Guli Nazha Denies Still Being Involved With Xu Kaicheng

Since filming Got a Crush on You <戀戀紅塵>, Chinese actor Xu Kaicheng (徐開騁) has been linked with Guli Nazha (古力娜扎).  When Xu Kaicheng was spotted entering and leaving Guli Nazha’s residence on multiple occasions, this angered his girlfriend Crystal Zhang Tianai (張天愛), who decided to expose his cheating ways.

Zhang Tianai exposed Xu Kaicheng for two-timing by providing a voice recording of the actor’s confession, where he admitted to sleeping with a woman after getting drunk. The cheating scandal has damaged Xu Kaicheng’s image immensely, and the actor will be sued for any financial losses resulting from early advertising contract terminations.

Embroiled in the mess, Guli Nazha quickly denied being a third party, stating that she is not, has never been, and will not ever be “the other woman.” Despite refuting the rumors, news outlets claim that Xu Kaicheng and Guli Nazha have not actually ended their relations and are merely putting on a show to salvage her image and career.

Guli Nazha’s fans and her management company were quick to defend her and address the damaging rumors. Her management company issued a statement to warn that allegations about Guli Nazha and Xu Kaicheng “not having broken up yet” are malicious rumors and misrepresent the truth.

The cheating scandal may have serious implications on Xu Kaicheng and Guli Nazha’s careers. Additionally, their new drama Got a Crush on You may be shelved as a result of the scandal.


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  1. Not sure if it’s true and if it’s true, whether she had lied as suggested or she was indeed angry but he managed to sweet talk his way back.
    Never think she a deserving leading actress but for her own sake, she needs to think twice about giving this man another chance if she has been innocent as she claims to be.

  2. If she wants to continue to date him, that’s her personal decision. I don’t get why it’s anyone’s business at this point. There’s not even a grey area anymore. XKC and ZTA are clearly broken up. Just let them move on.

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