Wang Yibo Embroiled in Malicious Rumors

Shooting to fame as Lan Wangji in The Untamed <陳情令>, top-earning Chinese actor Wang Yibo (王一博) has not been spared from media scrutiny, and was recently entangled in the illiteracy controversy. Lately, a netizen even claimed to be pregnant with the star’s child – in a scandal that was quickly exposed by astute fans!

“Fan” Posts Fake Screenshots, Quickly Exposed

The netizen by the name of “(Hanhan) 晗晗qvq” first left a comment asking for help on beauty influencer Li En’s (李恩) Weibo, stating that she had sexual relations with Wang Yibo, but he left her high and dry after she got pregnant. When Li En asked for proof of her claims, the said netizen went on to share a screenshot of their supposed conversation, declaring, “It’s illegal to spread rumors, but I only hope the bad get what they deserve.”

Although Li En cautioned fans to be rational the scandalous matter rapidly drew great attention online. In prompt response, Wang Yibo’s management company Yuehua Entertainment issued a statement calling out the said netizen for causing reputational damage to the star, and requested her to delete all related contents. Ignoring the statement, 晗晗 qvq continued to upload suspected intimate photos and even a heavily pixelated pregnancy video.

Later, fans exposed that the screengrabs as fake and taken from dramas, while the real owner of the pregnancy footage, too, spoke up clarifying that she did not know who “晗晗qvq” was, and hoped everyone could help to report the account, which had misappropriated her content.

Forced to publicly apologize after being exposed, “晗晗qvq” expressed that she was merely trying to catch attention and did not expect that her original comment could cause such a huge reaction and eventually even spiral out of control. Writing “I sincerely apologize to Mr. Wang Yibo”, she claimed that she would delete her account.

Unconvinced, outraged fans called her out as a pseudo fan and proclaimed that they would not let her off lightly.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. The woes of being famous… WYB is used to it… he even had stalkers putting tracker put in his personal car…. His image will be protect by his management company.

  2. The user is desperate for fame and attention and/or has an unhealthy obsession with WYB, someone she can never get with so she spreads these disgusting fake rumors. She cannot just simply delete her account and expect to fade into obscurity, hoping everyone will forget this. There need to be legal repercussions.

  3. How ironic that his management company was allegedly one of the key players behind the malicious smearing of Xiao Zhan in 2020.

    1. really? Oh dear… I hope it does not involve WYB’s knowledge.. else, it will be unfair. Guilty by association.

      1. @msxie0714
        How ironic huh? Well they say there is such a thing called karma I do not support the young woman doing what she is doing. No one deserves to be lied on if she is lying. It can destroy an artist ‘s character and career. However, maybe the search campaign that his management team carried out against Xiao Zhan is coming back to bite their artist in the butt, even if he is innocent.

      2. A large group of anti-xz spammers formerly employed by Lehua (WYB’s management company) had a chat room spilling the beans about shameful and dirty tactics used to smear XZ. Fortunately, the conscience of these individuals was wakened, inducing them to quit Lehua. Personally, I don’t think WYB masterminded the hate campaign, but went along with his boss to reap the benefits, shooting up to #1 in popularity polls surpassing his ‘friend’ who reached an unbeatable level in popularity until his takedown. Yehua is probably crying because XZ survived the year-long cyberbullying and came back better and stronger than ever.

      3. @Teddy, WYB was more of a tool for Yehua to make big money. As a major shareholder of his company, WYB is being used to propel the company’s stock value. The boss pulled strings to have him costar in a number of dramas with accomplished actors (latest film costarring Tony Leung) because he can’t hold his own as ML as of yet. He is very talented dancer though. The backlash against him lately is indeed Karma for Yehua’s evil deeds against XZ.

    2. Wow! These people are so evil. I strongly believe in karma. Karma will get them for what they have done to Xiao Zhan. WYB is a very talented dancer, but to me he is not a good actor or singer.

  4. Strange how some defend him but yet go straight to believing accusations towards other artists?

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