William Chan and He Sui Take Relationship to Next Level

It is speculated that William Chan (陳偉霆) and model He Sui’s (何穗) are taking their relationship to the next level. William has already met He Sui’s parents, and wedding bells are not too far away for the pair.

Seen frequently going to the gym together in August, William and He Sui are said to be already living together. Some speculate that they were already dating since 2020, and traces of their relationship could be easily seen on William’s social media accounts.

For example, last April when William released a new series of commercials for his clothing brand, a half-nude couple in the commercials was seen kissing and hugging each other. Although no faces were shown, many fans thought the couple resembled William and He Sui.

Not all fans were thrilled about the couple. Apparently, a crazy fan sent a complaint to William’s company, asking to verify whether or not the prints from the brand’s t-shirt were made from William and He Sui’s naked figures. In the end, the fan only received a general response that was completely unrelated to the question.

More fans pointed out that William, a known dog lover, suddenly began devoting more time to cats, including taking photos with cats for a charity event. William also adopted a new Devon Rex cat last June – fueling rumors that he was trying to win He Sui over with his new pet.

Although neither party has confirmed the relationship, many believe that William is trying to protect He Sui from some of his extreme fans who have left He Sui terrible comments. They blasted He Sui for being a divorcee and not being worthy of William, whom is regarded as young, handsome, and wealthy.

Despite the polar reactions to their relationship, William and He Sui have met each other’s parents and are preparing for the next step in their relationship.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. He’s relatively young but not younger than her, so why are they acting like as if she’s 50 years old?? If they marry, good for them. Both are gorgeous and have a strong standing in the industry so crazy fans most likely won’t be able to topple their careers. Also, can delusional, lunatic fans just go and get a life?? sheesh

      1. loll xD ikr? Can’t blve some ppl still have prejudices against divorcees in this day and age.

    1. Some fans claim that she is of a bad character due to what she did on a reality TV show. Hiazz, I think they should know he is old enough to be his own judge of character rather than relying on fans’ views??

  2. So what if she was married before. Nothing wrong with that. If she was older than William, nothing wrong with that either. Asians need to get their thinking and mentality out of the 15th century.. Some crayzy fans are still wishing he was with Charlene Choi. Thaþ relationship was missing so much. The best thing they dhd for each other was breaking up. Let thr man and his girlfriend live their lives.

    1. ikr, ppl be putting their prejudices and noses where they don’t belong. They’re a gorgeous couple!

    2. what’s strange is that these so-called fans are not elderly, but probably youngsters who are acting like meddling moms.

  3. When William was rumored to be with the Brazilian model, she received the same hate comments. Very sad. I remember some people speculating it’s because she was a foreign model, but it looks like his fans don’t discriminate. No one can be good enough for their favorite idol.

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