Lin Gengxin Replaces Kris Wu in “The Golden Hairpin”

Starring Yang Zi (楊紫) and Kris Wu (吳亦凡), historical detective drama The Golden Hairpin <青簪行>  was originally slated to air this summer. After Kris was charged with teen rape in August, investors scrambled to make sure the drama would not become a buried project. Although it would be a tedious process, deleting Kris’ scenes and re-filming them with a new actor would be the only way.

The Golden Hairpin is co-produced by Tencent Video, Xinli TV, and Phoenix United Pictures at a staggering 300 million Chinese yuan, and originally took eight months to complete filming in July 2020.

It is said that Kenny Lin Gengxin (林更生) has stepped in to replace Kris. Although Lin Gengxin was initially reluctant, Tencent had offered to cast the actor in two upcoming projects to sweeten the deal.

Some of the reshot scenes will also require Yang Zi’s presence. As the actress is currently busy filming the movie Drug Hunting <猎毒>, her portion of the re-filming will have to wait until her schedule clears.

Many of Yang Zi’s fans are supportive to see The Golden Hairpin resurrected, because they do not want the actress’ hard work to go to waste. As Lin Gengxin is the same height as Kris at 6 feet 1 inch, this should make it convenient for post-production work. Fans also feel that Lin Gengxin is a good choice due to his healthy image and handsome appearance.

The actor also matches the role of Prince Li Shubai, who possesses a cold personality and does not easily open his heart to other people. A noble figure who is courageous and strategic, the prince seeks out the help of Tang Dynasty’s first genius detective Huang Zixia (Yang Zi) to help solve perplexing crimes within the kingdom.

Sources:, Sohu, Sina

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Kris Wu Formally Charged With Rape

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  1. Lin Gengxin is so much better suited for this role! I’m glad this project won’t be buried. Golden Hairpin was one of the first novels I listened to on Ximalaya and it was very memorable. I was surprised they cast Kris Wu in the first place because his image really doesn’t suit Prince Kang’s elegant, intelligent and reserved demeanor. Kris Wu looks like a petulant spoiled brat with a constant sneer of derisiveness and contempt.

  2. I am SO GLAD!!!!!!! He is so suitable for this role… I doubt anyone will feel he is just a Fill in…I bet he will own the role… I am so looking forward to this…

  3. I must be only one or one of the very few who never likes LGX even when he first appears as the well received role as Prince 14 in Scarlett Heart. Maybe one day his certain role will change my mind.
    Regardless still happy to the drama isn’t going to be shelved away. Will take a look when release.

    1. You aren’t alone, ever since I saw him in princess agents, no one can convince me that he was ever capable of acting. But I’ll still check the drama out. If investors are still pushing for it maybe other than yang zi’s popularity there’s something to it, though I wasn’t impressed by the trailer.

    2. @BearBear girl, same! total letdown that they selected him. not attractive enough as a male lead. all the male leads lately are just not up to par in the charisma sector.

    3. They don’t need to reshoot. Just cut out LGX’s scenes from Princess Agents and paste them into The Golden Hairpin. They had the same robe, hair and acting. Almost the same face too. I once liked Prince 14 but that was it, never liked LGX in anything else. Very boring dude.

    4. Totally agree w you, Kenny Lin Gengxin is not a good male lead, he’s so boring and not that good looking.

  4. He is suitable for the role, but he can’t act at all lol his acting is terrible. Always has the same facial expression

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