Intimate Behavior Suggests Crystal Zhang and Xu Kaicheng are Dating

Chinese actress Crystal Zhang (张天爱) is speculated to be in a new relationship with co-star Xu Kaicheng (徐開騁). It is believed romance sparked during their filming of romantic drama Young and Beautiful <我的漂亮朋友>.

Dating rumors arose after photos surfaced of Kaicheng dressed in all black to personally pick up Crystal from the airport. The actress had rushed to Wuxi to film for her new drama, while Kaicheng has already started filming another at Hengdian. As he supposedly should be busy with his new drama, this special pick-up of Crystal from the airport raised many eyebrows.

After taking her to the hotel, the two appeared walking out of the hotel on the next day with same styled water guns. In a good mood, Crystal also took candid photos of Kaicheng walking.

On another day, Kaicheng accompanied Crystal to her filming location and the two were seen always staying close to each other. They behaved so intimately that that Kaicheng even followed her inside the trailer where she needed to change her clothes.

Kaicheng also seemed pained at Crystal for working so hard that he returned to the hotel with her assistant to help pack her bags. After her filming ended, the two immediately headed to the airport, and like a gentleman, Kaicheng made sure to carry the luggage.

Source: Sina

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