Xu Kai and Guli Nazha Strive to Protect Loved Ones in “Lord Snow Eagle”

Starring Xu Kai (许凯) and Guli Nazha (古力娜扎), fantasy romance Lord Snow Eagle <雪鹰领主> is attracting significant interest because of the cast’s dreamy aesthetics. The booting ceremony was held on October 25 by Tencent Pictures, and filming is currently underway in Hengdian.

Adapted from popular novel of the same name by author Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi (我吃西红柿), Lord Snow Eagle is set in a mythical world, and follows the reliable and determined Dong Bo Xue Ying on a long-winding mission to save his parents who were captured by the Moyang Tribe. Along the journey, he meets his soulmate Yu Jingqiu and they fall in love after experiencing all the ups and downs together.

Xu Kai plays a peace driven young man who  overcomes his weaknesses to be strong and powerful enough to protect his parents and younger brother. With distinctive features and a daring appearance, Xu Kai fits the bill as viewers anticipate his growth and transformation into his character.

Guli Nazha portrays an ethereal beauty possessing both intelligence and fighting abilities. Fierce yet deeply emotional, she is a supportive partner willing to share any hardships and make sacrifices for love and justice.

Leaked set photos show the filming progress, and Xu Kai and Guli Nazha’s stunning costume looks and their potential chemistry.

Source: Baidu

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This article was translated into very poorly written English. Jaynestars, you can do better than this!

  2. Stunning costume looks? The girl is ok but the guy? Hairstyle looks so outdated. haha lol….Never watched either of their series in completion but the girl is pretty for sure but acting wise not so sure.

  3. Nazha is stunningly beautiful actress but acting wise is zero. I watched her first drama Xuan Yuan Sword and jumped to her latest one and saw no improvement in her skills.

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