Tan Songyun Rebels Against Lin Gengxin in “Master of My Own”

Lin Gengxin (林更新) is Tan Songyun’s (譚松韻) “Boss from Hell” in romance Master of My Own <請叫我總監>, but she turns the tables upon him when she shows her newfound determination. As the office burns with tension, will their boss-employee relationship grow into something more?

Master of My Own is adapted from popular novel Please Call Me The Director <请叫我总监> by Hong Jiu (红九). It follows aspiring investor Ning Ming (Tan Songyun) working as a secretary under Lu Jiming (Lin Gengxin), who does not believe she has the capabilities to become a successful investor.

Determined to achieve her investor dreams instead of being stuck in her current role with no career advancement in sight, Ning Ming eventually takes a leap of faith and finds her own path to success. Playing the patient and resilient Ning Ming, Songyun shows another side of herself as she takes viewers into her tough journey from working as a workhorse secretary who needs to be on call 24/7 to a professional investor.

Meanwhile, Gengxin portrays  stubborn president Jiming who is initially Ningming’s nemesis with his tough demands. When she is finally free with a new job, Jiming still could not let her go completely and begins to silently support her from the sidelines. Gengxin’s onscreen persona contrasts with his previous CEO role in My Bargain Queen <我的砍價女王>, but still delivers refreshing chemistry opposite Songyun.

Typical of many enemies-to-lovers dramas, the highlight is in their lively bickering as both characters are unwilling to back down without a hard fight. While the romance is escapist in nature, their experiences in the workplace remain relatable to viewers.

“Master of My Own” Trailer

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Watching for Seven Tan up to episode 3 and considering dropping.
    So far male lead’s character is such an ass and hateful. The kind of boss that puts down a staff just to make sure he/she loses self worth and self-esteem so that they lose confidence and remain in same employment to be exploited.

    1. It is just unbelievable how such behaviours are still common practise in China… as full time employments are so hard to find…many employees just have to bear with it…

    2. It’s an laughably insulting that some even compare this to SK drama Secretary Kim.
      Don’t understand why LGX is being cast as the boss again, he doesn’t give the white collar vibe at all.

      1. My sentiments exactly. PSJ in Secretary Kim is a narcissistic character but I don’t recall him being so insulting to the FL. Not that he treat others any better but it’ll be more believable the FL falls for him than this character in Master Of My Own who insults the FL in front of others and another lady whom I presume will be 2FL.

      2. @Bizzybody indeed! PSJ was a narcissist but he was a funny and lovable narcissist. He had high standards and did not tolerate garbage and it would be so stressful to work for him but he wasn’t downright rude and obnoxious. I completed that drama because of the ML character though I wasn’t a fan of his.

    3. Agreed, in real life LGX’s behavior is toxic and contributes to a freaking toxic workplace, which is not uncommon. So I agree with the article calling the workplace drama “relatable.” It is a very realistic portrayal of work politics and even huge glaring unpleasant personality traits. Though this makes LGX a very unlovable character and actually makes me feel sick that Tang Songyun dealt with him for so long and is now his love interest. Extreme Stockholm Syndrome.

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