More Than 30 Girls are Known to Be Kris Wu’s Victims

The number of victims in Kris Wu’s (吳亦凡) sexual assault case continue to be on the rise, as more victims find the courage to come forward. Most recently, it was reported that there could be more than 30 girls who have fallen prey.

Detained by police in Beijing, the 30-year-old Canadian Chinese singer is said to have revealed the identities of seven people who were involved in sexual predatory behavior, which include celebrities and the second generation of prominent politicians.

At his large parties, Kris is said to have used new types of date rape drugs on his victims.  The new drugs are not difficult to obtain and could be purchased online, leading to many underage victims.

New allegations claim that Kris may be involved in these new date rape drug supply chains. This has further magnified his case, as the Ministry of Public Security’s Drug Control Bureau is now involved in the investigation, and hoping to crack down on the supply chains based on the information Kris is providing. However, there are no official statements released on the matter as of yet.

Source: World Journal

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  1. I hope the Court will not stop the names release of the others involved. Who are involved!!! I want them to rot in jail along with Kris

    1. On top of that, each and everyone, whoever they are, whoever they may be related or connected to gets their deserved punishment.

    2. @hohliu the names should not be withheld, no matter how rich or powerful they are. This seemed to be a child pedophile molestation ring. The innocence of these young kids is gone. They are scared for life, and no amount of therapy will completely erase the nighmare they went through. This is how juvenile delinquents are created. This is how angry, violent, volatile young adults emerge in society. They feel they are failures and are hurt and angry because they feel they have been failed by society, the law and their own family. They turn to drugs, prostitution, alchohol and a life of crime, hatred and violence. This is what happens when scumbags like KW and the other scumbags do what they did. I agree they all need to be named and brought to justice.

    3. I too hope the government foes not block the names of others who might be involved. These vultures need to be brought to justice regardless of their fsme, fortune or social status. What has been done to these children cannot be completely erased no matter how much therapy they receive. They are scarred for life. Kris should not be the only one paying for the heinous crimes if there are others involved. I agree with you that these felons need to be publicly named.

  2. I hope he live long enough to bring other guilty parties forward so they get the justice they deserved, rather than just being a second FBB >_>

    1. For me, Fan Bingbing’s crime is more forgivable than this guy (not that tax evasion is a good thing). Crimes against children and using drugs to rape anyone is despicable.

      1. That’s not what I meant. I didn’t compare the evilness of the crime, rather how FBB was used as an example to discourage other celebrities to follow, but no one else is getting punished, when I’m sure there are a few layers deep. Same with this case, KW is only the surface, there are accomplices, other celebrities, older and more influential one. Those are the roots we need to uproot and need to bring out to really stop this.

    2. Sorry, I must have misunderstood. When I first read it, it seemed like the crime is being compared to be the same.

  3. Wow! I can’t wait to find out who those seven people are that involved in this case.

    “Detained by police in Beijing, the 30-year-old Canadian Chinese singer is said to have revealed the identities of seven people who were involved in sexual predatory behavior, which include celebrities and the second generation of prominent politicians.”

    1. Yes pls expose all of them, and make sure all of them get the punishment they deserved and justice for all the victims. Can’t wait for the names to be revealed.

      1. You and me both. If there others involved, they too need to be held accountable for their actions. Kris should not go down alone for this. His handlers need to be held responsible for their involvement as well.

  4. Ah the Harvey Weinstein of China. If it’s anything like the Jeffrey Epstein case I hope they find out if there are others doing the same thing or knew about Kris Wu doing this to girls. How messed up do you have to be to go out of your way to drug children? At least Show Luo was just a cheating asshole, Kris Wu is a predator.

  5. Honestly, the more I look into this case, it appears that the CCP has their own agenda. I doubt they want justice for any victims. Kris is done regardless of how it turns out.

  6. At the same time I really pity the production of his drama The Golden Hairpin which also stars Yang Zi that will definitely not be aired. Heard is an expensive production that cost USD45 million. Cos of his stupid actions and drag everyone involved. The director and producer must be making the biggest mistake in their life for casting him

    1. I don’t feel sorry to whoever agreed to cast him in the drama. They cast him even though his acting has been known to be bad and even changed the story focus because of his popularity. To the rest of the production crew, hope they have received their pay check by now.

      The latest speculation or rumoured report is that they would be reshooting the drama but will be cutting the episodes and changing the story focus back to the leading female. The additional capital likely will be lesser in this case by hiring a lesser known actor who will be more willing and cost lesser to take on a role with lesser importance. At this point, it remains to be seen if it’s true.

      1. No everyone got paid already but it is just that they cannot air the drama due to this scandal.

    2. I’m with bearbear here, everyone knows why they casted him, so they deserve this. YZ, well, in a sense, she’s too deserved this for keep agreeing to idol dramas >_>

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