Kris Wu Suspected of Violating 13-year-old Girl

Kris Wu (吳亦凡) has sunken into deep waters, as Chinese police investigate allegations of him luring and raping underaged girls. The scandal caught fire when his ex-flame, Du Meizhu (都美竹), outed him on social media with significant text evidence followed by at least 26 women coming forward with similar experiences. Currently detained by police on suspicion of rape, there is apparently evidence that the 30-year-old had violated a 13-year-old girl.

The Youngest Victim is a 13-year-old?

The police reportedly recovered Kris’ deleted mobile text messages with his team and friends, which point to the Canadian singer sexually assaulting a 13-year-old fan from Shanghai. Video evidence also show a young girl being brought into a hotel room while unconscious. From a mirror reflection, Kris’ staff are identified to be the ones manhandling her, which had some netizens believing that they may have recorded the video to blackmail Kris.

Netizens further exposed that Kris is detained by police for nine charges–including gang rape, sexual bribery, illegal sex filming, and drug rape. He allegedly exploited a new type of drug commonly known as “Guai Guai Shui” to make girls docile and assault them more easily.

Sparking an instant uproar online, the Canadian Chinese singer is also said to have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

With the load of allegations becoming heavier by the day, Kris made a failed attempt to return to Canada. A netizen account reveals that when the singer was detained by the police, he apparently had cried out, “I really didn’t know” and “This is my first time,” while begging officers to let him go.

Kris’s studio has yet to respond to these suspicions since the case is still under investigation.

Source: World Journal

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  1. that is seriously dirty and disgusting. sex w/ a 13 yo and drugged her? omg…. drug rape is bad enough and gang rape. can’t get worst than a drug gang rape.

    1. I hope he will out whoever participated in those gang rapes with him. All of these sick perverts ought to be penalized and punished for their crimes.

  2. Srsly 13 years old?! And his staff did NOTHING to stop this from happening! Just recorded it?! WTFUDGESICKLES! Dude, his staff are all scum and need to get arrested for allowing this to happen.

    1. His staffs and some long time fans were the ones supplying him with the girls according to the melons in Weibo.

  3. Damn this is getting serious. At least authorities were able to arrest him before he escaped to Canada.

  4. I’m so speechless because I was a fan and liked his work. News of him keeps getting worse and worse on the daily. This is such a let down and huge disappointment. It is said that you can’t judge the person being guilty until proven. To me, you had to do something in order to rock the boat. If he is truly guilty w/ all these allegation charges, then he deserves the most severe punishment. Sexually assaulting a 13 years old or any female should be taking with seriousness. This is unacceptable. Shame on him and his so called studio team for doing this. I do hope justice will prevail for those females or women that were affected by this situation.

    1. It must be so tough on sensible fans…who are shocked by all the crimes released. Unlike the blinded ones who cries “He is innocent” The regular fans must feel so hurt and cheated. At the end of the day, there are just too many victims to ignore his crimes…

      1. Exactly and instead of blaming the fans, people need to sympathize with them. I actually talked to some of them and I feel bad for them.

    2. It’s not my business but I am actually so glad to meet sensible fans. There’s nothing wrong to like an actor, singer, etc. and get disappointed when he turns out to be unpleasant.
      Yet some fans are really illogical and wasting their lives away crying, going on hunger strike or gathering to visit him while in he’s being detained. How much do they think they know their idol personally to have so much faith in him and they are really thinking too highly of themselves to feel that he would want to see them now.

      1. @bubbles23 yes, I saw others commenting about some fans wanting to jailbreak, some wanting to migrate to Canada or renounce their citizenship, some wanting to pool their money, even using their family (like grandparents) money to help him. I don’t know how true they are but feel so sad for them and their family if it is. Speechless and even sick that these human who has a brain choose to be mentally incapacitated.
        This guy is detained and being investigated for sleeping with young females and maybe even minors without their consent and who knows what other crimes. The Chinese online platforms have already taken down his songs, closed his account, removed his name or pic in movies and drama he has participated. Even if he didn’t do everything that is currently being speculated, it’s serious enough for the police, anti drug division, the state news agency and all these commercial online platforms to behave this way.

      2. @BearBear “some fans wanting to jailbreak, some wanting to migrate to Canada or renounce their citizenship, some wanting to pool their money, even using their family (like grandparents) money to help him” Goodness, after wasting their own life and money on this scum, they want to waste their family’s money too??? They need a huge knock in the head to wake up.

      3. BearBear it is a rarity to meet sensible fans in such situations. My parents alwsys taught me to never look up to celebrities or public figures as idols or role models. I petzonally only feel for the victims and their families. There is too much sensible evidence involved for this to be swept under the rug because Kris Wu is an uber rich celebrity. The problem is these fans are young, but their parents should be in a position of responsibility to teach their offspring that these celebrities are human like the rest of us and they make mistakes and do questionable and bad things, and not to worship them, or live their lives vicariously through them. Unfortunately, that iz the problem. The parents are more delusionally invested in these artists than their children, so sadly, the blind cannot lead the blind.

