“The Golden Hairpin” Cuts 20 Episodes

Filmed in 2020, The Golden Hairpin <青簪行> encountered consistent hurdles due to Kris Wu’s (吳亦凡) imprisonment. In order to air and recoup investment costs, investors recruited Kenny Lin Gengxin (林更新) to replace Kris’ role.  With AI facial swapping technology not up to production standards, the team decided to refilm using a real actor to get the best effect.

Due to broadcasting rules restricting dramas over 40 episodes, The Golden Hairpin was originally slated to release as a two-part series. After Kris’ arrest, the production team gave up on having two seasons and decided to slash 20 episodes from the 60-episode drama to fit into 40 episodes.

Yang Zi (楊紫) allegedly did not film any additional costume dramas this year due to re-shooting some scenes for The Golden Hairpin. She put all her energy into rescuing the drama and hoping the 400-million-Chinese-yuan drama will be able to air despite all of its obstacles so far. Since Yang Zi had scheduling conflicts, the team worked around her schedule and cut down a lot of Lin Gengxin’s screen time.

The success of Lost You Forever <長相思> maintained Yang Zi’s red-hot streak. With her strong chemistry with male costars, Yang Zi boosted Zhang Wanyi (張晚意), Deng Wei (鄧為), and Tan Jianci’s (檀健次) recognition levels. Yang Zi’s star power may be able to salvage The Golden Hairpin despite Kris Wu’s former involvement.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Lin Gengxin Replaces Kris Wu in “The Golden Hairpin”

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  1. 60eps!! Wow, Kiris Wu must have had some very rich investors to finance a 60eps drama… I am so glad I dont have to watch YangZi with Kris Wu for so long… I will feel so worried for YangZi,Kris is really bad news.
    However YangZi is a professional. Regardless how she may personally feel about Kris, since she accepted this role, her last role with her old management agency, she will do her best. I heard she agree to accept this last role and then depart her agency amicably. There were no bad press during those period.
    And she taking time to re-filming the afew scenes are done for free. She too wants this drama to get a new life… This drama in itself interest me as I like the novel.

  2. This makes sense considering the new rule that subsequent seasons have to wait a year before broadcasting. They need to just get this drama out the door, and not risk another scandal. Hopefully this means less filler scenes and tight writing… hopefully it’s coherent…

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