Nana Ou Yang Bullied by Arthur Chen’s Pursuer

Over six-feet tall, 19-year-old actor Arthur Chen (陳飛宇) has a handsome appearance and his father is the influential filmmaker Chen Kaige (陈凯歌). Due to these factors, he is pursued by many rich second generations but he does not care for their money and seems to be only focused on love.

It is rumored that since Arthur made his debut, an arrogant rich second generation named Qi Meihe (綦美合) has been very interested in him. Her father is the CEO of a company worth over 50 billion NT. At the time, Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜) was also a part of her friends circle and even though Meihe had known Arthur beforehand, she asked Nana to help her get closer to him as she knew the stars got along well after co-starring in Secret Fruit <秘果>.

Nana with Meihe (right)

Unfortunately, it seems that Meihe’s efforts have been in vain. Arthur rarely interacts with Meihe on social media, ignoring her likes on his posts. On the other hand, he likes almost all of Nana’s posts. He also started to post in a similar fashion as Nana, and eventually unfollowed Meihe. Once Meihe found out, she deleted all posts related to supporting his movies. She would follow and then unfollow Arthur repeatedly on social media.

A rich second generation like Meihe, who has been treated like a princess her entire life, is definitely not used to being ignored. She started imitating Nana’s style of dress in hopes of “becoming like the one that you like”.

As well, she and another friend kicked Nana out of their group and started cyber bullying her on Instagram. One of her friends posted a comment, “Can girls nowadays be a little more normal; please don’t be so promiscuous and hang around your friend’s boyfriend? You say that you’ll help but your actions say otherwise. You are disgusting. You must think that you are so cool; do you not have any self- awareness? How did your dad and mom raise a person like you? If you come to China, please don’t use your baby voice to speak. It will all come back to you BITCH.”

Thankfully, Nana stood her ground and on Weibo she posted nine photos; eight of them were sunflowers or the shoes that she is the brand ambassador for. But the last photo is different and completely unrelated. She posted the cover for Cheer Chan’s (陳綺貞) 2002 album Groupies. Nana captioned the photo with ‘groupies’ seemingly mocking Meihe for being one of them.

Arthur seemed to also stand up for Nana as he liked a photo that was mocking Meihe and his rival, actor Wang Yibo (王一博), who is known to be chasing her.

Source: Ettoday

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