  5. WTF…..13yr old what at totally Scumbag he’s worst then Edison!!! Glad they caught him if his Ex didnt expose him god knows how many more lives he’ll ruin, in the state ppl like him will be listed as pedophile and they wont do go in the slammer cause inmates in the US they don’t like ppl who harm lil kids and serial rapist wonder if its like that overseas

    1. not the same caliber as edison. edison didn’t drug people and the female were completely aware and consensual w/ what he did.

      1. Momo, I agree. I wish people would stop comparing this pedophile to Edison. These women with Edison were consenting adults who were awake and aware of being intimate with a man. Not drugged out or hammered with plied alcohol. They also knew Edison was filming their liasons. Enough of this unfair comparison.

    2. How can you compare an alleged rapist to a player?! Edison’s girls are all willing participants, both in s*x and being photographed! A more appropriate comparison would be to kpop convicted offender Jung Joon-young, the difference being Kris prefers his girls underaged.

    3. I agree with @9337SE and @momo and @jesspepperwang from the other article. Netizens who akin Kris to Edison or Kai Ko are incorrect. Compared to them, Kris is on a whole different level. They cannot be viewed as the same.
      Edison’s partners are all consensual and some of the women were actually dating him at the time.
      Kai Ko took marijuana himself but he didn’t drug others. Furthermore, marijuana is legal in some countries and used as medication.

  6. OMG!!! I doubt Canada wants him back either!! Such a evil piece of scum… And he even dared to put out a statement claiming his innocence a while ago@!!!@!!! This guy has no morals…… Please do sentence according to his crime…
    I bet he will negotiate lower sentences by releasing names of the other real deals… I wonder who will be dragged down along with him??

      1. Naming those two are just small frys in China’s propective as 1 is Taiwanese and the other is Singaporean… JJLin have not visited to China in 2yrs so it is such not clear if he is also involved. But I hope he names the real Top Guys…I think China Polices wants those names

    1. He will probably appeal to the Canadian government if he is a Canadian citizen (if jailed and put to death). I seriously do not want him back in Canada and I’m Canadian.

    1. Yup! I was on a utube video, they said China has zero tolerance for drug use so even w/o the minors situation if just drugs alone he probably will head straight to jail. Also, now an actor that’s ranking#18 so no one would know him he revealed accomplices like Wilber Pan & Lin the singer not sure of his full name but he’s a famous singer as well they are also involved in the drug use w KW as they are pretty close not sure if that’s true in any way but wow….. This is definitely getting more and more serious.

      1. It’s JJ Lin and he’s super popular in Asia. Not sure how true this new is now…..heard JJ’s production company has issued legal letter out, guess denying everything BUT I do recall several years ago, JJ was punched (during a fan meet) by a guy. Think the guy warned JJ to stay away from his girlfriend

      2. @conan2209
        wouldn’t be suprised if jj and more people are scumbags just like him. i think showbiz are full of men like these that is why female artists don’t date men from the same circle.

      3. @wm2017 I hope it ain’t true with Wilber Pan. I have a good impression of him as a mentor in ‘Youth With You 3’. As for the Lin singer, you are probably refering to JJ Lin because yesterday I read an article that JJ was refuting a claim that he was related to Kris Wu’s case. I don’t like JJ (because of what he said about Malaysia during the MH370 incident), but, he really doesn’t seem like the type who drug and rape girls.

    2. It is not just men only but women can be just as bad. I remember watching a video about the wife of a CEO sexually harass 13 to 14 year old Kpop trainees. They had the courage to speak up but had their faces blurred. She harassed them in front of her daughter who told her to stop. Basically, regardless of gender, everyone needs to be careful.

      1. i heard kpop abuses are even worst… don’t think kris is a unique breed

  7. So terrible and not really surprising that he is a scumbag. The only thing shocking is how fast all this is coming out. I hope the accomplices also are punished thoroughly.

    1. I agree, the shock I am getting is the details and extend of his crimes…A huge cupboard of skeleton that is revealed..

  8. WTF. What a POS. A literal child who is defenseless. This isn’t even just sleeping around and lurking on women, he’s a pedophile and wtf is wrong with his staff…. They are accomplices. They took videos? That’s possession of child prnography. Everyone who knew and didn’t do anything should serve time. Also fk off Kris Wu you can stay in China.

  9. The background story of the 13yr old is very very sad…The scum Kris has STD and passed it on to her and even got her pergnant. Her parents tried tons of ways to get in touch with him. But his team used the sex video to blackmail them to be quiet. The team filmed him raping the drugged up 13yr old girl… In the end, her parents had to resort to creating a car accident to catch him drunk driving to exchange the video back and scold him… They reported case to Police but the Police did not do much… This happened a few years ago… The young girl is no longer the same, it is very sad…. All these have evidence supporting the process.. as the video of his team carrying the drunk/drugged girl was filmed by Hotel camera and also his own crew members.

