If Found Guilty of Rape, Kris Wu Could Face the Death Penalty

Embroiled in a rape scandal with convincing allegations from several influencers, former EXO member Kris Wu (吳亦凡) has now been arrested. According to an official Sina Weibo post of a Beijing police unit, the 30-ear-old star was arrested for his alleged involvement in rape and coercing sexual activity with underaged girls.

Although investigations are currently ongoing, Kris and his studio’s Weibo accounts were officially revoked, becoming the first artiste to experience this. Despite having 50 million followers previously, the accounts no longer show up in any Weibo searches. His songs were also completely removed from Netease’s music platform. The official account of The Golden Hairpin <青簪行> has deleted all of its posts with mentions of Kris’ name, with broadcast of the drama likely impossible despite its rumored 600 million Chinese yuan production cost.

Prison Time Ahead?

The star’s reputation has been tarnished, with numerous Chinese influencers such as 19-year-old Du Meizhu (都美竹) and Zhang Dansan (張丹三) alleging that Kris is sexually abusing young women by enticing them with opportunities in show business. Their accusations were supported by screenshots of their respective lengthy text conversations with Kris.

Kris’ arrest became the top discussion on Weibo, with one of the trending topics being legal repercussions the former idol has to face if convicted of sexual assault.

Legal experts shared that Kris could face jail time of three to ten years, and a heavier sentence if the victim was a minor or if multiple victims were involved – possibly a life imprisonment or even a death sentence as the maximum penalty. The eventual outcome of the case would therefore depend largely on the strength of the defense case built up by his lawyer.

Though of Canadian nationality, Kris would not be spared for his wrongdoings as crimes committed on Chinese soil must be persecuted under Chinese law, according to the principal of territoriality. A lawyer at Beijing’s Lanpeng Law Firm shared that once the case progresses to trial, Kris would have to serve out his sentence in China and likely be criminally deported after that, if he is found guilty.

Source: HK01

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. max security prison in canada vs china. which one would be the least painful for this stud?

  2. If guilty, he should be locked up as long as possible. But I balk at the death penalty. Hope justice is served.

  3. Not only multiple rapes on minors as young as 14 yo but now he is a suspect of drugs uses and distribution. I am glad that he is facing China judicial system, let’s see what will happens next…..

    1. Drugs use! Why doesnt that surprise me! This guy is a goner!! His case has gone too far beyong anyone’s imagination.

    2. Speculations now on other celebrities may be involved in this drug usage investigation.
      Finally understand why there was an earlier report that he hired a well-known lawyer in showbiz who has very good track record on winning cases.
      The irony is DMZ didn’t make the police report but his mother did that because of the alleged “blackmail” from DMZ which proven that the blackmailing was done by an unknown 3rd party. The police then investigated the blackmail which dug up more crimes.
      This is not the end yet. Hopefully justice will be served.

      1. his mum did that? Really? hahahaha…that is such a irony. His mum must be in so much turmoil now. She dig this ground for her son to fall in…

      2. Doubt that more names would be revealed esp the big fish. They got money and power tk keep their names from being mentioned. They could use their resources to give kris a harder or easier jail time should he considers to reveal if not. Can’t get those big fishes

  4. Are we missing the “bigger” picture here? Granted, Kris Wu should be punished for his crimes. At the same time, his manager(s), assistants, and management all should be held accountable for the crimes,also. They all knew about his “fetish” and does nothing but tried to cover up for his crimes and continue to support his “fetish.”

    1. Well, there is not saying others who are guilty would not be charged. is there? Anyway He is a adult. He has FULLY responsible for his actions. This is beyong just “fetish”, as he carries more charges beyong that.
      His team who are his staffs will be charged if they are guilty too. I am sure the Beijing Police will not miss the “Bigger Picture”.

  5. The case just seems serious on surface level by making an arrest, revoking Kris’ Weibo and what not but when this plays out I doubt there will be 3 to 10 years jail time let alone life imprisonment or the death penalty.

    1. Lets wait and see… this article is just telling us about the China legal syatem. And what are the Max charges such crimes can carry. It did not state he will be given death penaty. But with his arrest, that will encorage more victims to come forwards, those victims would not be paid off. And they will provide evidences too. Just wait and see…why presume so early what his outcome is?

  6. I am so glad this is happening, as that does state how public voices can be heard…In many Countries, such practise are so common but no one cares… Whether you like Du Meizhu or not, this young girl have done the impossible. I have to applaud her for her determination.
    I still remember Tao was asked in a interview what he thought of his fellow EXO mates active in China. He priased the Luhan but kept completely quiet on Kris Wu.. He clearly do not like to lie so he was speechless and did not comment even when asked directly about Kris…
    They are work mates but they do not hang out together..Just works together.
    Death penalty for sexual crimes that did not result in death in China does surprised me.. I have reservations about Death Penalties but that is just personal.
    I am sure we will see a fair Justice served.

