Sohu TV Drops New Posters for “Well-Intended Love” Season 2

Sohu TV is gearing up for the premiere of the second season of their hit idol drama Well-Intended Love <奈何BOSS要娶我>, which stars Xu Kaicheng (徐开骋), Ian Yi (易柏辰), and Wang Shuang (王双).

The original series premiered last January, and centers on the story of a D-grade actress who, after getting diagnosed with leukemia, agrees on a two-year marriage contract with a young CEO, under the condition that he donates his done marrow to her.

The first season became an Internet sensation online, with trending topics reaching over 3.2 billion reads and topping trending lists at least 11 times. Clips and trailers from the show have continuously made appearances on trending since its first premiere in January 2019.

Well-Intended Love 2 will also be streaming on Netflix, and is already translated to 26 different languages.

The series features the same cast and crew behind the first series, and will introduce a few new characters. Although it stars the same characters, season 2 will have a different storyline. In this season, Xia Lin (Wang Shuang) is a rookie actress who gets into the heart of a struggle after meeting Lingshi CEO Ling Yizhou (Xu Kaicheng).


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  1. Dropped season 1 halfway after finding out what a twisted storyline it is. Wondering why it’s so popular as to warrant a season 2

    1. @bizzybody Me too! I dropped it very early in the beginning. It was a hot mess and Netflix actually purchased these crappy shows. lol haha Unbelievable!!

    2. @bizzybody ikr! it’s so twisted on shouldn’t be condoned! what’s wrong with the writer mind to write that kind of character and made younger generation idolized and accepted that kind of act. it’s sickening to watch.

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