    1. If that is true, Kris is so evil! What he did was bad and reminds me of the wife of the CEO who sexually harassed young trainee boys in front of her own daughter. Some that have money and power can be just so evil regarding of gender.

  10. Note to Jayne Stars: why are your comments uploading so much slower compared to before. Is it because you have to review them 1st to make sure they are appropriate? Thanks!

    This case is so shocking. It makes me sick that people helped him coverup his sickening actions all this time. This case is going to get bigger – it was already in the news on US’ Yahoo a few days ago. It’s big because of the extent/severity of the crimes. They need to put him away for a long, long time.

  11. I wonder if he only made that public statement, “I will bring myself to jail if I committed these crimes,” because he thought he was getting blackmailed by DMZ, and thus, he would evade blame since she’s making profit off of this. The public fury will lash out at her instead and he would get out scot-free since he can say she’s just lying for money. That’s a real c0cky statement if that’s what he thought.

  12. Also, some of his diehard fans disgust me. Like, literally disgust. They even go so far ahead as to announce they’ll sacrifice their own bodies to guarantee his freedom. Like, dafuq?

    1. That’s why I say some of these hardcore china fans can be really scary and insane themselves. It’s like they are brainless or something other than having this so called fantasy that their so called idol is so perfect when in reality you don’t even know them at all. There was a utuber she was so funny, she said if this dude really goes to jail, the fans will probably have to take a # to go visit in prison. haha LOL She could be right as some of them really sound insane. haha lol

    2. No one should blame the fans as they did not know anything before. Plus, many fans are very young and really looked up to him so seeing someone they admired so much ended up like this. It is truly hard and heartbreaking. I actually talked to some of those fans and felt very bad for them. Therefore, instead of being disgusted, maybe you all should feel some sympathy for the fans! They are going through a lot too.

      1. My sympathy is reserved for the victims, and not his fans especially those who defended him “oppa is innocent/I’m staying neutral until being shown evidences” and at the same time bashes DMZ and the other victims for not being perfect, ie scammer, gold-digger, scorned lover, liar etc.

      2. No of course I sympathize with the victims but at the same time, you should not attack the fans too as they were deceived as well. They only knew him through his idol image so of course are blinded by it, therefore you cannot truly blame them as many of them are very young too.

      3. We aren’t blaming the fans for his crimes. But for bullying victims and denying their voices. It’s unacceptable and needs to be called out so that it does not continue. This is how rape culture continues when “fans” blindly defend their idols like this.

        I sympathize with the fans that know that their idol may be wrong and is disappointed in him. Those that attack the victim deserves no sympathy.

        For example, I loved Bill Cosby. Even watched him perform live once. But when the allegations and obvious truth came out, I was disappointed, but didn’t take my disappointment out on the victims. It’s a travesty that justice has been denied to the victims and he was let out. I don’t need any sympathy as a fan, the victims need our understanding.

      4. You want to sympathize the women who are throwing their bodies away for a man who allegedly raped tons of girls? And you think it’s not their fault? Please, go ahead. Ain’t nobody stopping you.

        I was a fan of Show Luo and though he cheated and was scummy with his ex-gf, it doesn’t mean I don’t like his talent in ebiz. However, my impression of him is tainted AF. I can never look at him wholesomely ever again. And even if he was innocent and thrown in jail, I would never be delusional or stupid enough to sacrifice my body to free him. What kind of dumb troll thinks fans who offers this is worthy of sympathetic condolences?

      1. @HeTieShou I am curious what defines a innocent girl? I too believe went to the party hoping to have a chance to get the MV spot. And she was clearly his fan…her actions are not unexpected. But to be date rape, cheated by him and others were not her fault. She then found courage to speak up when she realised Kris was just using and dumping her… If I was in her shoes, I would also give Him HELL. As no woman should be treated this way… She was a fan, thus she did believe in Kris in the beginning till her rose tainted glasses were removed.

    3. I don’t see them any different from those women who idolized serial killers like Ted Bundy and Zodiac Killer. The murderers are sick in their heads but their fans are also no different. Humans can be pretty depraved.

      1. Exactly! And some of these so called fans eventually MARRIES them which happens quite often after visiting them in jail. No one sympathize w/these fans either as they know they already have issues on their own or they wouldn’t defend them and eventually married them.

  13. I’m gonna wait on this one, while it’s most likely he’s going to be charged with something, Chinese social media is often strife with unsubstantiated rumours.

  14. I don’t know who he is since I don’t follow idols. But reading this article makes my blood boil. What a freaking perverted sick rapist who preys on young girls!!?! This is truly where I support capital punishment. This POS is a waste of oxygen on earth.

  15. I just cant fathom how these young girls can fall for a guy who has
    full make up on the face, contact lens and colorful hair. He sweet talking
    plus his pimp got these extremely young girls in such a miserable situation.
    Take note in Korea, singers and actresses who are forced into such
    unsavoury situations have gone into depression and some commit
    suicide. If he is brave enough to commit this brutality on young girls
    he should be brave enough to admit and face the punishments.

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