Kris Wu Formally Charged With Rape

Detained by police on suspicion of rape since July 31, Kris Wu (吴亦凡) is now arrested and formally charged with rape. The case will undergo prosecution and enter trial in the upcoming months.

After investigation, Beijing’s Chaoyang police branch officially announced on August 16 the formal arrest of the 30-year-old Canadian Chinese singer on suspicion of rape.

Although details of the charges are not revealed, the police had used Weibo to update on the progress of their investigation earlier on July 22. They stated that Kris had sexual relations with college student Du Meizhu (都美竹), who claimed she was 17 and was drunk when he sexually assaulted her. Police will also continue investigating accusations that he had forced minors into having sexual relations.

Mainland Chinese lawyer, Wu Zhiqiang (吳志強), stated that according to Article 236 of Criminal Law, rape of women by violence, coercion, or other means is to be sentenced between 3 to 10 years imprisonment. Sexual assault of an underage girl not yet 14 years old would receive similar repercussions as rape in a public area or rape of multiple people, resulting in a sentence of at least 10 years, life imprisonment, or the death penalty.

Since Kris has been officially detained since July, it insinuates that authorities have already obtained evidence of his crimes over accusations of rape.

Although Kris is a Canadian citizen, he will be not be treated any differently by the law. With his formal arrest, Kris’ case will undergo prosecution within two to six months. Afterward, the case will be transferred for trial at the people’s courts within two months. If he is charged with imprisonment, he will have to complete his sentence in China and be deported after.


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  1. I wonder if he can still be charged and prosecuted in US when he is deported after his serving his sentenced in China? That will be many years later…. Will his US victims still get their justices?

  2. It is justice for the victims if he is convicted with heavy punishment. On the other hand, it is good to know that if he is charged with imprisonment, he will have to complete his sentence in China and be deported after. Yes pls deport him after that and do not even step foot in China.

    1. This is what should have happened to many of these men who abuse the bodies of young gjrls and women just because tgey have money and fame.
      I pray that if any more of them are in cahoots with Kris, they too are brought to justice, and he alone does not take the fall. That would be a travesty of justice for thdm to go free. God is watching, and there are a few people for who I live to see get exposed although I worry for their delulu, brainwashed fans.

      1. Not all fans are delusional as they admit his wrong doings but still hope that he can repent after he serves his sentence and will become a better person one day. It is sad that things must end up like this for the fans.

      2. there are many out there just like him and worse. more than anyone is comfortable with. i really doubt that justice will be brought to them. whatever that is going on w/ kris’s case, that is just a reminder for them to be more careful.

  3. They didn’t disclose if any minor below 14 or if drugs were involved. What about the others (his cousin and co workers) who were involved in his crimes? And does it mean that no other celebrity or 2nd, 3rd generation of prominent names were involved too?

    1. Wonder if the country has single prisoner cell or he has to share his cell with other criminals.

      1. Agreed. The details are too vague. But given that this is an actual criminal case, they are not gonna reveal all the info before it gets to court, as it should be. If they reveal everything, that could be problematic as there could be too much potential foulplay afterwards. However, given that they are definitely charging him with a crime, it means they have sufficient evidence to determine rape was involved. So there’s that to all the naysayers and conspiracy fanatics.

    2. Who knows if the truth will ever come out as this is China here. Look at how they are treating ZZH. Sigh…

      1. Amazed at the amount of benefit of the doubt you have at this situation and on whether or not Kris Wu is guilty of his crimes.

      2. It is not that as I just don’t trust the CCP. You know their reputation and no this does NOT apply to this case only which is why I mentioned ZZH. From the way they treated him and all, you wonder who is next. Basically, the CCP is cracking down on everything and everyone so it is definitely bigger than this case alone. There is a bigger picture behind there that goes way beyond this case.

      3. First you didn’t believe the woman, then you don’t believe the CCP. It’s always some other outside external reason to defend Kris. You are squeezing all possibilities of his innocence into the equation, which is fair to him, but at the same time you’re trying to be fair to him, you’re negating the women’s experiences and their version of events and distrusting THEM or the CCP.

        ZZH is getting cancelled by the public and cnetz. Yes, CCP is stoke the fires to that, but they are not charging him with anything. Be fair.

