Deng Wei Apologizes for Poor Behavior

(Above) Currently-airing drama “Lost You Forever” is making waves.

Paired with actress Yang Zi (楊紫) in fantasy romance Lost You Forever <長相思>, actor Deng Wei’s (鄧為) likeable onscreen role as Tushan Jing sent his popularity soaring, but also ignited negative gossip. Suspected of diva behaviors and accused by Yu Zheng (于正) of being difficult to please, Deng Wei was recently exposed by mainland paparazzi of littering his cigarette butt by the roadside while waiting for a ride.

Netizens Advises Him Not to Take their Support for Granted

A crying scene in “Till the End of the Moon”.

Responding to the controversy, the 28-year-old posted an apology on social media and wrote “Sorry, I apologize for the negative public impact of my actions. I will reflect deeply and be wary of my actions from now on!” Receiving over 13k comments from netizens and fans, they gave the actor candid advice such as “Amend your wrongdoings and be prudent in speech and action”, “Do you have the self-awareness of an artiste, be aware that you must correct your faults, I will not indulge you”, and “Don’t let there be a second time”.

Standing at an imposing 1.83m, Deng Wei has appeared in a string of dramatic projects including Miss the Dragon <遇龍>, The Journey of Chong Zi <重紫>, and Till the End of the Moon <長月燼明>, and was well-favored to become the new-generation “male god” with his appealing physique. However, the actor made news and trended on Weibo instead for being a poor role model.

Last year, the idol was accused of putting on airs and treating his fans at the airport poorly, even countertaking photos of them with his phone, disappointing a group of fans waiting for him, who called his actions “poseur”. When the matter trended on social media, Deng Wei’s female assistant jumped to his defence by claiming that she had handled the matter poorly, while blaming Covid-19 safe distancing measures for the actor’s lack of friendliness. Despite this, he failed to apologize throughout the scandal, and was mocked by netizens for putting on airs prematurely, when he was not all that famous.

Playing a supporting role to lead actor Leo Luo Yunxi (羅雲熙), Deng Wei and co-star Chen Doling‘s (陳都靈) scenes in Till the End of the Moon had been substantially cut.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. Many Chinese celebs smoke…even Angelababy.. he is not wrong to smoke but to litter is just no great… I bet the Pazz is just happy they caught him smoking as that looks worse on his image then the littering.

    China has so many newbies waiting for their moment…. if Deng Wei is not conducting himself, he will be pushed aside in no time. No one is indispensable in this industry. I wonder if he comes from a wealthly family with connections.

  2. Didn’t know his scenes in Till the End of Moon were substantially cut since I dropped it. Anyone knows why?
    This is not the first negative news about him. I wonder if he is really so or…….

    1. @BearBear it got cut due to the 40eps restriction. If his scene are all included, it will only be an extra episode. I don’t think they have enough for season 2, that’s why they make it lean and squished it all into 1 season

      1. @LittleFish thanks for the info. Did you watch the LYF? Would you recommend it? Heard it’s quite popular but as much as I do like YZ and want to watch for TJC and ZWY as well, somehow I am not that keen to go through multiple guys and one female lead drama.
        And did YZ’s face looks kinda stiff in this drama or it’s my imagination (saw clips)?

    2. @BearBear i saw first episode and a bit of ep2. I’m not the best person to ask as I dont like YZ lol. First ep is ok, but story wise for first ep is pretty stock standard, from what happened to the child’s actor reactions to the event. The child actors acted well though, so a plus unlike the longest promise lol. Supposingly YZ dubbed herself? But her voice in ep2, and how she acted as a man annoyed me lol, but she meant to be a man. Anyway, I read MDL’s comments and while most is positive, there’s fan wars already between the CP lol. So if you like the white hair dude, you are in for pain lol. The chemistry between YZ and the male characters, ppl said it’s great but it feels a bit flat from snippets on YouTube to the point I have stop checking out lol.
      The main reason why I have stopped watching is because YZ’s series is notorious for being draggy, and you will need to wait for season 2, which is at least 3mo gap. So I’ll wait for season 2 to come out then speed watch lol. I feel like the plot is too long and they just wanna milk the CP, many CP = longer drama \o.o/

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