Zhao Liying is Well-Prepared to Film “The Legend of Shen Li”

Since it was confirmed that Princess Agents <楚喬傳> costars Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) and Li Gengxin (林更新) will be reuniting for wuxia romance The Legend of Shen Li <與鳳行> in May, both actors have been busy preparing for their roles. From working out to strict diet routines, Liying and Gengxin are putting in great efforts to look their best, although the latter still drew criticisms for lack of preparation.

Adapted from a novel of the same name written by author Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鷺非香), The Legend of Shen opens with Devil Queen Shen Li (Zhao Liying) trying to escape from a political marriage on her birthday. During the pursuit, she is attacked and turns into her original form of a phoenix. Losing her consciousness, she falls into the mortal world and wakes up to God of Action, Xingzhi, mistaking her as a plump chicken and locks her up in a cage with plans to put her up for sale!

Uniquely Crafted Haute Couture Costumes

Earlier, Liying participated in a concept photoshoot in which she changed into four different sets of haute couture outfits designed from brands in Russia, Italy, and New York. While Liying wore various colorful outfits for the shoot, it is unknown if any would be worn for filming, as netizens spotted Liying in largely dark-colored costumes. Despite dressed in black, the actress still shone powerfully in the gold accents and crown.

Gengxin Criticized For Lack of Professionalism

Meanwhile, Gengxin is believed to be still working on his physique. The actor is already criticized for not managing himself well, as recent dinner photos exposed him looking swollen and overweight. Netizens immediately criticized, “Lin Gengxin better not drag Zhao Liying down!” and “He doesn’t look like an ancient god at all! More like a passerby!”

Source: Upmedia

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow he’s unprofessional bc of weight gain? She so prepare but copycat ZLS outfit and hair from WRTW and as producer this is how her pr makes her sound pro by bringing someone else down. Don’t like LGX but still her PR is so annoying. This international site is also bias when it comes to her.

  2. I’ve read part of the novel, but to be honest, ZLY is not who I envisioned for the main actress role. This role needs someone with a more steely look to her. ZLY is too “soft.”

  3. I am v excited with zhao liying in this new drama, she has never disappointed me with her acting in all her shows. Jia you and All e BEST.

  4. Not surprised she will film these types of dramas again. Everyone likes to say she’s trying to become those ‘”serious” actresses, but I guess it’s hard giving up idol dramas, easy money…

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