Guli Nazha and Xu Kaicheng to Pair in Web Novel Adaptation “Floating Life Knows the Stars”

Having just wrapped up filming for period drama Snow Eagle Lord <雪鷹領主>, actress Guli Nazha (古力娜扎) is set to meet viewers again in upcoming C-drama Floating Life Knows the Stars (tentative) <浮生知星辰>, this time with actor Xu Kaicheng (徐開騁)!

Xu Kaicheng’s Career On the Uprise

Starting off with web dramas and often getting cast in second male lead roles, the 1.87m-tall Shanghai native has seen his popularity steadily rising, especially over the past 2 years. Paired with top female artistes the likes of Zhao Lusi (趙露思), Yang Chaoyue (楊超越) and Yang Mi (楊冪), Xu has finally been progressing into leading male roles in bigger-budget productions.

As for Guli Nazha, the new drama’s adorable and sweet influencer persona is set to be a refreshing change from the typical strong female roles which viewers are used to seeing her in.

An Unlikely Attraction of Opposites

A modern romance adapted from popular Chinese web novel “Red Dust Surging” <紅塵滾滾滾> by Jin Jiang Bei Qin (晉江北傾), Floating Life Knows the Stars centers around cool but scheming male lead Su Qingche, who meets sharp-tongued but beautiful female lead, a Taobao queen. The first impression Song Xingchen has of Su Qingche, however, is that he is a dangerous man, and she knows her sixth sense is usually spot-on.

Thus when the warm and gregarious Song crosses paths with the seemingly vengeful and mysterious Su, she reacts with immediate hostility and caution. Given the dreamy couple and raging romance between the leads in the saccharine-sweet original work, fans are eagerly looking forward to the drama adaptation! However, some viewers have also expressed their scepticism as to how well the casting would play out.


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  1. Guli needs a happy go lucky, spunky and mischievous role for a change. I’ve seen her do it once and she was great. She can’t so serious roles…she needs to go the idol route

  2. Guli Nazha is truly a very beautiful woman.. not every actress can carry and act different characters… I hope she finds one that really suits her.

  3. She can’t act. We can excuse her acting in her 1st drama, her 2nd, maybe her 3rd but no longer so, especially when she has been the leading actress in most of the dramas. There are more deserving actresses and actors to take on the leading roles but the mainland entertainment industry is saturated with those who have questionable acting skills +/- looks.

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