    1. There was a rumor that he was inquiring a private jet to Canada few days before his criminal custody.

      1. I doubt he could leave Mainland easily even on Private jet.. as the Police have already started investigations… I am very curious how he and his mum are feeling now… I bet they have not slept properly..

  7. I saw one news clip in youtube that said during investigation police found there are 5 other artists involved. Don’t know if the news is true or not. If yes, this case will be even bigger.

    I wonder if the other 3 chinese EXO members know of his dealings.

    1. @kidd In a 2016 interview, Huang Zitao was asked to comment about the other EXO members. He mentioned Lu Han was more mature. When Zitao was asked about Kris Wu, he paused for 16 seconds and said he didn’t want to comment.

      Word travels around within the industry, especially given the bombastic nature of Kris’ parties, I’m sure the other EXO members knew enough about his personality and lifestyle since they spent so much time together. Kris was a big star at the time and involved in some big budget films, and artistes would hesitate to say anything negative about him.


      1. tao gives off the bad boy’s vide but i feel that he’s a more decent person than kris.

    2. @kidd I think there were probably other artistes involved, but it depends on whether there is concrete evidence. In Kris’ case, he left behind extensive text conversations which can be used as evidence.

      The police is announcing regular updates on Weibo about the case due to intense public interest. It will not be long before more updates are provided, and whether other people involved will also be arrested.

      1. @jayne

        I read in some news there is not only extensive text conversation, but, deleted video police recovered from phone of one of his staff.

      2. @jayne Please continue to keep us updated regularly! This case is just unbeliveable…Documents how a A-list can collapse in such a short span of time. This Country is very efficient.

    3. i think kris would have to have been/be a very cunny liar if the other 3 bandmates didn’t know. i don’t think he’s got the brains to pull that one off though.

      1. The one w the last name of Tao probably knows a bit more. I remember when he was on an interview and they asked about his bandmates, he hesitated at least 16 secs or something and said he didn’t want to comment on this KW. They must know something or at least probably didn’t care much for his character if they didn’t know of the extend of kind of sick fetishes.

  8. While still remaining objective, I do not know how many would agree with KW’s lifestyle or identify with his moral character even if he is found not guilty this time. Having physical relationships with a minor is illegal across many borders. I am honestly not a fan of the “Age is nothing but a number” quotation. How many parents can be okay with their 17 yo daughter dating a 31 yo man even if there was consent? Comments are getting extreme now. One compared KW to Kai Ko and said that they both “deserve to disappear from this earth.” Kai Ko was arrested for marijuana, which is actually legal in many US states and countries now and did not cause physical or emotional harm onto others.

      1. More than one girls are below 14, their parents were the ones filling the police reports. Multiple are 14-16 yo. The more I read about the updates in Weibo, the more it’s sickening…..Hope he will rots in jail forever.

      2. As previously stated, that is illegal across international borders and morally unacceptable. However, I will still withhold firing my opinions until the he goes to trial. The act itself is messed up but we don’t know if he did it yet. If yes, then let him burn. If not, no one can accuse him before trial starts. Otherwise, his lawyers are going to say his public image was tainted before trial started so he was given an unfair trial even before court proceedings and the judge will have to make amends to that and cut Kris Wu some slack.

      3. @kidd
        As previously stated, that is illegal across international borders and morally unacceptable. However, I will still withhold firing my opinions until the he goes to trial. The act itself is messed up but we don’t know if he did it yet. If yes, then let him burn. If not, no one can accuse him before trial starts. Otherwise, his lawyers are going to say his public image was tainted before trial started so he was given an unfair trial even before court proceedings and the judge will have to make amends to that and cut Kris Wu some slack. The last thing I want is a judge to cut a pedophile some slack.

  9. death penalty is too severe, but he should get penalized accordingly. his poor mom (if she wasn’t complicit in his actions and had no knowledge of his behavior)…i read how hard it was to raise him on her own. this is the thanks she gets after putting in so much effort.

    1. Going to go out on a limb and say that depending on whether these allegations are true or not and the extent of the crimes committed, the death penalty might not be all that severe. If the charges of gang r*pe go through and the victims are underaged, I think the death penalty might be fair…if not the death penalty, I’d hope to see at least life in prison.

      1. Sometimes I feel like death penalty is too lenient and other times I feel like it’s too severe. It’s hard to say; I guess it does depend on the scope and truthfulness of the allegations. I really hope, for the sake of the victims, that there wasn’t any gang r@pe activity taking place.

  10. the drug allegation doesn’t surprise me anymore – watched avenuex video and she explains that a huge percentage of celebrities partake in these drug parties to fit in and so they won’t squeal to the authorities about illegal behavior. kris wu is probably just the tip of the iceberg. it honestly makes me rethink every great actress/actor in showbiz and question their character lol.

  11. Using his fame he has blatantly cheat on young gullible girls who are his fans
    and supporters. After using them he conveniently dropped them off and look
    out for new victims. This miserable character and his pimp rightly deserve
    the death penalty.

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