William Chan Is Praised for Respecting Women

Chinese reality show Camping Life 2 <一起露营吧第2季>, which stars William Chan (陈伟霆), Wei Daxun (魏大勋) and others as its main cast, faced accusations of being fake, after photos of celebrity cast members heading to a hotel threw doubt on the show’s camping premise.

Said Actor would Harass Actresses After Drinks

On a recent episode, William Chan made more scandalous revelations on the show’s chatting around the campfire segment, and shared about how some actors would habitually use drinking as an excuse for behaving inappropriately towards female artistes.

With the theme revolving around “your socialising blacklist”, the 37-year-old shared his own experience. Without revealing if he was referring to industry insiders, Willliam said, “There’re some friends whom I’d know from filming, and there would be a pre-shooting ceremony, or it’d be one of our birthdays so we’ll organize a celebratory meet-up, and you’d notice how some guys would always focus their attention on the ladies and they’d start being touchy-feely especially after a tipple or two, it just annoys me.”

Praising William for being righteous and his respectful attitude towards women, netizens left supportive comments, “Hope that his sincerity will not be misunderstood” and “If you want to be a fan, you got to be a fan of celebrities like William, who have the right values!”

Source: ChinaPress

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  1. His dimples are just so adorable…. He is a talented man but his acting still needs homing…

  2. I didn’t watch the show, so maybe he elaborated more. While I think it’s great that he finds this kind of behavior “annoying”, does he actually do anything about it?

  3. Angelababy was annoyed with Kris Wu and did something about it when he approached an underage girl on a reality TV show. William Chan might or might have not done something about this situation but we don’t know the situation 100%

  4. WC has always been know to respect ladies from his interviews. Btw this Camping Life Season 2 is really hilarious, especially ep 3-4. The first 2 episodes were not so nice.

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