Waves <乘风破浪的姐姐3>, Xu Kaicheng was busy filming Got a Crush on You with GulinazhaIt was during this time that the media reported that Xu Kaicheng and Gulinazha were spotted together. In July of this year, Xu Kaicheng and Crystal officially broke up.

Xu Kaicheng Reponds

As criticism mounted, Xu Kaicheng posted an apology on Weibo. In his post, Xu Kaicheng claimed his relationship with Crystal ended at the end of last year and he subsequently made a “drunken mistake.” While he and Crystal gave their relationship another try, Xu Kaicheng felt tormented by the mistake and confessed everything to Crystal as heard in the audio recording. The couple broke up again in January of this year.

Xu Kaicheng revealed the couple reconciled a few weeks later, but Crystal asked to break up in May. During this time, the couple remained in contact in early June and finally officially parted ways in July.

Kaicheng wrote, “In the relationship, I have truly loved, and I had no regret. When we broke up, I wasn’t considerate of your feelings which resulted in a misunderstanding. I hurted your feelings and I sincerely apologize to you again. At the same time, I also want to apologize to Gulinazha. It is my fault. Because of me, she suffered a lot of unnecessary pain. It’s my fault for not handling my previous relationship properly and it caused her to be slandered. Sorry!”

Gulinazha’s Response

Affected by the mess, Gulinazha reposted Crystal’s post and wrote, “Not a third part. Not then, not now and never in the future. Faced with the ‘third party’ accusations, I couldn’t believe that you were a liar. I can finally see who you really are through this recording.’

As Gulinazha and Xu Kaicheng had just recently wrapped up filming Got a Crush On You, netizens are concerned that the drama and the production crew will be negatively affected by the scandal.

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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    1. and that has just come to an end as he was 12 years old in his head. What a pity! And if he was a bit more mature he could have had it all.

  1. The recording was quite laughable, the nonsense he spouted.
    Crystal asked for breakup in May and for some unknown reason, he initiated an “official” breakup on 10 Jul which means they patched back between the period or they had an argument and she mentioned about breaking up in the heated moment? The drama shooting of Gulinazha and him was completed during those few days in Jul (some said it was on 11th).
    It’s not the first time Gulinazha being accused as a third party. Never follow her previous involvement with Zhang Han but the timing of the current one does not look good on her.

  2. Gulinazha!! again, goodness, this unfortunate young woman keep getting caught up in such situation. Just when her career is recovering slowly, this rumours again.
    Whoever Xu Kaicheng had a affair with…I hope it does not involve Gulinazha…for her sake.

    1. I don’t like her but ZH already broke up with ZS. I don’t remember if ZS accuse them of cheating but she has mental disability I don’t think anything she say is reliable. ZS’s good girlfriend ZLY was a third party multiple times. She once went on honeymoon with married CEO, and around the same time she caused Charlene Choi to break up with William Chan. I don’t see why this should look bad on GLNZ, it’s totally unfair, if someone can clean up their image by media marketing then so can others.

      1. Unfortunately, Gulinazha dont have the money or connection to stop such rumours… ZLY have deep pockets and connections..

  3. He really didn’t deserve Zhang Tianai. He’s not good looking, plus has mediocre acting. Listening to the recording really made me want to throw up.

  4. Y’all know I don’t usually stick up for guys, but in this scenario, the only thing he did wrong IMO, was lying to ZTA about why he doesn’t want to go public about their relationship. They went on a break, he hooked up with someone else in the interim, he even confessed about it (totally unnecessary IMO). He didn’t have to do that, but disclosed it to her anyways. They reconciled a few times after that, but their relationship was on the rocks. Then he filmed a romantic drama with GLNZ while his real life relationship was in tatters. Just what are you guys expecting…

    1. This doesn’t mean I think ZTA deserved to be treated so callously, but I also don’t think it’s right of her to disclose their private conversation like that, when their on/off relationship doesn’t meet the definition of a stable long term coupledom.

      1. I get that they were on break when he did with another woman, but if he wasn’t going to break it off fully with ZTA, then I believe what he did was still considered cheating. If someone cheated on me, I would want revenge too.

      2. @ay789 but they DID break up fully after that. And reconciled again. She took him back. And if he never told her this confession (during a break under which he has no obligations to her), none of this would even count as cheating. At best it’s poor communication

      3. @coralie It’s not even about whether he cheated or not anymore, it’s his actions that are making people hate him. Breaking up for a few days then sleeping with a random woman. Breaking up for another few days then getting together with GLNZ. Even if they are on break and he has no obligations to her, it really shows what type of person he is. Plus, if he didn’t do anything wrong, he doesn’t need to cry and feel sorry for his actions.

        Anyway off topic, but after Xu Kaicheng’s post, now Mao Xiaotong’s and Xu Lu’s ex are both coming back to say they didn’t cheat cuz they broke up before these “cheating” incidents already lol.

      4. @ay789 well, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. ZTA knows he’s easily swayed and tempted, yet knowing that full well, she still decided to break things off, expecting him to stay pure for the 2nd time?

        Like, I guess this falls back to the age old debate about how long you gotta wait till you move on
        from your ex…he’s a sleazy guy for moving on quickly, sure, but calling him a cheater? Don’t think so

      5. @coralie She’s dumb and believed him many times. Now she’s bitter and wants revenge by releasing the recording. It’s understandable, everyone knows celebrities’ private lives are never actually private.

      6. @ay789 this is, forgive me, the only time I don’t think a “revenge” is justified. The guy, sleazy as he may be, was honest with her and confessed when he didn’t have to. If they weren’t on a break when he slept with someone else, then he’s a true cheater. But as it stands, he asserts they were on a break and if true, that means he isn’t a cheater and deserves some credit for disclosing what happened in the interim during their break. And for her to expose that private conversation is just wrong. The one piece I’ll concede is just sleazy of the guy is that he lied about the love clause in the contract. That’s deceitful and hurtful.

        I’ll just end this by saying everyone sucks here and no one’s the winner

      7. @coralie I understand now. ZTA should now release a public apology to XKC and take down the recording immediately. GLNZ should also take down her repost of the recording and apologize.

        The audience has eyes. Whoever is wrong, they will get their share of karma.

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