Yang Mi’s “Thank You, Doctor” Set to Air

With Yang Mi (楊冪) and Xu Kai’s (許凱) latest drama She and Her Perfect Husband <愛的二八定律> shelved indefinitely, word that her other completed drama Thank You, Doctor <謝謝你醫生> will be aired in November instead is bringing relief to fans!

Too Steamy…?
Originally scheduled for an October 13 premiere, celebrity friends of the star including Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) have all chipped in to repost about the drama, pushing up already high anticipation for She and Her Perfect Husband as Yang Mi has not had any dramas airing this year.

Revealed in the teaser trailer, intimate scenes including one where Xu Kai ‘buried’ his head in Yang Mi’s chest also fueled buzz surrounding the drama. Just two days before its release, the production team announced that it has been indefinitely delayed due to “technical reasons”, which prompted fans to speculate that its “marriage-before-love” theme stepped on censorship toes.

Just as the drama’s premiere appeared stuck in limbo, news sources revealed that Yang Mi and actor Johnny Bai Yu’s (白宇) drama Thank You, Doctor has been scheduled for release come November 4th on CCTV Channel 8, prompting related hashtag to trend on Weibo with 100 million hits and discussions in less than 24 hours. Commencing filming in November 2019, Thank You Doctor also encountered a 500-day filming disruption due to the pandemic, and finally resumed filming only in September 2021.

Watch “Thank You, Doctor” trailer:


Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. What is the real Melon!!!! Anyone with more news? I wonder if the Noona-Dongsaeng is getting Censorship’s close attention.

    1. There has been rumours of various kinds back when the drama was pulled out from the broadcasting lineup but none confirmed.
      Some say there was dirt on XK, others said the trending topics of the drama were getting ridiculous even before it started broadcasting which caught the eye of the authorities then there was another stating that the broadcasting timing overlapped with the country biggest political event which meant that the former had to lay low which would not be beneficial. Didn’t hear about the censorship of this genre.
      Doubt we would know the real reason since they are going to broadcast it.

      1. I don’t understand why this picture is creating such a buzz. There’s a similar scene in falling into you where ML casually buries his face in FL’s chest, this one on the other hand is an emotional scene. This Reuter was also exposed last year and everyone only talked about chemistry, why is it different now. I suspect this is the work of rival forces because a lot of hateful articles were released on the 13th complaining about 5 kiss scenes is 15 minutes when nobody had even seen the first episode, of course they were later deleted. I hope the drama hasn’t been shelved and they’re just looking for a better schedule.

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