      4. I never trust the CCP and I did not trust DMZ but I never said I don’t trust the others. It is not up to any of us anyways as we have no power. My point is the CCP has a track record. I have had family members killed by communists so I know how they are so I don’t trust them. It goes way beyond ZZH, Kris or anyone. Maybe the CCP has not affected you yet so you blindly side with them. Not saying Kris is innocent as I have a feeling he is not 100% innocent but are they going to be fair overall is a different story.

      5. @HeTieShou no I don’t blindly side with any political parties. I’ve admonished the CCP on occasions and i know they have committed a lot of wrongdoings, but that doesn’t mean they are always wrong. I think they went overboard with ZZH, but we can’t really say anything since the public is rejecting him.

        As for Zheng Shuang, I sided with her till more evidence came out and then I rescinded my support (I actually wrote I wanted to give her the benefit of a doubt, but turns out she really is scum and I even wrote that her dad and her just sounded like they wanted to peddle back on their actions after being exposed.) However she seems to have mental problems as evidenced by her illogical posts and erratic behavior – all documented online. This is not just a black and white case of someone who’s evil, but someone who has mental problems who does bad things. It doesn’t absolve her of anything, but provides a piece of the puzzle. On the other hand, you are trying to say KW is guilty of something but you don’t trust that it’s the main reason why he’s being punished, as if he’s getting punished unfairly, which is absurd unless you don’t think he raped these women and the CCP is trying to find a scapegoat.

      6. KW is such a big international star, I am sure China has sufficient evidence before they decide to charge him, and I am glad the Chinese police did not cover it up due to his status or anything. Good job!

        ZZH is just condemned for his own stupidity and arrogance, nobody is charging him with anything.

      7. Should mention to you that US lawyer also mentioned that Kris Wu was involved in similar case in US with 16 year-old girls. So are you saying that China is forcing Kris Wu to do that to US girls?

        Honestly, I can’t believe that with all the evidences that have been shown to public recently related to Kris Wu, someone with clear mind can protect him or give him the benefit of doubt. This guy is disgusting to do that to all minor girls.

        I hope that you have never seen the article about one victim who was just over 13 years old at the time she met Kris Wu, got pregnant and had to go abortion. His family has been cheated by Kris Wu’s lawyer team which caused to her dad’s permanent injury. The little girl has became depression and she committed suicide several times. Only when DMZ stand out, she has the brave to step out. She was a fan, too. When she idolized him, can she know that he will destroy not only her life but also her family?

        HTS, you can doubt CCP or DMZ but you can’t mess up with the morality like that. People like Kris Wu, deserve to go to jail as long as possible.

        As for ZZH, he did everything himself, no CCP or other forces made him to do that. Ok, he can be stupid but it means he has to pay for his stupidity. However, I kinda doubt that he is stupid. He is a jingri, just that. So as a jingri, he is deserved to be treated like that by Chinese who are known as one of the most nationalist country in the world.

      8. @alluka – Exactly! As the metaphor goes #without wind there cannot be waves# or no smoke without fire. CCP or whatever other parties that you are doubting did not instigate KW or the ZHH cases. KW did it all on his own, doubting his case here is like saying all these women were paid off to come forward and accusing him of something. When he gets sentenced whatever that might be you can probably blame it on CCP or whatever else all you want because they like to hide things or whatever but certainly this is a real case here done by the person himself. I am on this lulu utuber channel she’s actually really and fast too w the info like KW gets fully charged w rape she had that info before I saw in here on JS. She mentioned very good points there too on ZHH case which was very simple, you are a public figure that makes millions/billions and you should have enough sense that whatever behavior you are portraying to the public not just to your fans but to the whole country is vital. This is simply not what they wanted end of story. As for the LA case, she did mention it’s not an official case to charge KW as let’s face he won’t be able to get out of China anytime soon. It was only reported that the girl went to an LA law firm and wanted tell her case probably to come forward since the first girl Du urged girls to come forward so even if she wants to charge later on who knows like they said he might be deported back to his beloved Canada or to LA for more charges.

      9. @HeTieShou You not trusting the CCP literally has nothing to do with whether or not Kris is guilty of the crimes he committed. As Coralie said, you’re acting as if he’s being treated unfairly when 20+ women have already come forward about what he’s done to them. How many women need to come forward for you to understand that this is the truth? You saying you don’t trust DMZ is the same as you saying “she seems like someone who would lie so therefore, KW is probably not truly guilty.” You may not feel like that’s what you’re saying but I’m sure many of the people here would agree that this is what you sound like you’re saying and how you’re coming off.

