Xu Kaicheng, Crystal Zhang Star in “Young and Beautiful”

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Xu Kaicheng, Crystal Zhang Star in “Young and Beautiful”

After rising to stardom due to his drama Well-Intended Love <奈何boss要娶我>, Chinese actor Xu Kaicheng (徐開騁) is now in high demand. Well-Intended Love has been picked up by Netflix, and Kaicheng is confirmed to return for the drama’s sequel. In addition, Kaicheng is currently filming new romantic drama Young and Beautiful <我的漂亮朋友> with Crystal Zhang (張天愛).

Attending the 2019 Starlight Conference earlier, the cast of Young and Beautiful walked the red carpet and introduced their roles in the new drama. Kaicheng plays a strict and imposing professor who  eventually meets and falls in love with Crystal’s down-to-earth Cinderella character.

When asked how his character has the heart to be mean to Crystal, Kaicheng immediately replied, “The reason behind my sharp tongue is so I could help her grow into a better person. Loving someone means trying your best to make sure she becomes the best versions of herself.”

Based on the novel of the same Chinese title, Young and Beautiful follows the story of 19-year-old Liu Wenjing (Crystal Zhang) who is originally from a village in Jiangxi. Relocating to Shanghai, she meets a new group of friends whom mutually support each other. Over the next ten years, Wenjing’s life takes a dramatic turn and she loses her direction in life. With the help of her family and friends, she finally decides to end her empty lifetstyle and find her original true spirit again.

Already hyped up from the anticipation of seeing the beautiful onscreen couple together, Kaicheng and Crystal’s sweet exchanges throughout the press conference caused further cheers from the crowd. Currently in the midst of filming, Young and Beautiful also stars Gao Ziting (高至霆), Daisy Li (李沐宸), and Yang  Tingdong (楊廷東).

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