Is Wang Yibo Dating Controversial Heiress, Qi Meihe?

Chinese star Wang Yibo (王一博) is trending on the hottest search list lately as he is speculated to be dating one of China’s controversial heiresses, Qi Meihe (綦美合). The pair is speculated to have been involved for four years!

A netizen exposed Yibo and Meihe had recently completed PCR tests at the same time and location. As evidenced in screenshots of test results, they even registered using the same phone number.

Linked for 4 Years

It turns out this is not the first time that Yibo and Meihe are romantically linked. Apparently, there were already dating rumors four years ago before Yibo became a big star. While filming The Untamed <陳情令>, Yibo was seen looking at an untouched photo of Meihe on his cell phone. However, due to the lack of direct evidence and Yibo’s agency’s statement of denial, the rumors eventually dropped.

Wang Yibo’s cell phone had Qi Meihe’s photo.

Despite no official confirmation, Yibo and Meihe were spotted together too many times for it to be just coincidences. In 2019, a netizen claimed to have snapped a photo of Yibo and Meihe holding hands in Zhuhai, Guangdong. A year later on Valentine’s Day, Yibo was filming in Xishuangbanna, Yunan, and Meihe was sighted staying in the same hotel.

Additionally, in Yibo’s past promotional post of a perfume brand, his ring reflected a woman who resembled Meihe. As speculations grew, Yibo deleted the post and his agency released a statement clarifying that the woman in question was a staff member.

While netizens are surprised Yibo and Meihe have already been involved in a 4-year relationship and said “their relationship should be celebrated,” they do not believe “it is necessary to expose other people’s privacy in this manner.”

Qi Meihe is a Controversial Rich Second Generation

Since Meihe’s  father is the director of Sparkle Roll Group, which is one of the largest luxury brand management companies in China, she is known as “$50 Billion Heiress.” Her father is good friends with Jackie Chan (成龍), which allowed Meihe to befriend many celebrities.

Despite her enviable money and looks, Meihe received criticism for her arrogance as she infamously bragged that “all handsome men belong to rich women” while berating regular women for being “commoners” and “delusional” in chasing celebrities.

Several years ago, Meihe was called out for bullying Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜) by calling her a “bitch” in a private chat group. Although they were previously close friends, Meihe became infuriated when she asked Nana to introduce her to Arthur Chen Feiyu (陳飛宇), whom she admired. Not only did Arthur give Meihe the cold shoulder, but he seemed to have growing affection for Nana instead.

After their company bankruptcy in 2021, Meihe’s family still has relative influence in the entertainment circle but their spending habits have been restricted.

Source: Up Media

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Nana Ou Yang Bullied by Arthur Chen’s Pursuer

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  1. Someone is trying so hard to pull Wang Yibo down!!! Recently, we have seen a number of rumours that is unpleasant in regards to his personal life… And since his new movie “Born to Fly” released date has been delayed… there are lots of speculations flying around… One really need to be mentally strong to survive this industry.

  2. Why is she admiring Arthur Chen and even asking Nana to introduce him to her when she is already dating Yibo?

  3. She’s hawt. Why she need to go after Wang Yibo? There are way higher tiers of goodlooking male actors.

  4. I agree, there are attacks on him and Jackson Wang at the moment. Qi Meihe was rumored to be seriously dating Kris Wu as her father supported him financially and was seen a lot with his mother. Whole group of capitalists around him fell down last year, the whole Beijing circle. She probably wants to break into entertainment and is working her publicity at the moment. Who better than WY or YY for grabbing attention. I am not convinced. But she might break into entertainment, she has the looks albeit not sure about her work ethics. Entertainment is hard work, a lot of hard work. It only looks easy and effortless.

    1. Oh yes…including Jackson Wang too…I read those online rumours. Had to laugh at some.
      Oh is it her that was rumored to be seriously dating Kris Wu.. I remember reading about him dating someone rich whose dad supported him to grow popular in the fashion scene. So it was her…

      1. yep it was her. WY will survive any attack same as Lay and YY, but I was concerned about Jackson, not that he did anything but he relies more on himself than others.

      2. @Dee I may be just me being sensitive…but do you not think Jackson is actively moving from China market more this 2 years? He is venturing in US more actively and it is thru his K-pop status… It does not surprise me he is less protected in China in comparison to those you named. He is clearly not keen to be trap in the China entertainment new restrictions… His new video released in US,” Blow” is mind blowing…not my thing but I cannot imagine it would be approved for new released in China…

      3. yes it looks like he is venturing towards other markets and that is smart. Not sure if US market is core focus as he covered also well whole South East Asia. But he is trying to move there for sure. I thought he would keep stronger foot in Korea and Japan but he is not at the moment. I guess his team knows what is the best. Unfortunately if he is cancelled in China his brand will suffer globally, I do not see how he can survive it at this stage. I hope he is not going to suffer some orchestrated attack. On the other hand, if he becomes really big in the US for example that might change but he is years away from that. He is talented and hard working guy and his personality and music he makes is better fit for Western markets than for example Lay. Plus his English is impeccable. If he’a given time he might make it happen.

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