Wang Yibo’s Awkward Endorsement Blunders

It is common for popular Chinese celebrities such as Wang Yibo (王一博) to endorse more than a dozen brands simultaneously. Keeping track of his active endorsements can be difficult, as Wang Yibo is known have made several faux pas by wearing competitor brands.

Flying to Chanel’s recent Paris Fashion Week show, Wang Yibo appeared at the Beijing airport dressed casually with a black beanie with a few strands of blond hair poking out. A netizen, who claimed to be on the same flight as Wang Yibo, said the actor sat in economy class. Netizens were shocked that Wang Yibo was so frugal despite his popularity. However, others took the opportunity to sneer at him for his “illiteracy” and pointed out all the mistakes he made over the years as a brand ambassador.

The last time Chanel invited Wang Yibo to their Los Angeles show, he had shared a selfie on Instagram. However, the selfie showed that he was holding an iPhone which was a big faux pas as he is the brand ambassador of China’s Redmi phone. After netizens reminded him, he immediately photoshopped the phone away.

Last year at Lenovo’s press conference, the host asked Wang Yibo if he had used Lenovo’s products before and he responded that he had used the tablet and iPad. As the press conference was being streamed live, there was no chance to salvage the situation. When the clip immediately started trending on Weibo, netizens mocked Wang Yibo for being uneducated about the brand and that iPad is not the English name for “tablet.”

Another time, Wang Yibo was endorsing Chinese sporting brand Anta Sports but netizens noticed he was wearing Nike sneakers while filming their commercial stills. They had only photoshopped the logo off the sneakers. Many netizens laughed he is probably the brand ambassador that uses the most competitor products!

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  1. Strange, he should have a very good manager that assist him with all these… It is like having a good PA. There are sometimes that his agency should get properly set up for him.

    1. Or dude just doesn’t care lol. Redmi phone is crap, iPhone is better lol. Same with other products he used over his so called endorsements lol. Dude is living his high life, and if company is stupid enough to get him to advertise for themselves, they just have to deal with these consequences lol

      1. Good point! He does like his Premium branded items… I bet even his skateboard is made overseas…

      2. These celebrities are only endorsing for the money. They don’t care. I do agree that his stylist or manager should give him a reminder tho.

  2. I understand about using other brands’ products. Most of these celebrities only hold the products to make quick $ and don’t use them but while filming the commercial? Put some efforts and commitments to show you use it at least… At the same time, it’s on the brand for hiring him. Also at the same time, he’s a popular celebrity so the brand is probably afraid to call him out too.

  3. Sorry to say.. I’ve been noticing the pattern of Kiki’s posts and as a writer you seem to be out to get attention by putting unfounded rumors that all antis used on WangYibo.
    Hmm.. either this black marketing is to raise views or other intentions.. it is for you to decide. But my respect drops for this site, because of the use of such writer.

    1. @lyn idk whether this is true or false, however, we as the audiences wouldn’t know it’s false if there isn’t any counter claims? With so much misinformation, both sides need to present their cases and let the audience choose for themselves?

  4. He’s not the only one. BTS are big brand ambassadors for Samsung Galaxy phones but is often seen taking selfies with iPhones. There’s many other stars that get paid to endorse products but are seen using the competitors’. Honestly it’s nothing new.

    1. Haha yup, a lot of us don’t care. Only his fans and anti fans care. One to laugh at him losing face, the other worries for him losing face. If only they know we, the average audiences, just don’t care xD

  5. So if you see me eating chocolate ice cream today, does that mean I won’t like vanilla ice cream tomorrow? The article suffers an illegal case of incorrect negation or some garden variety. Legally, did he breach any endorsement contracts? I work with software engineers daily and they build apps for Android, but guess what? They all use apple phones. I am not sure if the article highlights the stupidity of Chinese netizens or the writer of this article is just delulu

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