        I don’t know who ZZH is but I did read the articles on JayneStars about him and what he did and it’s a terrible comparison. As someone who normally condemns the CCP for their actions, I actually don’t think that they’re being overboard with their treatment of ZZH based on what I’ve read. His actions could be compared to if an actor in the US were to publicly worship the Confederacy – you won’t get punished legally but will be subject to cancel culture and probably condemned by a lot of people. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      10. the truth is already out about KW. ZZH’s problem is the political ramifications of visiting the notorious shrine not just once but 3 times and his ties with xtreme right wing Japanese who deny their atrocities in China.

      11. This is the ripple effect of the year-long cyberterrorist attack against Xiao Zhan. netizens clamored for the government to clean up the hateful comments on the internet, the capital behind the attempts to destroy XZ, and crazy fandom battles. Government has finally launched a campaign against the toxic entertainment industry starting with Alibaba which has a big presence in c-ent. All this lead to opening a can of worms with the toppling of certain celebs. Am sure there will be more to come.

  4. Also, $ex is legal for those 14 and above? Wtheck. At least make it 16. At 14, how they think this is reasonable is beyond me. China still has a long ways to go…

    1. Sadly China seems to be digressing even more under the current leadership. They are have another lighter version of the Cultural Revolution.

      1. Well if these celebrities want to earn the Chinese money, they jolly well abide by the Chinese rules. Not happy? They can always go somewhere else. But I guess the Chinese market is too big and attractive that they cannot bear to give it up the $$$.

      2. Black- American rapper j.Kelly is going on trial for almost exactly the same charges as KW. If America does it, is it also considered a digression, knowing the long history of racism and persecution of blacks?

  5. He has a 0.04% chance of getting out of prison now. Will his crazy stans break him out?

  6. He can freestyle in jail now. He’s got to have more dirt on other rich men I really hope he rats anyone else out so there are no further victims.

    1. Of course he has a lot of dirt on others in the business. He probably will not sell out because his family members could disappear if he sats anything. It happens in China a lot. It happens all over the world, actually.
      (1) If we should feel sorry for anyone, our thoughts and concern should rest with the victims and their loved ones, not his fans. The stans chose to blindly follow and worship Kris. The victims had no defence mechanism, or free choice, as they were too drugged out or plied with too much alcohol to defend themselves.
      (2) Whether we believe DMZ or not, there are too many other victims who’s experience with KW fits the repetitive pattern of alcohol, drugs and rape.
      (3) We all know how China’s government likes to portray the country as a powerful , perfect country and to have its celebrities behaving in this manner is unacceptable. KW is guilty as sin, and yes, they are going to use him as the ultimate pawn so that the others will clean up their act and not embarrass China to the rest of the world. That is all the Chinese government cares about . Not that they care about the victins, their friends and their families and how this is affecting them, or others in China.
      (4) For them to detain him so long, and then formally charge him with rape, there had to be some solid fool proof evidence. Even if DMZ is “lying,” KW should be punished to the full extent of the law even if there was ONLY ONE victim, and there was way more than one.
      It is time for us to take off our rose colored glasses and realize that there are rotton celebrities not just in communist Mainland China , but in all the world, including Hong Kong as well, and one or two of the nastiest, most ruthless and cut throat monsters are revered by millions. An image is a wonderful thing, and when you are an actor, it is easy to make that image perfect for public consumption. In fact, some of someone’s best Oscar deserving performances is not on the TV or movie screen, but in their public persona.

  7. Jayne—You should have likes or dislike clicks as some makes very good points. haha lol…and I see some posts you don’t have direct reply buttons to some responses or it’s just my end? I don’t see a direct reply to Coralie’s most recent post.

    1. @wm2017 Thanks for the suggestion, it would certainly be nice to have a “like” and “dislike” for comments. We can add to the long list of future to-do’s. The direct reply is not present for Coralie’s comment, because her comment is made in reply to another comment. For cleaner interface design and because of the way the comments are shown nestled, you can’t reply to another reply directly. But you can certainly utilize the @username feature to call attention to a user you would like your comment directed towards.

  8. @msxie0714 I was actually thinking of R. Kelly yesterday too. He abused girls for 30 years, fortunately Kris Wu will be stopped before that time.

    R. Kelly is an example of how racism actually protected him, because it was Black girls he abused. If they were white, justice would have been served long ago.

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