Is Wang Yibo Back With His Ex-girlfriend?

After his “illiteracy” scandal, Wang Yibo (王一博) is back in the headlines with his speculated reconciliation with ex-girlfriend, Qi Meihe (綦美合).

Although Qi Meihe is not from the entertainment industry, she is the daughter of an ex-wealthy Chinese businessman. Meihe’s family, once worth over 50 billion Chinese yuan, announced their bankruptcy not long ago.

Frequently in contact with celebrities due to her father’s connections, Meihe was previously rumored to have a crush on Arthur Chen Feiyu (陳飛宇). Since the actor was said to have dated Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜), Meihe was upset and their friendship turned sour. Meihe and Nana got back in touch only after the former socialite started pursuing Yibo.

Four years ago, Meihi and Yibo were spotted going on a date on Valentine’s Day in Zhuhai, and later again in Yunnan. She would frequently accompany Yibo when he was working on set.  Although the Qi family later filed for bankruptcy and Yibo faced countless rumors in his career, the couple allegedly got back together again.

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Is Wang Yibo Dating Controversial Heiress, Qi Meihe?

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