Wang Yibo’s Professionalism Praised on Set of “King of the Sky”

Starring Wang Yibo (王一博), Hu Jun (胡軍), and Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨), upcoming Chinese film King of the Sky <長空之王> will be released on April 28. The action film revolves around the theme of Chinese fighter jets and tells the story of a special pilot operations team. Using realistic visuals and filmed with actual jet fighters, the emotional trailer highlights the sacrifices of the unsung heroes of the Chinese Air Force and the intense training they go through.

In King of the Sky, Wang Yibo plays a test pilot with many action scenes. As seen in behind-the-scenes footage, Wang Yibo’s car rolled several times in one scene. When the director rushed over to ask how he was, Yibo insisted on filming several more takes to ensure the best footage can be used in the film cut despite the dangerous scene.

The actor’s work ethic was praised, with fans eagerly expressing, “He is so hardworking. That is how a good reputation is made!” and “He works hard at everything he does. He just wants to prove himself.”

Shooting to fame after starring as Lan Wangji in The Untamed <陳情令>, Yibo went on to star in Legend of Fei (有翡) and Luoyang (風起洛陽).  Only 25 years old, Yibo has become one of China’s top-earning actors.

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  1. His acting skills still needs lots of practise but it is great to hear he is very hardworking. I do believe he is a very hardworking person… to be such a good street dancer, racer and outdoor sports, talent is not enough.

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